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Five Ways to Win the Internet Marketing Game on a Tight Budget

Website Development
As the internet increasingly becomes saturated with content and website owners scramble to get their voice heard the loudest, it is becoming tougher to implement effective strategies. Be wise, don’t resort to black hat SEO tactics or even grey hat SEO tactics, internet marketing is all about brand management and advertising with a little SEO and social media tossed in.…

How Buying Twitter Followers Changed The Fortune Overnight

Social Network
Hello, I am Sakshi Gupta, a professional singer having experience of 10 years in singing. I struggled for almost 8 years to get popularity and was successful in getting it, but my popularity was limited to my city only. I have a low fan following on twitter that too limited to my city. At that point of time, one of…

Mesocolumn Version 1.6.4 Released – More Options and Tweaks

WordPress News
After about a year since the last version 1.6.3 updates of the Mesocolumn WordPress Theme, here's the latest version 1.6.4 of the theme. This update included lots of tweak and added options to continue grow the already "premium" features of the theme. The theme is lucky enough to be mention in Forbes (more…)

Basic SEO You Should Practice When Writing an Article

Before i bored you with another SEO Techniques you should be doing nowadays, indulge me!. First, i won't be repeating what every SEO gurus teach you before, like optimize your title and meta description. Also not the over popular phrase keyword, keywords and KEYWORDS...yes the last capped is intentional :) Today we are going to walk-through the basic SEO you…

Tips To Ensure A Finely Developed E-Commerce Store Online

Are you about to launch your ecommerce store online soon? That’s excellent since the virtual zone presents a booming field for the e-commerce portals. Now, it’s true that you will concentrate on a high end smart marketing strategy but before that you need to ensure a properly developed online platform for the store- or, in simple words, an edgy web…

Future of Bitcoin as Payment Gateway in eCommerce

Website Development
Bitcoin is a rising global payment system that beginning to spread in e-commerce platform for users to purchase digital goods online. It is somewhat similiar to "Paypal" as online payment system, however unlike Paypal, the Bitcoin exchange rate is un-metered and can fluctuate instantly. (more…)

How to Work with Your Website Designer: Tips for Getting Your Website Delivered on Budget and On Time

Website Development
Unless you have the talent in house to build your website, the job will likely need to be outsourced to a web designer. There is nothing wrong with that – there are plenty of fully capable web designers in the market looking for work, and you should be able to easily find one that suits your needs. However, it is…

Going Paperless – Why Design an Online Document Archive as Part of Your Site

Website Development
Certain kinds of businesses, communities and projects generate an awful lot of stuff on paper. We all have experienced the downsides of this – all those important documents, drawings, blueprints for the new death ray and so on not only mess up the place where you are trying to work, but also can be a total pain to work with.…

Why Businesses Without A Responsive Website Are Falling Behind!

Website Development
When you have been looking for information on the internet, it is highly likely you have been confronted with websites which are impossible to navigate or difficult to use on a phone or tablet. These are non-responsive websites, the ones where you have to zoom a lot to be able to clearly read the text, select menu options or use…

Build Your Audience: 5 Proven Website Marketing Tactics

Website Development
You’ve come a long way since you hatched the idea to start your website. What once began as a simple idea manifested into a powerful site complete with unique graphics, edgy content, and hours upon hours of meticulous programming. Are you getting a lot of visitors to your site though? The time, effort, and caffeine you put into your website…