Self-Made Success: Ways to Run a Solo Company without Getting Overwhelmed

self made success ways to run a solo company without getting overwhelmed

When starting a company, the common idea is to have a partner or multiple co-founders. The reason for this is so that you can tap into each other’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses. However, solo entrepreneurship – which is different from single proprietorship – is becoming a trend, especially in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 76 percent of small businesses in the country were owned and operated by just one person in…Continue Reading→

4 Huge Ways Moderated User Testing Can Boost Your Business

4 huge ways moderated user testing can boost your business

If you’ve had your ear to the ground recently, you may have noticed that moderated user testing has been making waves across the web, tech and financial sectors. Today we’re going to explain some of the reasons behind its rise. But, first things first, what exactly is moderated user testing? Broadly speaking, moderated user testing is when a company recruits people (testers) to test out their software, website, prototype, or app and supervises (or watches or even guides) them while…Continue Reading→

How to Rank for Amazon Searches

how to rank for amazon searches

In dominating retail ecommerce sales, with 47% market share, Amazon commands attention from any ecommerce seller looking to do a large volume of business. Aside for spending money on paid ads on the platform – which may or may not generate a return on investment based on the volume of business you are doing, the next best way to rank is by exploiting Amazon’s algorithm to rank your products higher for specific search terms. This is an involved process, and…Continue Reading→

How You Could Really Benefit from a Professional Website Design Service

how you could really benefit from a professional website design service

A website is just a website, right? Well, not quite. Websites have become a necessary tool for any business wanting to gain an edge in this highly competitive world, and if you have a great, professionally designed, and well-made website, you can definitely get ahead. A website is your virtual business card, designed not only to give vital information about your business and what you can do but also to attract as many customers and clients as possible. If you…Continue Reading→

3 Ways Guest Posts can Help Grow Your Online Audience

3 ways guest posts can help grow your online audience

Are you experiencing slow traffic on your website? Do you want to increase your online presence in social media? Do you want to increase your product presence in the market? If this is the case, then you are in the right place. It is the new kid on the block when it comes to channeling traffic to your website. In this digital era, everything revolves around the internet, and that's why you need to try your luck on guest posting.…Continue Reading→

Fighting Stagnation: What Every Start-up Business Owner Needs to Know

fighting stagnation business owner must know

It can be disheartening how easy it can be for stagnation to set in for a start-up company. It might feel like this is a process you would typically see with more substantial companies that are past their prime, but the same thing can happen to a company that is yet to even reach its prime. Stagnation is often challenging to fight off as it is not easy to spot. More often than not, by the time you notice, your…Continue Reading→

The Ins And Outs Of White Label SEO

the ins and outs of white label seo

Search engine optimization has been a focus of many businesses since its origin in 1997; though it would be a few years before Google established itself as King Of All Search Engines, the desire to ensure that your website was one of the first to pop up in the search engine results pages was already a priority. (In fact, rumor has it that the manager of rock band Jefferson Starship was responsible for creating the field because he was upset…Continue Reading→

How to Know If Your Type of Business Needs a Virtual Data Room

why business needs virtual data room

No matter what type of business you currently run, it’s important to keep security in mind. This can be especially true if you are dealing with any data that might be considered sensitive or that might need to be kept extra secure. If your business has access to clients’ information or you are working with credit card numbers, then it might be time to consider how you are storing files. Here are some ways to know if investing in a…Continue Reading→

Three Ways to Effectively Advertise Online

how to effectively advertise online

These days, it is very difficult to get attention online without running ads.  While it is not impossible to use organic methods to get traction on the internet, running paid ads is certainty the way to go if you want to bring the most attention to your products and services in the quickest amount of time. In fact, online adverts in industries like travel, health/wellness, and technology near view through rates of 50%. This means that the more time you…Continue Reading→

5 Ways to Innovate with Live Video

live video as marketing tool

Live video can be a powerful digital marketing tool if you learn to use it properly. Video provides a good return on investment (ROI), according to 83 percent of businesses surveyed by Wyzowl. There are several savvy ways in which you can embrace the possibilities of live video for marketing. Use Live Video to Start Conversations Live video can be used to motivate customers to start talking about your brand and interacting with your business. With polls and/or Q&As, you…Continue Reading→