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6 Important Things To Consider in Choosing a WordPress Theme For Your Site

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When it comes to the best places to create a website quickly and easily, no site ranks higher than WordPress.  Its ease of use and the addition of plenty of functional plugins makes WordPress the ideal place to begin site-building and is easy enough even for the most novice of developers. While WordPress offers ease of building your site, themes…

What is the Best Sites to Learn WordPress Development?

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Your website says a lot about your company. Some claim that it can make or break your chances of attracting new customers. When you think about the fact that you are less likely to be inclined to buy a product or service from a poorly made website, you will find out that this claim has some truth to it. One…

10 Best Photo Gallery WordPress Themes for Photographers & Photography Enthusiasts 2017

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Whether you’re a professional photographer or a photo enthusiast, you want to showcase your photo work the best possible way. For this, you absolutely need an eye-catching photo gallery that will be able to present your masterpieces in an artsy and aesthetically appealing way. There is no better platform to introduce your photo art to online audience than WordPress. Being…

Mesocolumn v1.6.5 Released – Now with Customizer Supported

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Ever since requires theme authors to use the customizer to build theme options. The mesocolumn theme's updates and development had been on hold for a while, well, last updates were around last year, February 2015. There's lot of tweaking to do so that the theme will pass the theme submission guideline, especially the conversion of theme options into…

Top Free Dark WordPress Themes With Responsive Layout

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In recent years, clean and minimalism theme for WordPress is what most users preferred. You'll find that nearly 80% of the new theme submitted to WordPress free themes directory are with minimal and white color theme. Although white theme are mostly preferred by wp users nowadays, you'll be surprised that dark theme still highly sought after by users running a…

Mesocolumn Version 1.6.4 Released – More Options and Tweaks

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After about a year since the last version 1.6.3 updates of the Mesocolumn WordPress Theme, here's the latest version 1.6.4 of the theme. This update included lots of tweak and added options to continue grow the already "premium" features of the theme. The theme is lucky enough to be mention in Forbes (more…)

Awesome Free WordPress Themes with Unlimited Color Choice

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Creation of WordPress Themes had been revolutionize day by day, we came from simple default theme - kubrick to a more complex and customize themes we have today. Now we have Magazine WordPress Themes, Responsive WordPress Themes and Drag & Drop Page Builder WordPress Themes. But today i am going to introduce to you couple of Awesome Free WordPress Themes…

Free WordPress Themes that you might not seen before

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Free WordPress Themes are available everywhere, you can download free WordPress theme for your website from WordPress's own theme directory or download free wp themes that offered by Premium theme club such as elegantthemes, Woothemes or WPexplorer. These are among the trusted themes download site that are favoured by many bloggers. (more…)

CrocoBlock: The Fastest Growing WordPress Theme Club

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CrocoBlock is a new, but very promising WordPress Theme Club with over 70 WordPress themes. Moreover, two new themes are released every week, and who knows, perhaps some of these themes are just what you need for yourself or your client's websites. The good thing is that CrocoBlock is not only limited to pure WordPress Themes, but has a variety…

WordPress 3.8 is out and looking better and faster than ever

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The much awaited WordPress 3.8 had been released. As you well know, each version of WordPress release will be named after a well known musician, for the latest 3.8 version, it's named “Parker” in honor of bebop innovator and jazz saxophonist Charles Parker. (more…)

Best Example of Magazine Style WordPress Themes

Last month, I've written an article about website using custom WordPress themes that are really stand out and unique. One of the thing i love about them are the use of space and optimize of content presentation. It is entirely different from the 'plain simple' designs which we often see nowadays in website design. (more…)

Matt Mullenweg on Future of Weblogs Tools Collection and WPTavern

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Couple of days ago, Matt Mullenweg, the creator and founder of open source content management system - WordPress had announced that he will be taking over the development and future of 2 popular WordPress News sites Weblogs Tools Collection and WPTavern Matt had taking the initiative to take over WPTavern when Jeff, the WPTavern creator wanted to step out of…

Mark Ghosh Leaving Weblog Tools Collection

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For those who doesn't know, Mark Ghosh is the creator and founder in one of popular WordPress News Portal, After more than 8 years working on Weblog Tools Collection, he decided to transfer WLTC to more willing and presently capable hands so he can focus more on his job, career and family. (more…)

TimThumb – Fast And Easy Thumbnails Creation

Darren Hoyt from and Ben Gillbanks from binarymoon had work together to released this wonderful script that generated a very flexible and wicked thumbnails creation called TimThumb. I myself already installed this wonderful script to the site and now caching of the frontpage custom field images are faster since before that i was using the same big images from…

WordPress 2.5 RC1 Testing Stage

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Wordpress 2.5 Release Candidate 1 (WP2.5 RC1) finally out couple of days ago and i also got a chance to give it a local testrun on how the new system (core) will reflect on my current themes and old themes. So far i passed the first stage on the testing specially the custom theme option that usually imprinted in custom…

Prediction Of WPDesigner Dot Com Total Net Worth

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Yesterday the buzz in WordPress community are about small potato decision on selling his branded WPDesigner Dot Com site. Personally i was shocked but not the one that causing a heart attack :lol: this morning that the sp (small potato nickname) are putting his years branded WPdesigner Dot Com for sell in sitepoint. Sp initial set price are about USD65,000…

WordPress 2.3.2 Upgrade Released

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Another update released from WordPress. WordPress 2.3.2 is an urgent security release that fixes a bug that can be used to expose your draft posts. 2.3.2 also suppresses some error messages that can give away information about your database table structure and limits and stops some information leaks in the XML-RPC and APP implementations. Get 2.3.2 now to protect your…

Halloween Haunted WordPress And Wallpaper Gifts

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Halloween festivel is near and here's some pack of halloween gift avaialable around: Wordpress Themes screenshot from screenshot from kate theme viewer Wallpaper and Art A collection of cool wallpaper and art from smashing magazine Came across this one from and used it as my backgorund image for the halloween festive...kind of spooky..

DesignCanopy Free WordPress Theme – Trevilian Way

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Trevilian Way Is A Unique And Clean Theme by DesignCanopy. A 2x4 Magazine Layout spice things up and a main topic and secondary topics separator. Basically the theme is something different and unique style with its own flavour. Trevilian Way is designed on a grid, so there is an underlying structure to the design. It includes several predefined classes to…

WPDesigner CSS Gallery WordPress Theme – Showcase

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Small potato from WPDesigner Released A premium theme at the mid of September and it is a paid theme that works almost just like any css gallery out there. Css Gala Theme are become more and more popular among showcase top-notch design and neverseen design and style. With the release of Showcase, more and more people can had themself a…

Smashing Magazine Free Theme – Smashing Theme

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screenshot from smashing magazine Smashing magazine well known for it portal infomation blog had release a free themes and font in celebration of their anniversary. The theme was designed by Elena Gafita from the DesignDisease team Smashing theme are 3 column based theme with a mint coloured flavour, mild white background and a wondeful smooth of colour stripe that really…

WordPress 2.3 BETA Released

wordpress had release it latest version 2.3 beta and its now avaialable for download and testing. For BETA tester be sure to report any found bugs and any loop hole to wordpress staff for a better security in the future. Beta 3, the third and final beta for WordPress 2.3, is now available. Many bugs have been fixed since the…

WordPress 2.2.3 – Security and Bug-Fix Release

Wordpress had just release a bug fixed for wordpress 2.2.2 that supposed to have a loop hole in the code. here are the changelog and fixed for previous version: On Windows machines register_activation_hook() does not work if plugin is in a subfolder of the plugins dir Proposal for a new plugin architecture MAGPIE_USER_AGENT lack of wp version Don't return GMT…

Cubez WordPress Theme by WPthemesplugin

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screenshot from wpthemesplugin Cubez theme another great released from wpthemesplugin. Cubez is 2 column theme with clean and white background and dark text. Adsense ready sidebar block and 3 column footer block for most commented post, recent post or any other plugin necessary to install for your need. quote from moses: There’s also an added feature on the sidebar called…

Theme Viewer New Theme and Looks??

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Its been a while i visited themeviewer since the maintaning began but couple of days ago i took a round trip to their site and found that the site look and theme are changed. The site changed to more classic feel but most new theme are not there...not sure if any of you guys also encounter similiar weird event or… – Your WordPress Theme Upload Portal

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Weeks ago i been posting about add a linkback to their site and after visiting one of my favourite blog WPthemesplugin and notice than WPthemesfree currently will not be linking their site in the footer. This is a great and wonderful news for me and also for all theme developer. Personally the site has given much downloads line for… supporting the extra backlink????

Months ago i was featuring for their great site and services for theme submit. Today i just caught up from moses whos theme also been landed there and SHOCKED that they were adding an extra link in the footer in each theme. Moses, myself and other theme designer and theme developer's themes had been added an extra backlink to…