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Dezzain WordPress Theme – Goblin Den

WordPress Themes
Goblin Den is a dark shade widget ready free wordpress theme. Another free theme from Dezzain Studio that include a custom main page for content based structure blog. You can set the main page to present more content to maximize the view for blogger that run or update their blog post everyday. Main page had a 6:1 post different. If…

Dezzain WordPress Theme – DarkOFluid

WordPress Themes
DarkOFluid is a 2 column fluid width round corner wordpress theme. It includes a widgetize and jquery slide sidebar. Yes..i been updating the news about the release of this theme and here it is and hope you guys can give some feedback or some shout out if found a bugger inside. Ok now let's talk about the theme..It had a… – Your WordPress Theme Upload Portal

WordPress News
Weeks ago i been posting about add a linkback to their site and after visiting one of my favourite blog WPthemesplugin and notice than WPthemesfree currently will not be linking their site in the footer. This is a great and wonderful news for me and also for all theme developer. Personally the site has given much downloads line for… supporting the extra backlink????

Months ago i was featuring for their great site and services for theme submit. Today i just caught up from moses whos theme also been landed there and SHOCKED that they were adding an extra link in the footer in each theme. Moses, myself and other theme designer and theme developer's themes had been added an extra backlink to…

Corporate Identity Now Goes For Darker Theme

When i browsing the net, i just recently found out that couple of corporate site had migrate from clean white theme website to a darker theme website. For example Apple had change their corporate identity from white to dark. Personally the new design really catch my eye..maybe i myselflove dark theme website. The design are awesome especially the BIG X…

Dezzain Free Theme – Molotone

WordPress Themes
Molotone is a 2 column glossy theme with widget ready and adsense ready. The theme is a simple clean theme with adsense ready. A 3 loop adsense in blog post definately can get some higher CT for blogger. The code are something similiar that were mention in Problogger a while back so i just input the code and make a…

Dezzain Free Theme – Nobus

WordPress Themes
Hello's another premium theme from Dezzain Studio. The original idea of the theme is to be modern like and clean..i try to make the content area as clean as possible so the usuall hover effect button are not coded into the theme but still got some hover text bubble effect into it. Nobus is 3 column widget-ready theme and…

Dezzain Free Theme – Dark 3Chemical

WordPress Themes
Dark 3Chemical another latest release from Dezzain. The theme is tested with the wordpress version 2.1 and the latest Getz. Also compatible with all major browser and safari. It include a 2 sidebar widget and adsense ready for a blogger that need and adsense ready theme and also a coded with adsense widget so you can rearrange your sidebar adsense…