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Which Video Hosting Platform Should a Business Use

While businesses want their video content on as many platforms as possible, there are differences between the hosting platforms. Each offers something different and has unique drawbacks as well. When seeking a platform that meets all of their needs, companies are faced with an abundance of choices. Remember that the…Continue Reading→

Breaking Through the Language Barrier During Business Expansion

The world is no longer so large, and it is easier than ever for successful businesses to expand overseas into new, non-English-speaking markets. On one hand, markets in other countries are booming, offering plenty of opportunity for high profits. On the other hand, there are several obstacles to succeeding in…

5 Asian Countries Perfect for Your Tech Start-Up

Asian countries are reputed at an international scale for the level of investments in the technology sector. Even though tech companies can thrive in numerous Asian countries, several juridisctions provide the most appealing business environment, attractive conditions and incentives that can rapidly increase the value of this type of business.…

The Importance of Packaging to Today’s Consumer

Packaging is an often overlooked component of your customer's purchase experience. If you aren’t optimizing your packaging, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool. Here are 5 reasons why your packaging matters and how you can use it to capture your customer’s attention. 1. Create Brand Recognition Take advantage…