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Mesodark – Free Responsive Black Theme for BuddyPress and WordPress Website

After the latest version update of Mesocolumn theme, i've decided to release a child theme for Mesocolumn with dark and black color scheme, theme name is Mesodark. The theme had the same functionality and customization options as it parent theme, except for one, the top navigation color option is disable in this child theme. Reason? since the main navigation is now fully colorize menu, don't want to emphasis too much color on top navigation, so user can focus on the…Continue Reading→

Mesocolumn – Responsive Free WordPress Theme for Community

Mesocolumn is a blog, magazine, community and eCommerce free WordPress theme. You can choose a blog style layout or featured category magazine grid layout for homepage. The Theme is built with semantic HTML5 and CSS3 for modern browser. With the responsive layout, it will look good in any mobile device such as android phone, iphone or ipad. On top of that, the theme also support popular community WordPress plugin, BuddyPress and popular ecommerce WordPress plugin, WooCommerce. Need to setup forums? No worry, the theme also support WordPress Forums plugin, BBPress. Read also: 5 Tips Before You Purchase a Premium WordPress Theme mesocolumn free wordpress theme Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free WordPress Theme – Zoxengen

Zoxengen wordpress theme is a 3 column widgetize theme with theme options. Theme post styling are also optimize with theme option backend global font config. you can change the font and headline style anyway you like. Yikes..yes...the theme had been delayed for weeks now since i close the unique right purchase of the theme last month. It is ok though..i personally would like to share this theme with all readers and visitors here so i decided not to accept couple…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free WordPress Theme – Box Tube

Another month gones by and here i present another free wordpress theme for all wordpress tech geek out there..well so to speak, the theme were more focusing on tech, mobile or gadget theme :mrgreen: What should you know about the theme box-tube are a 2 column theme with widgetize sidebar and widgetize 3 column footer. Box Space should enough to accomodate 250px wide ads such as banner or inputing 4-6 125x125px banner are also a breeze. Making in somewhat better…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free WordPress Theme – Timeline Digest

Another month goes by and i finally got a chance to round up the prolong theme i wanted to release few weeks ago. The last free theme release from dezzain studio are nobusx2 in way back end of 2007 and here i present a new theme that finally seen the light from dark corner of the site :) Here Are The Theme Features/Functional 3 column theme with separate top sidebar block and bottom sidebar with split 2 widget sidebars Theme…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free Theme – NobusX2

NobusX2 a 2nd version of Nobus Theme with added feature such as: 4 adblock sidebar Global CSS font and Headline Headings UTW and Native Tags Compatible PSD for footer, header, sidebar glossy bar included removed the -1 pixel font style add archives, sitemap, links as requested more clear and larger font post Morning yall its 7am in the morning here in Malaysia..just woke up early and get this theme rolling. The theme is a upgrade modification from previous Nobus so…Continue Reading→

Dezzain WordPress Theme – Goblin Den

Goblin Den is a dark shade widget ready free wordpress theme. Another free theme from Dezzain Studio that include a custom main page for content based structure blog. You can set the main page to present more content to maximize the view for blogger that run or update their blog post everyday. Main page had a 6:1 post different. If you config the post perpage in admin panel at 20 then i will show 6 post excerpt block and post…Continue Reading→

Dezzain WordPress Theme – DarkOFluid

dofluid_long.gif DarkOFluid is a 2 column fluid width round corner wordpress theme. It includes a widgetize and jquery slide sidebar. Yes..i been updating the news about the release of this theme and here it is and hope you guys can give some feedback or some shout out if found a bugger inside. Ok now let’s talk about the theme..It had a round corner side layout and dark grey background. A clean post area…i know the social mini tool that i included in couple of my previous theme is not can easily got a more poweful social tool with sociable plugin. Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free Theme – Molotone

Molotone is a 2 column glossy theme with widget ready and adsense ready. The theme is a simple clean theme with adsense ready. A 3 loop adsense in blog post definately can get some higher CT for blogger. The code are something similiar that were mention in Problogger a while back so i just input the code and make a lil tweak with the code position and walla you got yourself and adsense 3 loop and you just need to…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free Theme – Nobus

Hello's another premium theme from Dezzain Studio. The original idea of the theme is to be modern like and clean..i try to make the content area as clean as possible so the usuall hover effect button are not coded into the theme but still got some hover text bubble effect into it. Nobus is 3 column widget-ready theme and include an social badges so you can put any social related tools right there, currently it include an social network…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free Theme – Dark 3Chemical

Dark 3Chemical another latest release from Dezzain. The theme is tested with the wordpress version 2.1 and the latest Getz. Also compatible with all major browser and safari. It include a 2 sidebar widget and adsense ready for a blogger that need and adsense ready theme and also a coded with adsense widget so you can rearrange your sidebar adsense anywhere you like...:)...Header are changeable so if you got any cool pictures you can replace it with your own unique…Continue Reading→

WordPress Themes – Velle Elle

Velle Elle are the newest release theme from Dezzain. The theme was designed with fresh pink and white coloured. A 3stripe white background and coded to compatible with latest wordpress platform version 2.2 Personally i think this design was meant for the Ladies....:) since its come in pink and i'm feeling kind of romantic all of sudden. Widgetize sidebar for themers customize their own sidebar and the theme also embed with couple of plugin such as: Ultimate Tag Warrior Myavatar…Continue Reading→

WordPress Theme – Bobbles

screenshot1.png Bobbles wordpress theme/skin is Dezzain latest free theme release. t23.gifThe Theme coded with bobble page navigator. User can add as many pages as possibble to top header manually or automatically through page admin. Hover effect with orange tag me feature just to make browse to page interesting and fun. bobble_toink.gif Another New feature to the dezzain theme would be the no-plugin social network that included delicious, digg, stumbleupon and technorati. This feature are meant for an easier managment and Continue Reading→

WordPress Theme – UrbanChaos

UrbanChaos is a Widget-ready 3 column wordpress theme. Urban texture and pattern style with black and white layout. Something different from my previous release. I wanted to maintain the colour tone of the theme to minimal of 3 main colours: Black, White and Greenish. A larger content text area for a maximum used of articles and images input so i won't effect any images or need to scale down to fit the text content. Sidebar are lil bit messy for…Continue Reading→

WordPress theme – CSSfreak

CSSfreak wordpress theme is widget-ready 3 column wordpress theme made. Due to popular demand of 3 column widgetize wordpress theme so i decided to released this css based free theme so that wordpress user can fully optimize their choice of colour scheme based on popular Kuler colour scheme. The theme itself are based on Kuler's Darkvex colour scheme and the theme are fully optimize for fast loading since there'll be no image caching based theme and all codes are coded…Continue Reading→

WordPress Theme – Darkmambo

Dezzain first release free theme and now available for download at TWN. The Darkmambo wordpress theme was design and coded by yours truly. Darkmambo are fixed width 2 column wordpress theme that had a width body area about 1000px for more content and more flexible articles. It comes with widget ready and myavatars also included inside the theme code. The theme also fully coded with clean source code and valid css/xhtml. A clean wordpress code making it easy to edit…Continue Reading→