Common Sense Lessons You Need To learn About SEO

There are basically hundreds of search engine optimization articles that are written every single day. People tell you many things but what many do not understand is that SEO is basically based on common sense. If you take such an approach, you will notice that it is not as difficult as you may first think. Visitors Come First One of the biggest mistakes you could make when doing SEO for a website is to forget about the visitors. So many…Continue Reading→

Choose a Better Hosting Plan for Your eCommerce Site

Online presence is very vital to the success of your online business these days. It is your visiting card, and is also a place in which most visitors will get their first impressions of what you offer. To create such a presence, you need an Ecommerce site. The first thing to create an eCommerce site is to find a building tool. At present, there are numerous free options on the market, so you need to choose one that is well…Continue Reading→

How To Arrange Content On Your Site For Increased Click-Thru Rates

It is very important that you arrange all the content that is offered on your site in a way that is effective from a conversion point of view. This practically means that you need to be sure that you do all that is necessary so that click-thru rates are as high as possible. Contrary to what you may be tempted to believe at the moment, this is something that many webmasters do not know how to do. While there are…Continue Reading→

All in One SEO Guideline – Optimization for Homepage, Keywords, Titles, Social and Index Settings

Webmasters always regard search engine optimization as a big concern during website development; thus cast for the effective ways to rank on the top of search results page. In addition to referring some SEO strategies like what have been listed at this page, the use of plugin is a great method. And now, multiple WordPress SEO plugins are born to cater for people's cares and worries, among which All in One SEO Pack is the most user-friendly one. Here, we…Continue Reading→

Free Christmas WordPress Plugins for Your Business

It’s that time of the year again when the bells start to ring, the Christmas decorations start to go up and out comes the mince pies, mulled wine and the sounds of festive carols and cheer. To help your business get into the Christmas spirit here are some free Christmas WordPress plugin ideas which you can download and add to your website or blog. Merry Christmas audio Everyone likes a good old sing along and Christmas wouldn’t be the same…Continue Reading→

What’s the Best Place to Host your WordPress Site?

Choosing the right hosting for your website can be overwhelming at the best of times. Factor in something like WordPress and you could have yourself a compatibility nightmare. But fear not! I'm here to tell you who the best companies are and what they can provide when working with WordPress. Although the majority of companies are able to host WordPress sites to a basic level and provide you with minimum requirements, you and your business deserve better than that. Here…Continue Reading→

Quality, Quantity, and Content – Making a Good Blog Great

You’ve seen them - the content-mill blog with a hundred posts a month, none of them good, selling posts to advertisers and doing nothing else for the world. Or the blog with 6 posts, from 2011, and nothing since. As bloggers, we have a number of goals. We want to deliver a message, develop a following, and make money. When any one of these goals is neglected, it jeopardizes the whole enterprise. The only way to make blogging worth it…Continue Reading→

Discovering Your Brand Image and Employing Ghost Marketing – Learning The Benefits

We all know that WordPress is a workhorse. Like lots of other people, we also love it and many of us have used it to build everything from ecommerce shops to simple microsites. But are you too deeply acclimatized with the WordPress environment. For a newcomer, the way in which WordPress has metastasized into “the operating system of the web” can obscure the essential function as a publishing platform. For the uninitiated, there can be lot of hurdles when it…Continue Reading→

How to Optimize Your Website According to Newly Updated Google Panda?

The common aspiration of all webmasters in the world is to rank on the top of the search engines, like Google. Thus, they have done all to this end that may make the site not reader friendly. Since the new release of Google Panda, people can no longer do it like before to boost website traffic. Maybe now, some readers take a tumble why their sites get a terrible loss of traffic since September 2014, the day that Google Panda…Continue Reading→

Update These Design Elements for Your Next Cyber Monday

Think about your past Cyber Mondays. Were they a happy event or were they another day of elusive traffic and high bounce rates? There are times when all it takes is for a few simple design changes to tip the scales in your favor. With the big shopping day coming up soon, here's a short design check-list: Make sure you're designed for mobile In a report from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, online sales for last year's Thanksgiving day surged 19.7…Continue Reading→