6-advertising-tips-for-small-business-ownersWhen it comes to advertising, small business owners often have quite different requirements and opportunities compared to big companies. Quite often they have more exacting demands, because, unlike their big counterparts, they cannot afford inefficiency – usually they are forced to operate on small scale and budgets, but expect high return on investment (ROI). Alas, here are 6 things that might maximize your SMB’s ROI for your next campaign.

1. Track Your Ads

Make sure you always know how each particular customer found you. Add tracking codes to coupons that will track the date of the ad. In TV ads, you may suggest that the client mentions the ad to get a discount. Ask clients directly how they found you. It will let you know how efficient different ads are in your particular case.

2. Use Less Popular Times and Places

Save money by placing your ads in unusual location or in off hours. The difference in price may be quite dramatic, and your job in that regard is to still make exotic placed or hours where you will reach just as many eyeballs as you would in the traditional spots and hours.

3. Don’t Neglect Printed Ads

In our age of the Internet and social media, it is all too easy to develop a condescending attitude towards more traditional advertising media. Nevertheless, studies show that such things as newspaper ads, brochure printing and flyers can still be effective when properly used. Flyers and brochures, for example, are especially useful when you need to cover a particular area – and it is much cheaper than you may have been led to believe.

4. Online Publications

One of the most cost-effective methods of online advertising is to submit articles on the topics of potential interest for your current and potential clients to reputable websites. In return for your content, if it is of sufficient quality, the resource will place a couple of back links to your website. As a result, it will not only draw traffic to your site, but also help you to establish yourself as a professional in your chosen field. Just make sure to prefer quality over quantity, otherwise it may come back to bite you later.

5. Add Some Personality

It pays to be different from the crowd, especially in highly competitive businesses. One way is to provide unique service, but if it is impossible, other methods work too. For example, adding a personal touch by using photos of yourself and your employees on promotional materials. Statistics show that when clients perceive a business as people rather than a faceless mechanism, they tend to react better to its offers.

6. Scarcity Marketing

Promote the perception of scarcity by adding deadlines to your special offers. If you drive home the idea that your client may forever lose an opportunity to buy your product at a discount (or at all) after a certain date, it may influence even those who don’t really need it to make a purchase.

Small business advertising is an art form in and of itself, and it takes time and experience to master it. Use these tips, and it will get easier.

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