5 Essentials of a Productive Office


Office spaces need proper utility items to make sure everything runs smooth. But it also needs the basic essentials so the productivity of its employees is not compromised – some might be hard to get, some are very important and some usually skip our minds while designing the perfect office space. To help you out of this dilemma, here are 5 essential things you need to focus on…Continue Reading→

How to Keep Sponsors of Your Business Event Happy


Sponsorship dollars. They’re the lifeblood of business events. Without the funds given by sponsors, you can face challenges when it comes to inviting keynote speakers, managing event logistics, providing booth space, etc. In the era of tight budgets, money needs to be raised to cover these expenses. But finding sponsors and keeping them happy is easier said than done. While putting a sponsor’s logo on the event banner…Continue Reading→

6 Ways Lean Startup Strategy Can Help Your Business Grow


Businesses grow via diversification of portfolio. What do we imagine when we hear the phrase “developing a product”? Producing in a different color, different shape, changed weight or minor external changes? Interestingly, a product needs to change in many important dimensions to get truly developed. This is where Lean approach kicks in. Lean approach answers the core question - why does one create a product? As a marketer,…Continue Reading→

The 5 Common Web Design Problems and Their Solutions


For any web facing business, a good website design is critical. Your website is the face of your company online. If users find your web page difficult or frustrating to navigate, or cannot find what they need on your website, you will likely lose customers. Fortunately, there are tips to help you address the 5 most common web design blunders. 1. Cluttered Content Layout Users are on your…Continue Reading→

How Companies Are Adopting Internet Based Processes


The advent of the Internet has really transformed our lives from just a couple of decades ago. These days many individuals in business would struggle to understand just how long it used to take to do any kind of transaction, and the backlog that was often created. We have obviously moved on quite a long way from using fax machines, but this doesn’t mean we all drive around…Continue Reading→

Mobile App News – Line, Google And Nintendo Showcase The Future


Cellphones have most certainly changed throughout the years and the devices are becoming more beneficial than ever before. In the past, they were primarily only utilized for making phone calls. Today, mobile phones are used for catching up with the news, shopping, gaming, and even keeping up with your health. This didn’t happen out of coincidence. Several mobile app developers have helped to revolutionize the mobile phone. Where…Continue Reading→

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Consultant


If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search engine results, your potential customers might be completely unaware that it exists. Improving your search engine visibility is absolutely crucial to boosting visits to your website, which in turn can lead to better brand awareness and an increase in sales and profits. But, what if you lack the time and skills to improve your website’s search engine…Continue Reading→

Two Simple Strategies for Small Businesses Building Big Backlinks


Blogs often feel like they have a million moving pieces. From picking a niche and selecting a sleek design to coming up with content ideas and promoting them via social media, it takes a lot of time, effort and research to keep a successful blog up and running. However, what happens after we’ve covered all of our essential bases? How can we make the most of our blogging…Continue Reading→

5 Ways to Keep Payroll from Slowing You Down


Your payroll process may not affect your bottom line, other than the hours it requires to pay your accountants. However, it does slow down other processes like time tracking, delivering paychecks, and more. Since it affects so many other aspects of your business, streamlining your payroll process should be made a priority. If your payroll process doesn’t work effectively, it creates a mess, both legally and in-house. You…Continue Reading→

Best Approach for Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research


While your SEO depends on multiple factors and efforts you put to rank higher you almost certainly keep a wary eye on your competitors. Knowing what works well for your niched competitors gives you a ready framework to excel them. Naturally, we’re looking at our competitors’ off page strategies, spying on their ad campaigns, commenting on their posts, and maybe other stuff of ungentlemanly conduct. But when it…Continue Reading→