7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Switch to Cloud

Still not sure why your company should invest in cloud computing? Then, here are several reasons to convince you to make the ultimate switch: 1. Save Money The greatest benefit from cloud migrations is easily the cost-effectiveness it brings to a company. Cloud tech eliminates the need to physical storage devices (think hundreds of file cabinets), certain hardware, and even IT employees. Your company will be able to…Continue Reading→

Top Tips to Take Your Video Marketing Strategy to the Next Level


When implemented correctly, video marketing can be extremely effective in improving user understanding of products and services, increasing brand visibility and organic traffic to websites, and most importantly, driving sales and conversions. According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl on a group of 230 marketers and online consumers last year, more than 60% of businesses have already jumped on the video marketing bandwagon and a majority of the…Continue Reading→

Bump Heads with the Best Minds at a Larger-Than-Life Technology Event

As a technology geek, have you been struggling to voice your business perspectives to a diverse audience? You don’t have to feel “gagged” up anymore! The much awaited event of the season – UnGagged - brought together some of the best minds in the digital marketing industry. It definitely was overwhelming to see all the creative and business suits gathered under one roof with the sole purpose of…Continue Reading→

4 Major SEO Services to Boost Your New Zealand Business

If you have an online business, you need to ensure that the entire website looks smashingly attractive to your potential customers. Not only it should look attractive, but it should also provide the list of services and products your customers/clients are searching for. Appearing on the first page of prominent search engine like Google is vital for practically every online business as it places your website, right before…Continue Reading→

Why Font is Important in Brand Design?

There's a saying "first impression is very important". That's why how you present your product or company brand will determine your successfulness in the future. Take aside the brand's packaging and design, it is the font that your product and company logo implement will determine if it will outshine others. Font had become a significant part of today society. Everywhere you'll see a different fonts used in branding…Continue Reading→

4 Web Design Blunders That Can Cost You in the Form of Lost Customers

Although it is true that building a website can be intimidating and daunting, yet the real challenge lies in making your website usable. The main problem is that majority of the web designers forget that the website was not created for them but to solve the needs and requirements of the users. They give more priority to creativity than usability and practicality. Do you know the time that…Continue Reading→

What Level of Support Should You Expect from Cheap Web Hosting?

Often when people are shopping for a cheap web hosting package to build their website on, or move an existing site to, one of the things that is regularly overlooked is that of customer support.  Contrary to what some believe, you should expect a high level of support from your cheap web hosting provider. In today’s review-driven digital world, it is no longer possible, nor acceptable, for companies…Continue Reading→

Top 5 Helpful Mac OS Features You Might Not Know About

Have you ever wondering that should you choose another desktop operating system instead of Microsoft’s Windows? That’s the question I had in my mind one year ago. At that moment, I felt Windows OS is so boring and wanted to try something that new. I've asked a few friends about which operating system I should use, among Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. After getting a few comments,…Continue Reading→

The First 4 Requirements to Start a Website on Your Own

Many are mistaken about what needs to be done first as they decide to build a website for themselves. It's a common belief that one should begin by selecting a platform and proceed to building the site. The guide below is not an exhaustive one, but is meant to guide you through the main stages to be completed first: 1. Domain registration First of all, you have to…Continue Reading→

How to Create a Well-Organized Blog

In today’s society, there are an incredible number of bloggers. However, there is always one frequently asked question: Where does one begin to know how to even put their blog together and organize the material they’ve written? Well, there are several different ways to organize your blog. The style of blog always needs to be taken into consideration. The author may also need to decide whether they want…Continue Reading→