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How to Move WordPress Uploads Path to Subdomain

WordPress Tutorials
I'm a big fan of site loading fast, for me when i visited a site, it took only 2-4 second only to stay on before leaving if the site loading were slow. Doing some testing on for speed and load time and found out the site speed and load time are at average. so i begin to research and…

Using Searchform to Search Keyword on WordPress Title only

When using WordPress search, sometime it will show a bunch of un-relevent posts. If you are running a 1000+ posts blog, you definitely want your users to search the exact match to their search keyword string so they won't stray away from your site if they saw unrelated search results. Here's a easy and simple snippet that can help you…

Disable Certain Area or Element in Localhost Testing Enviroment

Sometime when you are working with XAMPP or MAMPP on localhost, you want to exclude or disable certain element or part if you are not working in live site environment. A javacript like tracking code, google analytic code or adsense custom channel code should not be run in localhost testing environment. This may lead to devastating outcome especially with adsense…

Where You Can Find WordPress and Website Developers

Web Developers can be a company or a single person who handle and expert in website projects that include WordPress development and Website development. There's like thousand of of Web development company out there and sometime its hard to choose which better so naturally many start-up or potential clients will be looking at job portal online to find an expert…

Mark Ghosh Leaving Weblog Tools Collection

WordPress News
For those who doesn't know, Mark Ghosh is the creator and founder in one of popular WordPress News Portal, After more than 8 years working on Weblog Tools Collection, he decided to transfer WLTC to more willing and presently capable hands so he can focus more on his job, career and family. (more…)

Creating a simple responsive HTML5 Template

HTML5 is a new semantic HTML markup. Although its still new and more tidy up work in progress, many web developer already started using HTML5 in their web design and development. Starting a standard needs on making a website. Today i'm going to show you how to create a simple responsive html5 template. Some rules for HTML5 were established: New…

New Beginning for Dezzain in 2013

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Just when you thought the site are dead and not updated since 2011, I'm back for more development for I started the site and used it as my personal blog back in 2006 but been caught up in busy schedule in works and family feud :) nevertheless i'm happy to getting back on blogging and writing some tutorials on…

Upgraded Theme On Zoxengen Commercial User

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an additional upgrade on zoxengen commercial theme user, here are some of the added features - added custom image header with the ability to turn on and off also control the height - fix text widget and rss widget link with button're out:) - meta and keyword control - an issue brought by one of the commercial user...working on…