how to choose software development company
Locating a reputable and professional software development company can be a very frustrating task. There are literally hundreds of software development companies and all of them have incredible pitches that you don’t know who to hire. This article will make the task a little bit easier for you by offering you some tips on what to demand or expect from the software development company you hire.

Rejects the cheapest offers

Products and services are pretty much the same. The cheaper they come the easier they are to break and you can be sure you get exactly what you pay for. Choosing a cheap service to begin with means that you will pay a lot more by the end of the project. This could come as a technological hack where you will get poorly written code, lack of documentation, lack of test, or software that is simply too hard to maintain.

The company might not give you the code ownership, and you might get no communication and lack of transparency in the process of. Stay away from cheap services. You might even have to rewrite the whole software again by hiring another company all over again. This will cost you up to three times the initial cost you paid the cheap company. Why not just hire a reputable company to begin with?

Integration and communication

communication in collaboration important
It will pay off if you find a company that is always improving the development processes. A company that values meeting will be very efficient. It will be easier to work with them and a lot faster to integrate the external team when you know exactly what you expect from each other. If you’re like most customers, you can agree that quality and communication are a lot more important than price.

Avoid developers who say yes to everything

One of the best things you can get from a software company 7ninjas is saying no. What you come up with ideas they should be able to be straight forward with you and tell you when you’re making mistakes. They should be able to tell you when certain features would not suffice for your application and offer you suggestions and tell you why they would work better.

Hire a similar sized company

This means that you should hire a company the same size as yours because they will treat you as a very important customer. The problem with hiring a larger company is that they may not give you as much attention or important as they would bigger companies. If you hire a smaller company than chances are they’re not experienced enough to handle the kind of project you have.

Technology stack

programming languages
You should aim to hire development experts that is focused in the technology they work well. If you are looking for a product that deals with PHP, then you should look for an expert on that field. Don’t find a jack-of-all-trades kind of expert. No one can be an expert in 10 languages. Of course if it’s a large company they can have multiple expert so you might want to look into it.

But the friendship and chemistry

Relationships are very important in business. You should be partners and not necessarily client and you should work very closely and disgusting everything to do with the project. When there is friendship and chemistry, communication becomes easier and the project becomes a success.

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