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How to Remove Images from the_content() but Preserve HTML Formating

WordPress Tutorials
When working with WordPress development couple of days ago, I've manage a few quick Q&A with some of my colleague with user experience when dealing with WordPress posts. One of most sought out or talked topic was the_content() vs the_excerpt() features in WordPress post formatting. (more…)

Easier Retina Support for Your WordPress Themes

WordPress Tutorials
When Apple introduced the Retina display on their iPhone 4s and then later the new iPad and MBP Retina. Everybody had been fussing about making their site images 'retina' supported. What does it mean? It basically means that the images will look sharp on these devices, instead of blurry due to the higher pixel ratio of the devices’s display. This…

How to Rotate Your Banner Bypass Cache using JavaScript

Website or WordPress caching usually make it hard to make an area of your site to be dynamic. Caching time out sometime take 30 minutes to 1 hour to refresh the site content unless you choose to clear or flush the cache manually. Couple of days ago, i was looking for a solution to rotate my banner images using PHP…

How to Show All Child Categories from Parent Category in WordPress

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Sometime when using WordPress custom menu, you do not want to add the child category from parent category into the created menus. However you want the child category to show when you are browsing parent category, this is useful if you have a wide variety of sub-category for a certain category. Take for example from above image, (more…)

October Road Map – What’s coming this month?

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Hi peeps, just want to say thank you for all the downloads, visits and couple of donations comings from all over the place since Dezzain re-open and refresh the site back in April 2013. A lot had been going on around these time, I've released a new WordPress Theme with BuddyPress, Woocommerce and BBpress native compatible which now reached almost…

Creating a Dynamic Sidebar with Conditional Tag for Your Sidebars

WordPress Tutorials
Sometime when dealing with dynamic content or sidebar, you need to change how or what the content or sidebar will show when visiting a certain pages or posts. WordPress Sidebar Widgets allowed you to achieve this with the core dynamic sidebar. The common code for adding sidebar widgets into your WordPress theme will be like this. (more…)