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Digital Marketing Essentials to Accompany Your Coding Efforts

Code is the DNA of the internet. Knowing it and how to use it to create your vision is an incredibly useful tool that governments are trying to instill in their younger generations. For now, however, web designers are few and far between, allowing you to advertise and sell your…Continue Reading→

How to Incorporate Online Payments into Your Business Website

In today’s digital world, consumers and clients expect to make purchases and payments online. If you’re not offering these options, you’re leaving money on the table. And contrary to what you may have heard, it’s easy to incorporate online payments into your business website. Before you dive in, it’s important…

4 Sources of Small Business Financing

Small businesses often don’t have the credit history they need to be able to open their operations, fund expansion or even fund inventory to meet contract demands. The stress to find small business financing can keep business owners up all night. But, there are financing options available when you know…

KPI Best Practices To Consider In 2019

Business these days isn’t run only on instincts; it is run by quantifiable, actionable measures that can determine the performance and give back insights as to what should be improved. These quantifiable measures are known KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Also known as KSIs (Key Success Indicators), KPIs are used…

Virtual Offices – How a Prestigious Presence Can Double Your Chances of Success

If thinking about Hong Kong for business, your business sense will be shocked by the province’s intensity. The financial epicentre and trendsetter for decades is also a place where businesses can get anything and everything done at any hour. Operating on pure energy, tech-heavy companies drive industry and the economy.…

Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

Digital and mobile channels are a vital part of gaining and keeping customers in the present day. However, a lot of businesses  are often apprehensive about developing a permanent, long term digital strategy in place which makes it difficult to get started. Starting with a plan is essential…it doesn’t have…

Important: Don’t Buy an E-commerce Business before Reading This

Thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide are finding great successes with e-commerce. There are numerous success stories of how ordinary people who have started home-based online businesses that sell anything from handmade stitched pillowcases, shoes for amputees and just about anything that can cross your mind. Most of these businesses grow from…