Web Design vs. Graphic Design: What Is the Difference?

web design vs graphic design what is the difference

If you're interested in pursuing graphic design, you might have asked how it differs from web design. They're the same thing, right? The terms are often used interchangeably, since most people don't understand the difference. Sure, they are both involved with design--and, they can overlap. Nonetheless, they are separate disciplines which require varying sets of skills. Both use visual techniques Graphic designers and web designers both aim to create visually-appealing color combinations to increase visits and interest. Color is essential…Continue Reading→

Local SEO: 3 Tips to Help You Rank Your Website Locally

local seo tips business website ranking

“It is essential that marketers dig deeper into search, social, local mobile data to understand how they all work in tandem to impact ranking.” - Jim Yu Local Search Engine Optimisation has become a vital part of your business’s overall digital media marketing strategy. Simply stated, to gain an edge over your competition, you need to make sure that your business ranks in the first three places (also known as the top three pack) on the Google search engine results…Continue Reading→

Does WordPress Deserve the Popularity it Enjoys?

does wordpress deserve the popularity it enjoys

From being a simple blogging platform to emerging as one of the most dominant Content Management Systems in the websphere- WordPress has an unprecedented trajectory backing its credentials. As per reports, there are more than 72.4 million websites that host a WordPress blog – that include both WordPress.com and self-hosted. What more? It took just two days for WordPress 3.3 to actually reach 1.1 million downloads only after 2 days after its launch. There are approximately 225,000 WordPress Theme switches…Continue Reading→

How can Unique Designs Increase Your Brand Recognition

why unique design is important for brand

So you’ve launched your own company of products and now you want to know how to increase awareness of your brand name. There are many ways to do this, you can go on the social media, you can advertise etc. One of the best ways to market your brand name and give your audience something to love is through design. If you’re launching a product and you create a huge hype for it and then people see that the product…Continue Reading→

How the Time Spent in Playing Video Games Can Be Spent More Productively

how the time spent in playing video games can be spent more productively

People have always been interested in the capacity of the human mind to learn new things. From discovering how to light a fire to the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle, every achievement of the human race has been based on our capacity to continuously learn and expand our horizons. Acquiring a new skill or capability is how we continue to learn and improve ourselves, enabling us to become more productive and valued members of society. Bidvine conducted a study to…Continue Reading→

How to Choose a Specific Target Audience for Your SEO Campaign

how to choose a specific target audience for your seo campaign

Many businesses understand the importance of creating content to support an SEO campaign; they know that more, high-quality content will boost their authority, provide more text that can be optimized for target keywords, and will attract more inbound links from offsite authorities. However, writing “good” content isn’t enough to guarantee you the best results for your campaign. You also need to ensure that your content is targeted for a specific audience. Benefits of a Targeted Audience Your initial instincts might…Continue Reading→

How Artificial Intelligence Will Evolve in the Future

how artificial intelligence will evolve in the future

Technology is advancing on a larger scale, and every day people are looking for exciting innovations to simplify their lives. One such fascinating concept of science is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and for decades the extent of this technology has been under study. Over the past few years, this technology has greatly evolved and is also being used in various applications, like medical science, mobile application, navigation, robotics, and more. AI scientists have also made a huge breakthrough in this field,…Continue Reading→

The 3 Needless Mistakes Killing Your Blogging Strategy and How to Fix Them

blogging strategy mistakes fix tips

If you entered the world of blogging with wide eyes and dreams of passive income, you're certainly not alone. However, the blogosphere has changed drastically within the past decade. What was once considered a digital gold rush has become an uphill battle for many aspiring bloggers failing to grow their audience or search presence. The three most common symptoms of a blog that’s stuck are pretty common, though: Facing crowded competition in your particular area of interest or niche. Trying…Continue Reading→

Teamwork Promotes Company Investment: How to Promote Teamwork?

how to promote teamwork

Most companies, even the best of them, think of employees as their assets. In reality, people are the most important product of most businesses. This is the confusing bit. When it comes to strengthening their teams, most leaders are at a loss as to how to go about the process. In one hand, the employees are the primary resources of the company. On the other, they are products that keep the company mobile. This is where the concept of cross-team…Continue Reading→

Top 4 Marketing Secrets for Your Online Business

top 4 marketing secrets for your online business

While there are many different marketing strategies your online business can use, there are also a handful of strategies that aren’t talked about as often and yet can be incredibly effective at drawing in new potential customers. These lesser known strategies are called online marketing secrets, and while they aren’t true secrets in that some businesses do know about and use them, they are still incredibly powerful strategies that you cannot afford to overlook. Here are the top four marketing…Continue Reading→