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How to Choose a Specific Target Audience for Your SEO Campaign

Many businesses understand the importance of creating content to support an SEO campaign; they know that more, high-quality content will boost their authority, provide more text that can be optimized for target keywords, and will attract more inbound links from offsite authorities. However, writing “good” content isn’t enough to guarantee…Continue Reading→

3 Email Automation Techniques and How the Top Tools Stack Up

There are close to 3.7 billion email users worldwide. That means that there is absolutely no reason a business shouldn’t use email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.  What better way is there to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of potential customers? Although there is a huge opportunity…

Help Ticket Automation: Saving Time and Money without Sacrificing the Personal Touch

The concept of automated customer service isn’t always well received, and perhaps there’s a reason for this. The majority of people would rather speak to a human being when they call someone for support, and they cringe when they get fobbed off with an automated email that tries to include…

SEO vs Pay Per Click: Which Advertising Method is Better for my Business?

Search engine optimization and pay per click (PPC) advertising are two methods that are often used by marketers. However, each of these methods has its strengths and weaknesses that make them more suited for certain types of businesses. Also, in some cases, some businesses only have limited time and money…

Locate Loyal Customers: Helpful Hints on Hyperlocal Marketing

Hyperlocal has become a marketing buzzword recently, but it’s really something that’s been used since marketing began. It simply refers to focusing marketing efforts on your local area, which could be a city, region, zip code, neighborhood or even city block. Even as technology helps us connect and do business…

Better Business Promotion: Making the Most of Your next Trade Show or Marketing Event

Trade shows and other marketing events can be hugely important for businesses both large and small. They provide you with an opportunity to meet your customers and partners face to face, they can help you to increase your brand visibility, and they can play an important role in boosting your…

Omnichannel Marketing the “Unicorn” that Business Strategists Need to Tame

The rise of fragmented consumer markets due to technology and communication changes is making it more challenging for the traditional marketer. The days where advertisers could invest their media budget into one media channel are long-gone. In less than twenty years, more than three generations have shifted the way they…

Salient Factors to Consider When Choosing a Suitable Broadband for your Business

The importance of a good broadband for your business cannot be exhaustively overemphasised as it is a key element when it comes to the overall success of the business. Yet so often the task of choosing a suitable broadband has often led to frustration at the end of the day…

Features in a Project Management Software You Should Pay Attention To

Thinking of getting a project management software? Be sure to evaluate your options carefully. It’s not something you can do randomly or whimsically. The software you choose can make or break the projects you work on, or even your entire business. Consider the following pointers as you decide on which…

Forming Your Consumer Funnel: Search Engine Marketing Trends, Tips, and Tricks

It's common for many online business owners to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) in an effort to generate organic traffic to their websites. However, it's also important to integrate the right search engine marketing (SEM) strategy into your tactics too. SEO is primarily focused on ensuring your site is…

Getting Started with Video Content Marketing: Structuring a Winning Strategy

Anytime you start a marketing campaign, you want to do everything you can to get your message to your current and potential customers. You probably have a great social media strategy, and you surely won’t forget about the tradition routes of advertising that still work, but have you thought about…

Could Your Brand’s Social Image Be at Risk? Here’s What You Should Be Doing

Your brand is the lifeline of your business, and proper protection is necessary. It’s what your audience expects you to deliver and live up to. Without a preventative plan, your company can suffer extreme consequences that can be fatal to the bottom line and brand image. To help prepare against…

The 3 Biggest Cybersecurity Marketing Challenges and How to Fix Them

Marketing in the cybersecurity realm certainly has its own unique challenges. When it comes to something as important as security, you need a way to stand out amongst the crowd, without straying too far from the basic principles. Your growth as a cybersecurity company is directly dependent upon the trust…

The Challenges of Multi-Channel E-Commerce: Sensible Solutions for Modern Merchants

Attracting the attention of online shoppers is a constant challenge for any modern merchant. People have become accustomed to comparing prices and reading product reviews from a range of sites before making a purchasing decision. In business terms, the act of researching a product for various prices and consumer reviews…