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7 Reasons Businesses Can No Longer Ignore Video Content Marketing

Content marketing is still one of the most effective and cost efficient online marketing strategies around—but it’s changing fast. What worked just a year ago is becoming less relevant, and the most successful brands are the ones who are adapting to the times. The Rise of Video Recently, video has…Continue Reading→

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Small Business Against Cyberattacks

The State of Small Business Cybersecurity There’s a perilous misconception floating around regarding small business and cyber security. Many business owners believe they won’t be the target of a data breach or an IT security threat because they’re too small to garner the attention of cyber criminals. That’s a complete…

Online Branding Basics for Startups: Essentials for Your Website and Beyond

You want your brand to shine online, but you don’t know how to make it happen. Fortunately for you, there are experts who have been there. Here’s what they have to say. Tell Your Story According to Brian Honigman, humans are natural-born storytellers. And, telling stories is a great way…

In-Depth Analysis and Product Search: Pointers for E-Commerce Site Owners

You’ve just developed a spanking-new product. Or, maybe you’ve just signed a deal for a new product. It’s shiny. It has all the bells and whistles. It’s amazing. But, you’ve hit a marketing brick wall. What do you do? You’ve Got To Understand What E-Commerce Is All About Do you…

From Impulse Buyer to Window Shopper: How Consumer Shopping Styles Can Make or Break Your Ecommerce Site

Every buyer is unique – which is true both at brick-and-mortar retail stores and on ecommerce sites. Some arrive at a store with a specific product in mind, while others window shop to kill time. As you develop your ecommerce site, it’s your job to decipher what buyers are thinking.…

Just Add Water: Using the Buzz Around Major Events for Promoting Your Business

It couldn’t be any easier than this. A major event and your business. It’s a match made in heaven. Here’s how to promote your brand using an age-old marketing strategy that more than half of all companies have forgotten. The Basics Regardless of the kind of business you run, you…

Swift Success: Simple Strategies for Keeping Up With a Rapidly Growing Business

A fast-growing, successful business is what most entrepreneurs dream of. But what happens if you become a victim of your own success? Sometimes a business can grow too fast, preventing you from managing it effectively, and that's when you need to put some simple strategies into effect. Focus on Your…

Power in Numbers: Simple Ways to Use Sales Data to Boost Business

Most businesses are concerned about sales figures. It’s only natural. When you’re in business, you have to worry about whether your company is profitable or not. Here’s how to look at the sales numbers and use them to boost the bottom line. Quantitative Analysis Simplilearn salesforce administrator certification will help…

Why Employee Training Should Be at the Top of Your 2016 To-Do List

There’s no doubt that employee training is a worthwhile investment. A 2013 study by the American Society of Training and Development found that top-performing companies provided nearly twice the training of other companies; on average, companies offered employees about 30 hours of training each year, with the highest performers averaging…

Technology Arrives in Real Estate!

While so many businesses may be fighting the encroachment of technology, the world of real estate has continued to be one of the early adaptors. In fact, in the early days of cell phones real estate agents were among the early users who embraced them. They knew that with the…

Email Marketing – 4 Reasons Every Real-World Business Needs to Grasp the Nettle

Every real-world business has some web presence and most have a website but many do not use email marketing. Is your business missing a wonderful marketing opportunity by failing to ask customers for their email addresses? Source: Are you failing to serve your customers? 1.   Your Customers Are Online…

Online Marketing Trends for 2016

With the year drawing to a close, it is obvious that online marketing has continued its growth through 2015 with various changes to how a company can interact with potential customers, increase brand awareness and that marketing online needs to be a fundamental part for any businesses to have a…

6 Indomitable Trends in Mobile Commerce

It can now be said that mobile commerce came of age with a whole range of technologies geared towards making the mobile shopping and transaction experience better. With the launch of Apple Pay followed by Google Pay and with an array of geo-location based technologies offering marketers more contextual and…

Four Ways to Advertise Your Website

To get your website in front of as many people as possible, you need to really make it stand out against the millions of other sites out there, and you can do that by properly advertising it. Using the methods below, you can increase the amount of traffic that reaches…

Be Ahead of the Game with a Dedicated App for Your Business

With the evolution of technology, there is often the creation of new opportunities that businesses can exploit. People’s dependence on technology has shifted greatly with the rise of the smartphone and device era. Businesses have the opportunity to be ahead of the game by leveraging existing applications, as well as…