6 E-commerce Tips for Inspiring Customer Loyalty


The e-commerce industry has been growing in popularity for quite some time and it will most certainly continue to do so for years to come. Online retailers are able to build a large customer base much quicker and easier than retailers that have not yet established their online presence. The primary reasons why people are opting for online shopping instead of going from store to store to. Continue Reading→

Three Ways Your Website is Damaging Your Business


Your website can be the strongest element of your business, but it can also be your biggest downfall if you don’t take care of it regularly and make sure you’re up to speed on current trends. Your website is so important to the buying process and to your reputation, that it can in fact damage your business in several ways if you’re not in-line with what your. Continue Reading→

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Travel Oriented Sites


Travel nowadays has gone to a whole new level – all thanks to modern technology. With the advent of globally popular travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and regionally popular such as makemytrip in India and Holidayme in Middle East, travelling has never been easier before. As a travel blogger you don’t want to miss out of all the goodies that come with this wave of change.. Continue Reading→

5 Technical Professionals Today’s Businesses Need Close at Hand


The business world has seen many changes in recent years. Various technologies that did not exist a few years ago, are now driving many of the world’s leading organisations. As a result of these developments, today’s business owners and decision makers rely on a whole new wave of technical professionals, who have the skills required to keep businesses secure, efficient and productive. Below are five different technical. Continue Reading→

7 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales


Lately, E-Commerce has been the catalyst shaking and stirring the market for purchase, and with huge amounts of customers flocking every corner of the internet, being acquainted with the proper ways can help you hook as many customers as possible to your E-Commerce site. Increasing your sales is not necessarily a hundreds or thousand bucks deal – some small improvements, a few new tactics and efficient maneuvering. Continue Reading→

Top Tips for Building Niche Websites


There is no one-size-fits all web template so if you are going to be developing your site, it would help to build a niche website that is designed to work with your particular industry. The layout of your site should be in keeping with your niche as well as the color scheme and types of content you use. These top tips can help you develop a niche. Continue Reading→

How to Tell Your Website is Out of Date!


If your company website is out of date, it’s very damaging for your business. An old-looking site turns visitors away – not just because it looks a bit tired, but because people won’t have good expectations of it. They’ll expect it to be lacking in many functions, or to be slow and inefficient. It’s vital for your website to stay fresh and new, so if you see. Continue Reading→

7 Tips for Small Business Owners to Improve Network Security


In a time where small businesses are a culture and network adversity is at its peak, you as a small business starter are bound to address your businesses’ security just like other major stepping stones. Just think of the issue for a moment. With advanced internet every day, the online space is capturing more and more of the real world. Successful businesses all have their own online. Continue Reading→

Minecraft Good Game Turned into Great Business: The GGServers Story


Be the lord of the world or be your own builder – regardless, creation and ownage have driven us miles to find our new world. Begin from the sloppy hands that struggled to pile the mammoth box of Lego bricks into buildings then to the nimble fingers that construct towns and continents within minutes – we always found ways to be bigger, smarter and better. Doing away. Continue Reading→

SEO Tips for Artisan Food Producers


The world of artisan food is growing rapidly. We consumers cannot get enough of freshly roasted coffee beans, organic vegetables and ‘clean’ food free from additives. It is a competitive market, but one that any motivated entrepreneur can crack if they have a bit of SEO expertise. Here are some useful tips for artisan food producers looking to build or expand market share. Royalty free photo The. Continue Reading→