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Website Development

Why You Should Be Focusing On Responsive Websites in 2015

Only 2 weeks into Google’s new mobile algorithm, business owners who do not possess a responsive theme are feeling the pinch. The mobile-oriented algorithm change, which was announced months ago as an “on-off” switch by Google spokespeople, has played havoc with the traditional ranking methods of small business owners and…

How To Perform a Quick Content Audit That Demonstrates ROI

The trouble with digital content is that its purpose and its effect can be annoyingly intangible. Any content marketer worth their salt should be implementing strategies with clear, measurable goals, but ultimately, demonstrating the return on investment generated by content can be challenging - especially when its your boss asking…
Website Development

A Comprehensive Look at the Mobile App Development

Have you ever heard of Intellectsoft mobile app Development Company? Apparently, it's a full-service mobile application and software company, with a very expansive set of competencies to meet everyone's enterprise needs. They have helped a number of enterprise organizations transform their entire business processes by use of the mobile technology.…
Software Development

The Four Biggest Design Flaws That Jeopardise Software Security That All Businesses Should Know About

These four flaws in software design can put the businesses dependent on them at great risk of data manipulation and control. By understanding what they are and how better to address them, business owners are doing themselves a big favour in preventing future catastrophe.
Website Development

Latest Innovations in Web Design

Web design continues to play an important role in branding a business. If you own a business and are looking for ways to update your company’s website, you’ll want to consider all of the things a successful web designer can do for you. As technology advances, so do web design…