Blog Design – Optimize Full Featured Webmaster Blog

Original screenshot from psd layered New Design that aimed for webmaster and blogger that strive to want some full packed theme with theme cause this theme is full optimize with plugins and necessary social tools to bring a dead blog to life :) The design really take some time to fully covered the plugin integration and want to make sure the theme is ready upload for buyer so he/she had nothing to worry about. :grin: Theme Features And Descriptions 3…Continue Reading→

Blog Design – Wood Journal Rusty Blog

Original screenshot from psd layered Another new design that combine a smooth personal feel and wood layered and rusty edge to make it look like an adventurist or a journalist blog. The design are well made 3 column theme with content area about 500+ pixel width. The Unique Theme Features - double tab box for more optimize space - widgetize left and right sidebar - flickr ready - footer are stretchable without breaking the wood footer background - paper weight…Continue Reading→

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

high quality chinese new year images from flickr If you seeing this post, that mean the stamp post already kicking in to celerate the 2008 Chinese New Year Festival. As you well known, when this festival is around the corner, family and relatives will gather around and visited places to place and get some "angpau" or some called money in the bag..oh yeah :) The festive this year is going to be same ol same ol, food drinks and occasionally…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free WordPress Theme – Timeline Digest

Another month goes by and i finally got a chance to round up the prolong theme i wanted to release few weeks ago. The last free theme release from dezzain studio are nobusx2 in way back end of 2007 and here i present a new theme that finally seen the light from dark corner of the site :) Here Are The Theme Features/Functional 3 column theme with separate top sidebar block and bottom sidebar with split 2 widget sidebars Theme…Continue Reading→

Is Grunge Style Going To Be Next Trend?

Recently i read a very interesting article on Smashing Magazine about the grunge trend that getting more adapt by web designer. The revolution of web trend is slowly showed from a year to another. I still rememeber when WEB20 style always come to discussion when talking about web or blog design. Although the WEB20 style are just a geek word of simple and modern and glossy terms of web design style. nethertheless it is still a design trend way back…Continue Reading→

RevolutionArt – revolutionary magazine against artistic fascism

original image from revolutionart When i looking for a site that involve with illustrator design in pop art, culture artistics art, wet media style. I stumble across RevolutionArt, a site that serve as a inspirational source to artists, models, advertisers, photographers, designers and communicators in general who wish to explore new alternatives of expression through graphical samples of design, photo, ads, and general arts. More About RevolutionArt Objective REVOLUTIONART is an international magazine edited in pdf format as a collective…Continue Reading→

New Free Theme Coming Soon – Timeline Digest

screenshot from original psd layered A free theme will be coming in few days. Its been months now since my last free theme release. With the recent completion of some work, i took some time during it to work on this can say 30 minutes in client work and 10 minutes in this work..just to catch up some time :) Ok Give Some Brief About The Theme Timeline digest is a 3 column theme. The total body width are…Continue Reading→

Blog Design – Marketing Affliance Blog

screenshot from original psd layered One of my latest design inspired from marketing type blog. What i like about this type of blog layout was a 3 column header block that really stand out if you put it to good used. What included in the content area? An enough spacing to left content about 15-20px left-padding will make the read content even better. a mini social network like digg it, stumble it were also a side content social that very…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Studio 2008 Redesign

Welcome to Dezzain new opening and redesign, hope you guys enjoy the new year and holidays. The site had been alive for 1 year now so i just to say hai and thank you for all the comments and theme sponsors from all sponsors till now. Once again also thanks and appreciated all the users that using some of dezzain themes for their blog. By the start of 2008, i will be developed the site and will posting frequetly so…Continue Reading→

How To Design A Simple Radial Elements

today we going to design a simple yet stylish radial element for your header site or sidebar elements. First thing first, what is radial elements? radial is a random line stripe that give an advantage attention for your visitors and it is also been pratice by web designer to add some spice to their site to give more in view to a more important intro text in their site. First Step - Make A Header Sample create a canvas for…Continue Reading→