How Expensive is Web Hosting?

how-expensive-is-web-hostingHaving a website has become a necessity for businesses, simply because many people will research on services or products they want to buy prior to making a purchase. Therefore, if you do not have a means of providing this information, you might not make sufficient sales. However, many business owners do not have the correct details on the cost of hosting a website, and surprisingly, it could end up a lot cheaper than you think. Continue Reading→

The Best Mac Setup for Web Designers

the-best-mac-setup-for-web-designersIf you are a web designer that uses Mac OS X to complete your work, you are part of a growing network of professionals that are choosing OS X more and more each day. OS X is very versatile in that it offers its users a wide range of software for designing, managing, developing and publishing websites. Of course, this smorgasbord of software doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know anything about it or which apps are good for what projects. Continue Reading→

Listen Up, Lawyers: Attractive Website Design is The Way to Go!

website-design-lawyerThe legal practice is one that takes into consideration so many years of history and current happenings into consideration that it is often believed by those outside of the field to be bland and boring. Websites of lawyers are known to be dull and not very spell binding. However, with the increase in competition and modernisation of the legal field this is changing. Continue Reading→

5 Frustrating Misconceptions That Your Clients Have about SEO

5-frustrating-misconceptions-that-your-clients-have-about-seoWith the way the Internet has been going for the past few years, it is highly likely that the search engine is perhaps the most misunderstood service the Internet has to offer. It is almost completely littered with misattribution as well as misunderstanding, Continue Reading→

Google Drop Profile Photo from Authorship in Search Results

google-drop-authorship-profile-photo Ok, now we all know Google hate our faces and decided to remove it completely from Google Search Results 🙂 no pun intended. Big news coming from Google+ last night that announced Google will drops profile photos, Google+ circle count from authorship in search results. According to Google’s John Mueller, the less clutter (without profile photos) will not effect the click-through behaviour. Well agree to disagree, having an authentic authorship profile photo in search results can distinct an authors’s calibre and trustfulness when users search for information in Google search results. Click-through behaviour definitely will be effected by this move. Continue Reading→

Faster Website Loading with Advanced JPEG Compression

increase-page-speed-with-advanced-jpeg-compressor There is a saying where ‘Speed matters most’, this phrase doesn’t only apply for race car or people. It is also can be use to dignify how website development should be. I’m not talking about how fast a web development can be done, I’m referring to “How Fast Website Load”. It will take literally 2-3 seconds before visitors decided to stay on your website or leave upon arriving. Continue Reading→

CrocoBlock: The Fastest Growing WordPress Theme Club

crocoblock-premium-wordpress-themes-club CrocoBlock is a new, but very promising WordPress Theme Club with over 70 WordPress themes. Moreover, two new themes are released every week, and who knows, perhaps some of these themes are just what you need for yourself or your client’s websites. The good thing is that CrocoBlock is not only limited to pure WordPress Themes, but has a variety of JigoShop Themes and WooCommerce Templates, meaning the site has something to offer to people who use WordPress as a platform for their websites, blogs and portfolio sites, as well as those who use WordPress to power their eCommerce sites. Continue Reading→

The Drastic Way Internet Has Changed The Marketing World Forever

internet-social-media-changes-marketing-worldOne big change the marketing world has gone through if not anything is, the way it functions. On a larger level, it has gone to expanding its wings to gain customers from the land based market, to the modern tech savvy customers online. The way the marketing world has shifted gears and aimed to reach the virtual customer has given huge work to the think tanks involved, in making a business be seen, have a good image and remain a brand. Every sector has got into it, helping the business owners find their footing online like the printing, the advertising and the designing sector. Continue Reading→