Extra Step to Make Sure Your WordPress Theme is Child Theme Ready

Many Web Developer had been using Child Theme from an existing WordPress Framework to save time and avoid extra ‘grunt’ work from developing a new WordPress Theme for their clients or personal use. There are tons of Free WordPress Framework available on the internet. Here are some of the popular and free to use one: Continue Reading→

Easier PHP Functions Code Insertion with WordPress Functionality Plugin

wp-functionality-plugin There are tons of simple WordPress PHP functions snippet code shared by WordPress Community but sometime in order to use the code snippet, you’ll need to manual edit or insert the code into your theme functions.php. In some cases, users will have limited access to your FTP client to proceed with the code insertion. This is where WordPress Functionality Plugin comes in handy. Continue Reading→

Prevent Brute Force Login Causing Server High Load with Simple Captcha Plugin

prevent-brute-force-login Couple of night ago, one of my developed site was facing the infamous Brute Force attack. The attack cause a high spike in server load and the tier-1 dedicated server that i’m hosting the site are down for couple of days. This is really bad for the site revenues and traffic. Asking the dedicated hosting support staff to do some checking because i cannot login to the hosting control panel since its lockdown from server high load spike. To my suprise, the hosting support staff confirmed that my site were facing a brute force login attack. Over 75,000 login attempt were recorded in server log and all activity had the same IP pattern. Continue Reading→

How to use wp_enqueue_script() in WordPress Theme Footer

js-wp-footer When running a Yslow test on your WordPress site, you’ll notice one of the performance score about putting your Javascript at bottom. Why should javascript be put in footer you might ask? According to yahoo developer, it is one of best practice rule for speeding up your website. Continue Reading→

How to Remove Post Author Website Url Link in Comments

Today i am doing some checking and index updates in Google Webmaster Tools, to my surprise, there’s tons of links coming from my own site homepage url (dezzain.com) in one of my most active post – Mesocolumn WP Theme. Doing some checking and research and found out that all the links came from my own comments and reply to support thread. It is the Author Comment Website URL. Continue Reading→

Best Example of Magazine Style WordPress Themes

Last month, I’ve written an article about website using custom WordPress themes that are really stand out and unique. One of the thing i love about them are the use of space and optimize of content presentation. It is entirely different from the ‘plain simple’ designs which we often see nowadays in website design. Continue Reading→

Submit Your Feeds to High Pagerank RSS Directory

When Google starting to closed down the Google Readers and FeedBurner API in middle of 2012, we all expecting the worst scenario that the FeedBurner might be closing down. Before the end of year 2012, FeedBurner Twitter, Blogs and API had been abandoned and stopped working. The FeedBurner.JP domain was abandoned / lost by Google at the end of July 2012 without warning or notice. Podcasters and bloggers whose feeds were served at feeds.feedburner.jp have lost their audiences for good. Continue Reading→

Easy Website and Product Screenshots Mockup with PlaceIt

easy-screenshot-placeit When presenting a website or products mockup to a potential clients, sometime the clients wanted to see how the website or products looks in realistic environments. They want to see how their website or products will looks in desktop and mobile device such as ipad and iphone. Continue Reading→

Best Examples of Custom Websites Using WordPress

Who said you have to stick with 2 columns or 3 columns WordPress Themes? We all love Twenty Twelve Theme but i believe WordPress Themes can be more than just using a Magazine Grid or Traditional 2 and 3 Columns Blog. With the recent revolution in WordPress themes designs, we can see many websites using WordPress as directory, WordPress as photo blog, WordPress as marketing platform and many more. Continue Reading→

DW Twitter – New WordPress Plugin for Twitter API 1.1

twitter-wordpress-plugin Some of you might already know Twitter retired their API v1.0 recently in June 2013 and now new Twitter REST API v1.1 had replaced the previous API. The new API v1.1 include improve rate limit, Json support only, streaming API changes and Authentication required for all API request. Due to this changes, many Twitter application and WordPress plugins had stop working. Developers are now trying to adapt the changes and implement the new API into their Twitter application or plugins. Last week i covered a simple Twitter API v1.1 tutorial for WordPress, the tutorial teach you how to add the new Twitter API v1.1 in WordPress Theme and create a multiple widgets for it. If you’re familiar with php and html, the tutorial will definitely benefit you but what if you prefer a Twitter WordPress Plugin instead? One that support the latest API v1.1 changes? Continue Reading→