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Controlling Website Downtime: Understanding the Complex Causes and Cures

For most small business owners, maintaining an internet presence is essential to their bottom lines. In fact, many businesses nowadays are run exclusively online. That means that if their website goes down, their profits are going to suffer. Internet users expect websites to load almost immediately and even a minor…
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The Different Hosting Types Explained

All websites and internet-based communications begin first and foremost with hosting. Hosting has a number of different variables to consider, and sometimes even developers can get lost when it comes to understanding what hosting really means. Following, we'll take a look at some of the most common types of hosting…
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The Basic Guide to WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress web hosting plans are designed for webmasters who specifically want to host WordPress blogs. WordPress hosting provides an optimized environment that can speed up the loading of the pages in your blog. You don’t have to worry whether you have already updated your blog to the latest version because…
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Is It Time to Change Your Web Host?

It’s something that many of us stick with for a long while without considering a move, a bit like the lack of effort we put into changing our utility providers. Our web host generally sits in the background and we usually don’t notice them unless something goes wrong with our…
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Why Choose WordPress Cloud Hosting For Large Scale Blogs or Corporate Sites?

WordPress hosting and cloud computing are fast becoming the preferred choice of web users. This is the reason we see increasing number of WordPress users switching to the WordPress cloud hosting services for the optimal performance of their websites. Before we talk about the benefits of wordPress cloud hosting, let’s…
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Questions to Ask Before Opting for Managed Hosting Services

Typically an organization only starts noticing the disadvantages of their selected managed hosting service when it start harming their business and they find options of finding a solution to be limited . A managed hosting service is one where provider manages, administers the hardware, software system (like Finestshops) while the…