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5 Amazing Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress Tutorials
WordPress is one of the best content management systems and this can be said with conviction because many blog owners around the world prefer using the WordPress platform. WordPress is efficient and user friendly; however, with lack of proper maintenance, your WordPress website/blog might become slow. Fast page load time is one of the most crucial aspects of any blog…

BBPress: How to hide replies from not logged in users

WordPress Tutorials
Setting up discussion forums with your WordPress is easy with WordPress plugin BBPress. By default, all forums, topics and replies created are made public, means all visitors can view all topic and reply made by your community. Even though as admin, you could choose to make your forums into 'private' forums with BBPress own forums settings but how about hiding…

WP Membership Plugins 101: A Quick Buying Guide

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Talking about membership plugins for WP is a tricky affair. For starters, different site owners have different needs and finding a plugin that does EVERYTHING is out of the question. And then there’s the issue of having a lot of options – too many that it’s almost impossible to just pick one and feel satisfied about it. So instead of…

WordPress Developer should learn about apply_filters() and why?

WordPress Tutorials
The first thing that came into my mind when hearing add_filter() and apply_filters() was yeah! no more editing the template to make a small changes. Well that's the dream of any WordPress developer when working on a WordPress Theme Framework such as Genesis or Thesis which have constant update whenever a new version of WordPress released. (more…)

When to Move from VPS to Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting
Is your site hosted on VPS? While it wasn’t that long ago that most people knew little about VPS, things have changed: Millions of great sites are hosted on VPS and more join every year. The secret to the success of VPS is in the way good VPS hosts are configured. Shared hosting is a bit like the Wild West.…

What Type of Web Hosting is Best for Bloggers?

Finding the best hosting for your specific situation is vital to your success. The wrong hosting could cost you visitors and could cause a large amount of your visitors to leave your website before it even loads. Bloggers need to find the right type of hosting for their specific needs. Since most bloggers use WordPress, it's important to find the…

Choosing Between VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting
If you’ve got a robust hosting budget, you could be in an interesting situation: Should you use VPS hosting or dedicated hosting for your online project? While both options can be great, you can save money and get better performance in the long run if you use the right choice for you. Most sites go through phases of development, beginning…

Scouring the Web for the Best iPhone 6 Deals

Every autumn, millions of mobile users celebrate with glee as the next generation of Apple products are released: for 2014, this means the release of the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. With such fanfare about the new devices, it can be easy to rush out and grab one before giving it too much thought. There can be…

Recommended Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

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Are you looking for cheap and affordable dedicated server to host your sites? Like me and many other web master around, anything that cost us more than $100 per-month is a cut-throat :) Personally i'm running and manage not more than 5 sites in a single web hosting server that did not take much traffic and bandwidth usage. Nevertheless to…

Smart DIY Tips To Design Some Wonderful Promotional Flyers

Are you planning to do with a sizzling and hot flyer to promote and endorse your latest offer, service or product? But is the idea still on your to-do list simply because you couldn’t afford some top-notch web designer or because you and Photoshop aren’t good friends yet? If answered yes, this post is just for you! That’s because the…