Richie KSHello, my name is Richie KS, i’m the creator and editor of

I’m also a web developer and SEO enthusiast. I’ve been developing website for more than 17 years now. In this blog, i will share my tips on how to build, design, develop website, how to SEO your website and also how to do business marketing effectively. is developed and still runned by Richie KS. He was born in 1981 and he’s currently lives in East Malaysia with his 4 family members. Richie KS is a loving family man and always put family in first priority. Richie graduated from University of Malaysia Science and have a bachelor degree in Computer Science.

During 1998-2002, fresh from graduate, Richie work as a Computer engineer and also doing some programming and coding work for local design studio firm. With 4 years of work experience, in 2003 Richie hired by leading Design Agency in Singapore and doing a part time/full time outsource web programming and design consultant work.

in 2005, Richie started to learn how to work with WordPress – Content Management System. By that time, WordPress is still a mid stage development but already use by more than 1 millions bloggers world wide. Richie fill in his pass time reading books on WordPress and improve his knowledge on WordPress, Web Design and Standard Web Coding. was established on mid 2005 where its original purpose is for Richie to blog about WordPress, Designs, Coding and Personal stuff. He also started working with WordPress Themes and release more than 5 Free WordPress Theme for the WordPress Community during that time. By 2006, Richie started to work as part-time for one of the leading WordPress Expert, incsub doing some PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress work.

By that time, Richie’s knowledge on WordPress had growth and becoming more familiar with WordPress core and customization work. in 2008, he was official hired full time by James Farmer from incsub and join others to work with the development of WPMUDEV,, Edublogs and Incsub Projects. During 2008-2012, Richie had work with WPMUDEV and create some Premium and Multi Functional WordPress and BuddyPress Themes such as BlogsMU, BuddyPress Corporate, Nelo and among others. After 6 years of wonderful work time with incsub, in april 2012, Richie KS honourable leave the developer position there and started to work on development and Freelancing work.

With the increase knowledge on WordPress and BuddyPress, he started to write tutorials and tips on working with WordPress. in 2013-Present day, he also release a multi functional free WordPress, BuddyPress and Woocommerce themes in and WordPress Themes Directory. Aside from that, he also working freelance when available and still have 1-2 WordPress learning books near his working desk which he read them from time to time. He’s a 100% nerd in nature 🙂 Hopefully Richie will stay healthy and write more tutorials, tips and release more Free WordPress and BuddyPress Themes in the future. Wish him luck and support his work if you can. to be continue..

Last Update: 22th October 2013