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Social Network

6 Proven Ways to Captivate Your Instagram Followers

Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned soccer player, has the most Instagram followers in the world with 148 million followers. Other notable mentions include Selena Gomez with 144.5 million, Ariana Grande with 139.5 million, Dwayne Johnson with 125 million, and Kim Kardashian with 122.6 million followers. Each of these personalities are starkly…

5 Tips for Smoother System Integrations

Factors such as investment requirements (without immediate ROI), risk level, and resistance to change are often the initial barriers to companies considering launching a systems integration project. However, with the current changes in IT, increase in online collaboration technologies, and a host of cloud services in the marketplace, the need…

5 Processes Your Business Should Start Automating

Automation saves businesses time and money while boosting efficiency. Offloading or streamlining redundant tasks allows you and your staff to focus on what’s most important: running your business and catering to your customers. Here are five processes that your business should start automating today. 1. Social Media Posts Every business…