Responding to a Hacked WordPress Website

Over 74 million websites utilize the WordPress framework; and as of 2014, self-hosted WordPress websites accounted for roughly 20% of the internet's websites. And one of the reasons why WordPress has become so popular is because its users don't need to learn programming to build clean, responsive, and well-functioning websites. But its very popularity has made WordPress a target for hackers, who dedicate a great deal of time to learning how to overcome WordPress security and encryption to gain control…Continue Reading→

Why You Should Consider Trading Forex Today

Over the course of many years, a large quantity of investors has been able to gain enormous wealth by making trades and utilizing the markets to their advantage. These individuals most likely lost some along the way, but they stuck with it and eventually hit that sweet spot. Since all investors are unique and their preferences vary substantially, it is essential to find your own rhythm, before moving forward. Although stocks and bonds can be exciting, you should not ignore…Continue Reading→

5 of the Best Social Analytics Tools for 2016

Many businesses out there sink a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and money into social media marketing only to have generated a negative ROI. It's sad but true that most social media websites don't provide sufficient data or analytics to allow website managers and businesses to even be able to generate comprehensive reports on the effects of their campaigns. But all the hype about social media marketing isn't bunk: there's a lot of money to be made in marketing effectively…Continue Reading→

Which is the Best e-Commerce Solution for Your Business?

If you have an e-commerce business then you need an e-commerce solution that gives you the best performance levels at an affordable cost. It’s important that you do not just jump for what seems like the cheapest option as this does not always give you what you need as a business. You need to look at the options available to you and make an informed decision. We are going to take a look at the different out of the box…Continue Reading→

10 Online Sources of Cool Web Design Education

With the introduction of internet, several professions related to the development of websites opened up. One of the more popular professions for people out there among these is web designing. Web designing does not require a certified degree of education like many other professions, rather it just requires the person to be skilled in this specific field, even if they have learned from an online source. Several people wish to learn web designing in order to build their own websites,…Continue Reading→

5 Web Strategies to Captivate Your Audience

Let’s face it. Not all industries are exciting. The glamour of being a fresh, young, app-based startup out of Silicon Valley doesn’t quite carry the same level of intrigue as a plumbing company in rural Wyoming. Yet, both companies need (and if they’re good companies, they deserve) to have a steady influx of interested consumers. Does this mean that naturally “interesting” businesses are inherently more valuable than inherently less interesting ones, or that uninteresting ones have no hope of intriguing…Continue Reading→

4 Tips to Market Your Food or Nutrition Blog and Drive Revenue

What was once thought of as a hobby for many people has turned into big business. Food, health and nutrition bloggers were at one time considered hobbyists who simply liked to share their ideas, interests and creations online. Now, it’s become a competitive industry where it’s difficult to distinguish yourself. It’s also become a full-time career for many bloggers, which requires a marketing and revenue-generating strategy like any other business. It isn’t necessarily enough to have great pictures and original…Continue Reading→

The Online Software That Can Help Your Business Develop

Any practical means that can be utilized to help your business develop should be considered, and in today's digital world that means knowing all about the online software that is available. The trouble is that the subject is something of a two-edged sword, as there is plenty on offer that can be useful for a wide range of businesses, but there are also other offerings that may be of low quality or add layers of difficulty instead of helping you…Continue Reading→

No Regrets: Eye-Opening Advice From Seasoned E-Commerce Business Owners

There are many things you wish you could do over. Don’t make your business one of those things. There have been those that have come before you, and many failures you don’t need to repeat. Here’s what you can learn from the past. Get A Good Website This cannot be overstated: get yourself the best platform you can afford. A lot of ecommerce site owners want to save money when they’re first starting out. If you already have a proven…Continue Reading→

Best-selling WordPress Templates and Themes for 2016 – Information for a Designer

Do you know what is it actually that makes a theme worthy of being considered as the best WordPress theme in today’s market? Well, if you wish to understand this and find an answer to this question, you need to be informed about everything which WordPress usually offers in terms of website designing and creation. WordPress can boast of being an extremely configurable CMS (Content Management System) which was actually created to address the concerns of the bloggers. However, gradually…Continue Reading→