The Workplace of the Future – Be Prepared for These Changes

ai interaction on future workplace

The world is changing, and the current workplace seems to be under the influence of these developments, as well. Robotics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality - these seem to be the new rules of the game. In the next years, expect to see robot servers, AI therapists, and have unlimited assistance from collaborative robots. As industries evolve and change, companies try to find new ways to remain competitive, profitable, and relevant to market changes. In this context, changes will be…Continue Reading→

Tracking Tips – A Prompt Guide to Rostering Software

tracking tips guide to rostering software

If you are juggling numerous employees with changing schedules, sick days and late attendance, it is time to invest in online rostering software. One of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of running a business is trying to manage a growing team of employees. Fortunately, technology has delivered a modern and intuitive solution to your scheduling problems, in the form of online rostering software. Read on for our quick and simple guide to harnessing the benefits of rostering software.…Continue Reading→

What You Need To Know About Caching

what you need to know about caching

What is caching? In IT, caching refers to the storage of data temporarily in primary storage locations that can be easily accessed faster at a later time. There are various types of caching, including database caching, web caching, and CDN caching, to mention a few. Most of the caching is usually done in the background, meaning that you will not notice what is happening. How Does Caching Work? The data stored in cache is often stored in Random Access Memory…Continue Reading→

8 Factors to Consider for the Success of Your First Start-up

8 factors to consider for start up success

Starting a business is an exciting adventure, but sadly many start-ups end up failing within the first few years.  A business can fail for a couple of reasons. Some of them include finances, competition, product quality and lack of customers among many others. This article highlights eight key factors you should take into account to boost the survival of your first start up. Products, Market, Customers and Competition Don’t start a business until you have clearly defined these four factors.…Continue Reading→

The Positive and Negative Impact of Technology on Business

the positive and negative impact of technology on business

The impact of technology on every aspect of our lives is undeniable. Let’s look at the positive and negative impacts of technology on business, starting with the negatives. Negative Impacts of Technology on Business 1. Generates Massive Amounts of E-Waste Over 40 million tons of e-waste is generated each year, and just a fraction of that number is recycled. Businesses go through electronics equipment much faster than consumers, whether it be commercial electronics from their production facilities or office electronics…Continue Reading→

Building Your Business: 6 Ways to Sell Like a Pro

6 ways to build your business and sell like a pro

While some people are seemingly born with the gift of the gab, others might need to work on their sales patter to effectively secure new customers and generate a superb revenue. Thankfully, through education, research and training, it is possible for you to become a successful salesperson, which could help you to develop a flourishing business. To effectively grow your new or established enterprise in 2019, here are six ways to sell like a pro. 1. Set Sales Goals Every…Continue Reading→

4 Tips for Gaining over 1K Followers on Instagram over the next Three Months

tips guides instagram followers

For most small businesses and startups, getting to over 1,000 followers can be a daunting task. Often getting stuck in the cycle of not having enough followers to look cool enough for more to come along, breaching past and into building a solid base can take some patience. However, with the right strategy, you can not only bolster those numbers quickly but do so with organic, authentic traffic. That’s why we’re bringing you a few tips on how to get…Continue Reading→

5 Great Tips for Competitor Analysis (content and SEO)

great tips for competitor analysis content seo

Whatever the size of your business, you're always going to have to deal with the competition. It's a fact of life, but how do you deal with them? Should you ignore what they're doing and stick to your plan regardless? With competitors, it's time to put your ego aside and take a good look at what they're doing – and how they're doing. There are very few businesses that can't learn anything from their competitors, and this is especially true…Continue Reading→

Tips On Running Your Own Drone Business

tips on running your own drone business

Drones are one of the most exciting technological innovations to have graced humankind in recent years; while drone technology has been around for some time, only recently have these buzzing machines become so cheap and effective that they’re widely accessible to everyone. This has led many eager entrepreneurs to start their own drone businesses, though this industry isn’t always easy to break into and often has hidden pitfalls which can sink your economic prospects if you’re not careful. Drones could…Continue Reading→

Reinventing Your Marketing Efforts Using Innovative Apps

reinventing marketing efforts using innovative apps

Marketing strategies may look complicated for managers that aren’t familiar with promotional approaches. All these social media pages, engagements, targeted ads, conversion rates, and other tricks focused on boosting your company’s results are not as simple but essential. Nowadays, it’s possible to streamline processes and improve performance through innovations and, particularly, new apps. They are wonderful if implemented correctly. In the guide, we will not touch plain and well-known suggestions such as «study your clients and competitors» or «measure KPIs».…Continue Reading→