How to Create Schemas Breadcrumbs for Your WordPress Site

schema-breadcrumbs-in-wordpressSchema and Search Engine come together to bring a richer web data for your website back in 2011. The transition from displaying a simple site title, site url and site description is now fully evolve into a more complex search result where you can display video and news thumbnail, user reviews and ratings and many more schema supported microdata for search engines. Continue Reading→

Reasons to go to Before Subscribing to an Online Fax Service

Competitive businesses understand the importance of making the right decision the first time. Being sold on a product that under-performs and under-delivers can be destructive to company goals, time management efficiency, and overall labor costs. The time and energy it takes to implement any change on a large scale is uncomfortably high for most executives already. Add retraining and scrapping of entire programs to the plan and you have a disaster on your hands. When it comes to competition, especially…Continue Reading→

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 review

Samsung has never had problems with adding a lot of functions, new stuff and its own apps in order to impress the users, and the Tab S isn’t an exception, except maybe one thing… The price of device is not naive, be warned this is a high end device. If you are planning on purchasing a new tablet, you should consider planning your debt wisely. If you don’t know how to create a debt plan for tablet purchasing consider checking…Continue Reading→

Tesla Tablet H7 Review

Tesla is a tablet brand that has become well accepted on the market for a short period of time, considering it offers affordable models. The thing Tesla stood out with from the beginning was definitely the relation between invested money and the things you get, so buyers were allowed to purchase a pretty decent device for not so high amount of money, especially due to economic crisis still going on in the world. We all love buying new tech, and…Continue Reading→

How To Combine Your Offline and Online Marketing Efforts?

Marketing is a major aspect of any business which means to be successful and there are hundreds of different marketing strategies which can be employed to make the consumers market aware of your product or service. The idea of marketing is not only to create awareness though, it is to make your product sound as appealing as possible without fibbing. Over the last two decades, the internet has played a major role in marketing campaigns as it has opened up…Continue Reading→

The Value of JavaScript for Android in Web Development

When it comes to using Java programming language for Android, you should know that JavaScript is quite different compared to other programming languages available in the software field. However, potential web developers always prefer to take challenges for using different language program. Therefore, in order to meet the demands, a new improved set of web developers or skilled programmers emerged who possess enough knowledge about the Java development kit. Moreover, the cross platform abilities of the language have created a…Continue Reading→

SEO and Making Money on the Web

One of the best ways to getting recognized online is to use SEO. It’s simple – use SEO to increase your web presence, gather more traffic and drive in conversions. However, with Google constantly changing its algorithm, it can be quite daunting to know what’s what today. What’s Google up to? Let’s talk about the SEO updates – Google loves to tinker with its algorithm and Google Penguin and Google Pigeon are two new updates most SEO goers will know…Continue Reading→

The Various Benefits of Different Hosting Packages

Getting on the Internet is easier than it has ever been thanks to the technology provided by those that can code 1-click installs and scripts that make creating a website as simple as moving pieces of the website around until they are where you want them. Web hosting service offer more free features with a subscription compared to many years ago. That is also due to the technology advancements made with programming and developers from all over the world. If…Continue Reading→

Cashing in on the Potential of Business Cards

Business cards are an important area for any company, whether it is a start-up or an established brand. Despite most people recognizing this however, many often overlook the potential of business cards, and fail to cash in on its strengths. First Impressions Count Very often, your business card will be the first thing that a potential client or customer sees from your company – and as such could influence their decision regarding whether or not they want to proceed any…Continue Reading→

Easy Twitter Feeds with JavaScript

twitter-js-solution Last year i’ve posted an articles on how to use new Twitter API 1.1. Although the tutorial seem easy and helpful but the implementation of the Twitter feeds involve a lot of work including the authentication of Twitter developer application for permission to use consumer and access token. Without this, you cannot fetch the Twitter feeds from your Twitter timeline. And the step to complete this is not easy for beginners. Continue Reading→