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How Can Technology and Education Minimize Plastic Card Fraud?

According to the Nilson Report, it is being anticipated that by the year 2020, plastic card fraud will grow by 45% and will attain a figure that can amount to as much as USD$31.67 billion. There are various means by which scam artists victimize people either by manipulating data that…Continue Reading→

Here’s What Computer Science Courses Can Do for Your Business

You just can’t run a business these days without using a computer, and business computing isn’t just about creating invoices, keeping records, and performing basic accounting tasks anymore. Modern business computing involves creating a website, managing content, developing and running social media marketing campaigns, running online storefronts, collecting and analyzing…

5 Reasons Why Sororities Should Be Your Next Target Demographic

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know the success of your business depends on your ability to market your brand to the right audience. With increasing numbers rushing every year, US News & World Report reveals Greek organizations represent up to 88 percent of the student body at some universities. With…

How Do Business Owners Manage to Study at the Same Time?

Running a business is no easy task. But, for some entrepreneurs, managing their own company comes more naturally than it does to others. If you are determined to succeed with your entrepreneurship goals and want to strive for successful business ventures in the future, having little business knowledge or experience…