Why Businesses Without A Responsive Website Are Falling Behind!

When you have been looking for information on the internet, it is highly likely you have been confronted with websites which are impossible to navigate or difficult to use on a phone or tablet. These are non-responsive websites, the ones where you have to zoom a lot to be able to clearly read the text, select menu options or use any functionality on the site. A responsive website is a site which automatically adjusts the way it appears to users,…Continue Reading→

Build Your Audience: 5 Proven Website Marketing Tactics

You’ve come a long way since you hatched the idea to start your website. What once began as a simple idea manifested into a powerful site complete with unique graphics, edgy content, and hours upon hours of meticulous programming. Are you getting a lot of visitors to your site though? The time, effort, and caffeine you put into your website seem pointless if nobody is visiting the site to admire your work. Unfortunately, the web world is oversaturated with low-quality…Continue Reading→

Why You Should Use Press Release As Part Of Your SEO?

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to dominate Google in the light of the new algorithm changes. There is nothing wrong with this if you have already done everything possible to get your site ranking. Unfortunately, many people miss out on one vital part of SEO, which is press releases. It is something you can’t afford to ignore as you prepare your digital marketing strategy for 2015. Press releases are powerful; when you…Continue Reading→

Designing and Protecting Your WordPress Site is Easier Than You Think

If you’re thinking of setting up a website or blog to build your online presence and need a reliable platform that makes it easy to setup, own, and publish your own content, you really don't need to look any farther than WordPress. While it’s not the only Content Management System (CMS) online, at least 22% of the Internet believes that it’s the best one. Should You Own Your Own Online Real Estate? While you may be thinking of using an…Continue Reading→

Top 5 Free Online Tools to Create Infographics

Content is king, this concept is already well known in content marketing strategy. In the eye of the search engine like Google search, unique and well research content will rank higher in Google search results. According to SearchEngineWatch research, first position in search engine results will have 30% to 40% click-through rate (CTR). But what does this mean? for example, if the keyword for "best web tutorial" were searched globally around 10,000 daily, then you will (maybe) get 30% traffic…Continue Reading→

Difficult to Succeed Online without Professional SEO Help

To succeed in your quest to run a business online, you do it by strategy as opposed to chance. These are not the days when you only needed to have a decent website and it would automatically generate sales for you. Search engine rules change, and so is the need to fine-tune your site in regards to those changes. Until you invest in SEO, chances are that millions of content on the web will swallow your site and its content,…Continue Reading→

What Makes The Best Choice of Free Web Hosting Service?

The web hosting industry is very deep so a person who is trying to find the best free web hosting companies on the market will have to dig deep. Here is the list that shows the important requirements in free web hosting service especially if you have a WordPress blog. Includes Items that have been taken into consideration include: Free domain Web space 24/7 Customer Support 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Rating To make it easy for companies or bloggers…Continue Reading→

Key eCommerce Trends for 2015

Like everything else on the internet, eCommerce trends are always changing. The last few years have seen quite a few important shifts in the way business is conducted online and 2015 promises to hold even more changes if you are an established eCommerce marketer or looking to get started online, let’s look at some of the most important eCommerce trends that we are likely to see in the coming year. Fast Delivery If you have been keeping up with the…Continue Reading→

The Rise of Technology in Shopping

The surge in advancement in technology rapids up the human evolution in the past couple of decades. The developed countries and underdeveloped countries are distinguished by the penetration of technology. Every countries are started implementing technology in all fields which makes it as undeniable development factor, at the same time as a risk factor with no exact replacements when needed. It is clearly visible that technology is dominating the world especially the smartphones, it is hard to find a teenager…Continue Reading→

A Short Brief On Video Downloader Software

Have you just come across a heartwarming video on YouTube or Facebook and fallen on a loop? When you are into a loop it’s pretty natural for you to listen to it again and again. Now, it’s such a botheration to open up your Facebook account or search on YouTube again and again. Is there any way that will directly take you to the great video immediately, the moment you wish to. Well, the good news is that today you…Continue Reading→