Responsinator is a testing tool for your mobile responsive website. The site helps website makers quickly get an indication of how their responsive site will look on the most popular devices such as ipad, iphone or any android phones.

According to global survey in 2010, 70% of web internet users around the world will be using portable devices to browse the internet, business and daily life usage in 2015. That’s the reason why the concept of ‘mobile first’ is the first step need to achieved by developers when building a website. Good folks at Copyblogger had written some strong reason point on why ‘responsive’ are critical for your current and future business.

Because of this steady and rapid increase in mobile internet browsing, web developers and internet marketers everywhere are forced to adapt to the changing market, or lose tons of potential traffic to competition.

Screenshot taken from Responsinator


Responsive Website Tutorials and Resources

Want to see how your responsive website looks like in mobile device? Check out this testing tool here

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