eCommerce Success is not Limited by Age


Age is just a number. While that statement is often overused and underappreciated, it’s very true. Age doesn’t define a person and is not a definite limiting factor for all people. It certainly affects some individuals more than others, but for every case of age holding someone back, there’s a story about someone else defying age and maximizing time. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you should learn from. Continue Reading→

Four Ways to Advertise Your Website


To get your website in front of as many people as possible, you need to really make it stand out against the millions of other sites out there, and you can do that by properly advertising it. Using the methods below, you can increase the amount of traffic that reaches your site, and hopefully increase your conversions and profits as a result. Use Pay Per Click Advertising. Continue Reading→

Dependency On Open Source Management Software Tools On The Rise


In the recent years, software tools are largely dominating across technological spheres. The design, installation and execution of a project require constant monitoring to record progress. It is important to remain updated on various subcomponents and dependencies. This mechanism can reveal the risks associated and indicate the steps to be taken for timely completion. Open source management software tools are designed for such purposes. In this case,. Continue Reading→

VPS Hosting vs Shared Web Hosting – Which is Better for Bloggers


When it come to the hosting type for blog sites or some medium-sized websites, the shared web hosting and the VPS hosting are the common options for the majority of webmasters. This is because both of the two hosting types are budget-friendly for bloggers, much cheaper than the hosting charges of dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting and some managed hosting solutions. Besides, these two hosting types allocate. Continue Reading→

The Easy Way to Start a Reseller Hosting Company with a Dedicated Server


Did you know that the net worth of the mass market web hosting industry is currently estimated to be well over $15 billion? Yes, billion. A 2012 report from 451 Research noted that the amount spent that year on mass market hosting (which includes shared, VPS and dedicated server plans) was set to grow year on year, and if current trends are anything to go by, such. Continue Reading→

Which Type of Hosting to Use for Powering WordPress Sites


No matter you are building your first blog or hosting a large online store with WordPress, finding the right web host is an urgent task which plays a vital role in your future success. As there are a couple of hosting types available, you have to make the proper choice so that you can deliver the best possible user experience while controlling the cost. The introduction and. Continue Reading→

Be Ahead of the Game with a Dedicated App for Your Business


With the evolution of technology, there is often the creation of new opportunities that businesses can exploit. People’s dependence on technology has shifted greatly with the rise of the smartphone and device era. Businesses have the opportunity to be ahead of the game by leveraging existing applications, as well as developing their own. The rise of apps has brought about a new marketplace and revenue stream. Many. Continue Reading→

Tips to Help Improve your Company’s Data Security


As your company expands and grows, the threat of a security breach also increases. Therefore it’s vital to prepare accordingly for these types of threats, regardless of the size of your business or what stage of development you’re in as a company. After all, an IT security breach can temporarily disable everyday business, so it’s important it’s at the forefront of decisions you make. Regularly examining and. Continue Reading→

3 Ways Smart Technology Will Change Our Jobs, Lives and World


Smart devices. It all started with the advent of smartphones, and now a whole host of wearable tech is entering the market, from smartglasses and smartbands to smartwatches. These gadgets are further supported by evermore sophisticated software and cloud-based systems. But where and when will it stop, and what impact will this technology have on our lives? Read on to find out what’s next in the world. Continue Reading→

The Benefits of Optimized Press Release for any Business


Search engine Optimization possesses multiple branches, one of them being optimized press releases. Getting an optimized press release or news release is a very powerful adversary for your company to come up on the search engines result pages. The most important element that a press release provides is massive exposure. Through press release distribution, one can go out to a larger audience and create brand awareness among. Continue Reading→