The subject had been brought up many times by couple of my designer colleague and still can’t find the ultimate answer to the topic. There are many web design out there right now but how do we define that THAT website is an CSSdesign or an WEBdesign.

Smashing magazine have been dedicated brought tons of resourse that include 50 most beautiful css based design and couple of css design that rocks but still to my knowledge aren’t css design supposed to be an web structure layout that:

  • easy and simple to edit
  • changeable css colour in just couple of clicks without worrying it will effect the content
  • minimal graphic usage
  • all images and effect were control by css

Some of the design i saw in Smashing magazine are heavy-graphic usage. Since maybe all the design listed are custom design with full right to the illustration or photos..guess that’s what make a super cool web design but for someone that like to try out a web design from scratch without any budget on buying a full license for any art related photos to beautify their website..css is definately an option for their site. but then a css mastering need times to master and if you need to maximize the compatiblity for all browser..a no hack css is one long road to take. here are example of css design at their best i found so far:


screenshot taken from undersignedÂ

  • undersigned – super cool css coding that mark what css design should look like. minimal graphic usage, great use of effect with css control and great colour combinations..perfect!…i don’t think the designer even had a psd for it..just plain mastering old school css tech…respect yo!
  • monkeyking – another great site with css design. take a look and no graphic usage but still looking great.

Still maybe thousands of css design that never been seen that still need to be discover…

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