Why Infographics Work & Why You Can’t Resist Them

what-is-an-infographicIf you use the Internet, then you have been influenced by an infographic and you probably don’t even realize it. At some point, you saw a colorful image with some researched facts on it and that image changed your opinion about something, or it educated you about a topic that you were unfamiliar with. The funny thing is that you didn’t go onto the Internet to be informed, but that is what happened. That is the power of an infographic.

Comparative Overview: Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting?

comparative-overview-dedicated-shared-hostingWhen it comes to picking the right hosting service the site owners are usually baffled by the various hosting options. The most common question here is which one to choose between shared and dedicated hosting. If you too are in such similar position, follow the article below highlighting on a comparative overview on dedicated vs shared hosting.

What Makes a Good Web Host?

what-makes-a-good-web-hostingWhen it comes to selecting a Web host service provider for your site, you have no shortage of options, to say the least. But not all Web hosts are created equal. Beyond having their own service plans and price points, some providers are simply not of the same caliber as others. But what makes them different – and above all else, exactly what makes a Web host a “good” Web host?

Where to Find Templates to Create Your Websites

Create your website with a template!

Today we’re going to tell you about TemplateMonster, it’s a place to go for different types of templates such as HTML templates, CMS templates, eCommerce templates, etc. What is TemplateMonster About? TemplateMonster is a US-based company which is offering templates that you can use to create your or your clients’s websites. The company has been in business since 2002....

Social Collaboration: How Businesses Are Becoming More Social

enterprise-social-softwareToday’s digital workplace requires new and innovative ways of working and doing business. Disruptive technologies such as mobile devices, social networking and Cloud solutions are forcing organisations to make fundamental changes to operations, with focus increasingly shifted towards people and culture. As individuals continuously move through digital spaces in their personal lives, businesses are now beginning to recognize the value of leveraging these skills for intuitive and innovative work processes.

How Expensive is Web Hosting?

how-expensive-is-web-hostingHaving a website has become a necessity for businesses, simply because many people will research on services or products they want to buy prior to making a purchase. Therefore, if you do not have a means of providing this information, you might not make sufficient sales. However, many business owners do not have the correct details on the cost of hosting a website, and surprisingly, it could end up a lot cheaper than you think.

The Best Mac Setup for Web Designers

the-best-mac-setup-for-web-designersIf you are a web designer that uses Mac OS X to complete your work, you are part of a growing network of professionals that are choosing OS X more and more each day. OS X is very versatile in that it offers its users a wide range of software for designing, managing, developing and publishing websites. Of course, this smorgasbord of software doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know anything about it or which apps are good for what projects.

Listen Up, Lawyers: Attractive Website Design is The Way to Go!

website-design-lawyerThe legal practice is one that takes into consideration so many years of history and current happenings into consideration that it is often believed by those outside of the field to be bland and boring. Websites of lawyers are known to be dull and not very spell binding. However, with the increase in competition and modernisation of the legal field this is changing.

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