DW Twitter – New WordPress Plugin for Twitter API 1.1

twitter-wordpress-plugin Some of you might already know Twitter retired their API v1.0 recently in June 2013 and now new Twitter REST API v1.1 had replaced the previous API. The new API v1.1 include improve rate limit, Json support only, streaming API changes and Authentication required for all API request. Due to this changes, many Twitter application and WordPress plugins had stop working. Developers are now trying to adapt the changes and implement the new API into their Twitter application or plugins. Last week i covered a simple Twitter API v1.1 tutorial for WordPress, the tutorial teach you how to add the new Twitter API v1.1 in WordPress Theme and create a multiple widgets for it. If you’re familiar with php and html, the tutorial will definitely benefit you but what if you prefer a Twitter WordPress Plugin instead? One that support the latest API v1.1 changes? Continue Reading→

Test Your Mobile Responsive Website with Responsinator

Responsinator is a testing tool for your mobile responsive website. The site helps website makers quickly get an indication of how their responsive site will look on the most popular devices such as ipad, iphone or any android phones. According to global survey in 2010, 70% of web internet users around the world will be using portable devices to browse the internet, business and daily life usage in 2015. Continue Reading→

Best Sites to Find WordPress Tutorials, News and Resources

best-of-wordpress WordPress is one of the popular blogging tools for writer/blogger community. If you’re as passionate as i am with using WordPress, you might also like me always search for more tutorials, resources and news related to WordPress. There are lots of people in WordPress community that willing to share their knowledge on tweaking and hacking WordPress core, themes or plugins. Personally i myself love to share some tutorial on WordPress if i find it useful enough to share to the WordPress community 🙂 However there are GAZILLION “well not that much” sites that offer news, tutorial and resources on WordPress, narrowing and bookmarked them down seem tiring. Reading and exploring them all seem impossible unless you’re on the computer 24 hours a day which i doubt it. Continue Reading→

How to use New Twitter API 1.1 to get User Timeline and Followers Count

new-twitter-timeline-and-count Starting from 11th June 2013, Twitter will be retiring their API V1.0 and it will be fully replaced with the new API V1.1. The new Twitter API will be needing an Authenticated Privilege before they can work correctly. Twitter developer team said this can prevent excessive abusive usage of their API. However this move are not getting a good response by social developers around the community. Continue Reading→

How to Start a Website using WordPress

how-to-start-website WordPress had been around for more than 10 years now, if you’re still didn’t know anything about WordPress then you should take the tour here for more info. WordPress is a web content management system software or blogging tools you can use to create and start a beautiful website or blog. It had been use by more than 100 millions users worldwide. More than 40% Company 500 now starting to make the transition from using a customize content management system to a more simpler and easy manage-able blogging platform such as WordPress. Here i am going to teach you how to start a website using WordPress. Please be mind this tutorial is for beginner users with at least some knowledge in website hosting and ftp usage. Continue Reading→

How to Check if Custom Image Size Exists in WordPress

When working on a custom WP Theme last night, I’m looking into how to check if custom image size exists in WordPress posts or pages. Since WordPress version 2.9, the core introduce and add support for ‘auto image size’ for each WordPress posts. Without relying on third party thumbnail re-sizer such as Timthumb, user now can upload images into the write post panel and the WordPress core will auto create your available add_image_size() set image size. learn more about add_image_size() here. check-if-custom-image-size-exist Continue Reading→

What is your SEO Strategy after Penguin and Panda Updates?

seo-after-panda-penguin Is SEO Dead? What is your strategy after Google’s Panda Algorithm and Penguin updates? Many question had been asked by webmaster whom feel the effect of the recent updates impact on their site traffic or SERP. Personally I’ve been researching and visiting some well known SEO Webmaster Forums and the answers are vain, “some say do that, some other say don’t do that”. Search Engine Optimize method are varies from small business to large scale business to a small website such as myself. Here i would like to share some thought and strategy on my new SEO Strategy after penguin and panda updates. 1. No More ‘FREE’ keyword in title tag and anchor text Seems like some sites were ‘tanked’ for the ‘Free’ keyword in their title tag and anchor text. Some SEO observer i’ve consulted said that Google new algorithm may or may not Continue Reading→

Mesocolumn – Responsive Free WordPress Theme for Community

Mesocolumn is a blog, magazine, community and eCommerce free WordPress theme. You can choose a blog style layout or featured category magazine grid layout for homepage. The Theme is built with semantic HTML5 and CSS3 for modern browser. With the responsive layout, it will look good in any mobile device such as android phone, iphone or ipad. On top of that, the theme also support popular community WordPress plugin, BuddyPress and popular ecommerce WordPress plugin, WooCommerce. Need to setup forums? No worry, the theme also support WordPress Forums plugin, BBPress. Read also: Alternate Source of Free Themes for WordPress mesocolumn free wordpress theme Continue Reading→

How to Choose a WordPress Themes for Multisite

There are tons of WordPress Themes out there but how do you choose a WordPress Themes that work best for your WordPress Multisite. With hundreds or maybe thousands of users in your network enable WordPress site, you probably want to give the best user experience for your current and new users. Themes is one of main attraction for users, they will love if a network WordPress sites had a theme that they can customize layout, colors, fonts and styles. Continue Reading→

Google Panda Algorithm and Adsense Code Modifying Policy Update

google-panda-algorithm-push Google recently updated their Google Panda Algorithm and Adsense Code Modifying Policy. Webmaster are now wait and see if the new Panda Algorithm will take a toll on their sites. Adsense Publisher also starting to implement the new allowed modified adsense code into their developed sites. With the Google Panda algorithm updates out of the shelf on 22nd this month, many webmaster may or may not feel the effect of the transitions. Traffic from search engine are essential for anyone running a money making blog or informative based blog. Continue Reading→