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Using Searchform to Search Keyword on WordPress Title only

When using WordPress search, sometime it will show a bunch of un-relevent posts. If you are running a 1000+ posts blog, you definitely want your users to search the exact match to their search keyword string so they won't stray away from your site if they saw unrelated search results. Here's a easy and simple snippet that can help you…

Gravatar And Mybloglog Avatar Integration

WordPress Tutorials
ok..users tend to drawed to using either gravatar or mybloglog avatar to implement an identity to the commentator..what if you want to used or switch from gravatar and mybloglog without any hassle. Here's a simple integration you can input into your comment loop. Using original source from gravatar integration Tip #6: Add Gravatars Without a Plugin from WPDesigner by Milo…

How to remove mybloglog white background?

WordPress Tutorials
Recently i got an email on how to remove the mybloglog white "join my community" background. It is quite simple actually and some of you guys may already know how to do it :) so for those who haven't figure out the trick yet, here's a way to do it open your style.css or your main css stylesheet and add…

How To Input Social Clouds In WordPress

WordPress Tutorials
the social cloud is just a niffty stuff to nput into your sidebar. just copy and paste below text into your sidebar or any desired place in templates: Copy & Paste This Line Social cloud with homepage tag: <div class="cloud-boxes"><a href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>&title=Spread the seed of <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>&body=more about Spread the seed of <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" style="font-size:101%">BlinkBits</a> <a…