4 Questions Every Publisher Needs to Ask When Going Mobile

Mobile ads have been a hot trend in 2013 and even in 2014, but that is not the case in 2015. Today, mobile is far more than just a hot topic — it is an absolute necessity to every site monetization strategy. The rapid growth of traffic from smartphones and tablets provides new opportunities for publishers, however it also creates new challenges. Choosing between various types of mobile sites and apps may prove to be confusing and daunting if you…Continue Reading→

Why You Should Be Focusing On Responsive Websites in 2015

Only 2 weeks into Google’s new mobile algorithm, business owners who do not possess a responsive theme are feeling the pinch. The mobile-oriented algorithm change, which was announced months ago as an “on-off” switch by Google spokespeople, has played havoc with the traditional ranking methods of small business owners and corporate business leaders alike. Around the world, businesses are reporting fluctuating SERP rankings as their websites react to Google’s new ranking structure. A quick look into the root cause of…Continue Reading→

How To Perform a Quick Content Audit That Demonstrates ROI

The trouble with digital content is that its purpose and its effect can be annoyingly intangible. Any content marketer worth their salt should be implementing strategies with clear, measurable goals, but ultimately, demonstrating the return on investment generated by content can be challenging - especially when its your boss asking to see hard evidence, stat! Picture this: It's going on 4PM, you're at work, you're just tying up some loose ends with the web developer and thinking idly about what…Continue Reading→

7 Ways To Get Social Media Users To Interact With Your Site

attract-social-media-visitors Are you looking to bump up traffic to your site? Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Before you know it, your Google Analytics account will be out of control. Here are some simple ways that you can start making your mark across social media, and drive traffic to your online business. Continue Reading→

Should I Register Multiple Domain Name Extensions?

The process of creating a domain name that perfectly introduces your business to potential customers in just a few characters can be difficult, but the fact is that the domain name itself is only the beginning. The next part in establishing a recognizable Internet presence for your business is to choose a domain name extension for the full address of your site, and although the most commonly known option is “.com”, there are a range of new extensions that can…Continue Reading→

How to Detect Mobile or Tablet Condition in WordPress

detect mobile and tablet condition Mobile friendliness has becoming a must need condition for building a website nowadays. With the Google’s Mobilegeddon updates on mobile search algorithm effective starting on 21 April 2015, many webmaster and web developer starting to feel the pressure on updating their websites or client’s website so it won’t effect how well their sites rank in Google search engine. Continue Reading→

How to Design Online Portfolios Properly

If you are thinking about designing an online portfolio, you need to learn how to do it properly. This means that you have to have a basic understanding of the various design elements, what colors work, what sort of content should be included and what layout style you should use. In normal cases, designers and artists worry and obsess about these elements. Nowadays, however, as we live in a world that is increasingly digital and virtual, anybody who wants to…Continue Reading→

The Importance of SEO to Online Business Owners

Many owners of new online businesses are looking for ways to improve their search engine optimization or SEO. Online business owners who continually work to improve SEO are able to entice more and more shoppers to check out their site. They are getting the word out about their business and increasing the opportunity to make sales. Take a look at some other reasons why SEO is so important to an online business. Making a Business Visible to Shoppers Online business…Continue Reading→

A Comprehensive Look at the Mobile App Development

Have you ever heard of Intellectsoft mobile app Development Company? Apparently, it's a full-service mobile application and software company, with a very expansive set of competencies to meet everyone's enterprise needs. They have helped a number of enterprise organizations transform their entire business processes by use of the mobile technology. Since the year 2007, Intellectsoft has absolutely been a world leader in the entire mobile space and has delivered over 250 custom mobile solutions. The firm works across all the…Continue Reading→