Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

optimizing-your-website-for-mobileWith more and more users browsing the web from mobile devices, it is absolutely essential that business owners make their sites more mobile friendly. If your website can only be accessed from a computer, you’re alienating a huge amount of people – as much as 25% of web traffic, according to some estimates. This number will only keep growing as smart phones spread and grow in popularity. Here’s what you can do to optimize your website for mobile use. Continue Reading→

Maximizing Efficiency on Small-Site Development

small-site-web-developmentWhether crafting a new site for a friend or family member or during the courting stages of attempting to land a new client, all web designers have to create small or micro sites from time to time. The real problem with these sites -especially in the case of building them for close relations- is that the amount paid (if any) is generally not even close to being adequate compensation. Continue Reading→

Essential Gadgets for Web Designers

web-designer-workplace-desktopA career in web design demands that you are continually operating in creative mode and maintain the ability to switch gears frequently to accommodate your client’s needs. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure that you keep those creative juices flowing and avoid burnout or creativity block. Your workspace is one of the most important factors in enabling you to do your best work, so it is essential to optimize your office. Here is a list of things you may want to include in your space to get the most out of your workday, and keep your clients more than satisfied. Continue Reading→

Is Cheap Web Hosting Any Good?

Web hosting is a service that is vital to any business that has a presence online. Pulling in new visitors who could later turn into loyal customers, serving up a weekly newsletter that goes out to subscribers and being their online calling card all play an important role. However a web site is used by a business, it is critical that the web hosting behind it is effective and reliable. When it comes to pricing, is cheap web hosting any…Continue Reading→

Free WordPress Themes that you might not seen before

unseen-free-wp-themes Free WordPress Themes are available everywhere, you can download free WordPress theme for your website from WordPress’s own theme directory or download free wp themes that offered by Premium theme club such as elegantthemes, Woothemes or WPexplorer. These are among the trusted themes download site that are favoured by many bloggers. Continue Reading→

Plagiarism from Journalistic Realm to the Academic Sphere: How to Prevent the Growing ‘Epidemic’?

Plagiarism-Journalistic-AcademicWhen Jayson Blair, a former NY Times columnist, was contacted by National Editor of the newspaper, little did he know that his myriad acts of plagiarism and fabrication were soon to be unearthed in due course and the newspaper was poised to publish a special story on him, describing the incident as a new low in the publication’s history. As a consequence, the managing editor of NY Times who worked in supervisory capacity for Jayson and his colleagues was dismissed Continue Reading→

Enhancing and Honing Your Excel Skills

learning-microsoft-excelOnce you realize that your old primitive methods to maintain the data and do the calculations. Since the technology has evolved immensely, and inculcating management skills into your work is highly appreciated by one and all. Increasing productivity in your work is what matter at the end of the day. Once the implementation of Excel in your work has started, it will fetch you extra appreciation for the work done so systematically and in an organized way. Continue Reading→

Why Infographics Work & Why You Can’t Resist Them

what-is-an-infographicIf you use the Internet, then you have been influenced by an infographic and you probably don’t even realize it. At some point, you saw a colorful image with some researched facts on it and that image changed your opinion about something, or it educated you about a topic that you were unfamiliar with. The funny thing is that you didn’t go onto the Internet to be informed, but that is what happened. That is the power of an infographic. Continue Reading→

Comparative Overview: Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting?

comparative-overview-dedicated-shared-hostingWhen it comes to picking the right hosting service the site owners are usually baffled by the various hosting options. The most common question here is which one to choose between shared and dedicated hosting. If you too are in such similar position, follow the article below highlighting on a comparative overview on dedicated vs shared hosting. Continue Reading→

What Makes a Good Web Host?

what-makes-a-good-web-hostingWhen it comes to selecting a Web host service provider for your site, you have no shortage of options, to say the least. But not all Web hosts are created equal. Beyond having their own service plans and price points, some providers are simply not of the same caliber as others. But what makes them different – and above all else, exactly what makes a Web host a “good” Web host? Continue Reading→