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CSS Gallery Site You May Not Seen Before

Site Showcase
CSS gallery are one of common web development nowadays but when come to higher authority in this field, Css Mania, BestWebGallery, CSS Remix and TheBestDesigns are among top visit and scout gallery but they all had the similiarity in latest design or site showcase, it lost a lil bit of freshness during times but hey who complaining? they showcase some…

WordPress 2.3.2 Upgrade Released

WordPress News
Another update released from WordPress. WordPress 2.3.2 is an urgent security release that fixes a bug that can be used to expose your draft posts. 2.3.2 also suppresses some error messages that can give away information about your database table structure and limits and stops some information leaks in the XML-RPC and APP implementations. Get 2.3.2 now to protect your…

Halloween Haunted WordPress And Wallpaper Gifts

WordPress News
Halloween festivel is near and here's some pack of halloween gift avaialable around: Wordpress Themes screenshot from screenshot from kate theme viewer Wallpaper and Art A collection of cool wallpaper and art from smashing magazine Came across this one from and used it as my backgorund image for the halloween festive...kind of spooky..

Dezzain Free Theme – NobusX2

WordPress Themes
NobusX2 a 2nd version of Nobus Theme with added feature such as: 4 adblock sidebar Global CSS font and Headline Headings UTW and Native Tags Compatible PSD for footer, header, sidebar glossy bar included removed the -1 pixel font style add archives, sitemap, links as requested more clear and larger font post Morning yall its 7am in the morning here…

DesignCanopy Free WordPress Theme – Trevilian Way

WordPress News
Trevilian Way Is A Unique And Clean Theme by DesignCanopy. A 2x4 Magazine Layout spice things up and a main topic and secondary topics separator. Basically the theme is something different and unique style with its own flavour. Trevilian Way is designed on a grid, so there is an underlying structure to the design. It includes several predefined classes to…

WPDesigner CSS Gallery WordPress Theme – Showcase

WordPress News
Small potato from WPDesigner Released A premium theme at the mid of September and it is a paid theme that works almost just like any css gallery out there. Css Gala Theme are become more and more popular among showcase top-notch design and neverseen design and style. With the release of Showcase, more and more people can had themself a…

Font Role In Web Design

Font are an essential when come to designing and developed a website either a commercial site or blog alike site. In general many designer choose the most common font such as Arial, Verdana, Times, Time New Roman, Georgia and Sans-serif, this are the common used font for designer such as myself. Here's on post H tag common font sample for…

How To Input Social Clouds In WordPress

WordPress Tutorials
the social cloud is just a niffty stuff to nput into your sidebar. just copy and paste below text into your sidebar or any desired place in templates: Copy & Paste This Line Social cloud with homepage tag: <div class="cloud-boxes"><a href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>&title=Spread the seed of <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>&body=more about Spread the seed of <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" style="font-size:101%">BlinkBits</a> <a…

Smashing Magazine Free Theme – Smashing Theme

WordPress News
screenshot from smashing magazine Smashing magazine well known for it portal infomation blog had release a free themes and font in celebration of their anniversary. The theme was designed by Elena Gafita from the DesignDisease team Smashing theme are 3 column based theme with a mint coloured flavour, mild white background and a wondeful smooth of colour stripe that really…