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Introducing Cue, The First-ever Device to Track Your Hormones from Wherever You Are

For all the health-conscious people out there who always remain concerned about what’s going on within their body, there’s good news! Here comes Cue, the first affordable, user-friendly mini lab which lets you test your 5 vital molecules in your body, thereby creating a revolution in the field of personal…
Website Development

Frequently Asked Questions About Responsive Website Design

Are you still trying to maintain separate websites for mobile devices, tablets and desktops? Well, then you should definitely make the smart switch to responsive website design as soon as possible. So, what exactly is responsive website design (RWD) then all about? Well, continue reading for answers to a few…

iOS Application Development Services

Assurance of quality app development services is what leads to quality iPhone applications. Top-notch services are provided in the development of all the iPhone applications. The iOS app development includes the provision of robust, high performing,  user-friendly and secure iPhone applications. This is made possible by the professional team which…

Bad Things Happen to Good Companies: Failures that have Shaken Up the Tech World

The number of companies that are undergoing full digital transformation is growing. And they have good reasons to do so. – there’s a plethora of evidence suggesting that this process comes with a host of benefits. A recent Sungard survey has confirmed, that 4 out of 10 businesses admit that digitization had significantly improved their customer satisfaction, overall revenue, and working agility.