Big Typography Headline – Ultimate Headline Solution

ok first who didn't love a clear and bold headline. Headline is one of most important element in your web design and optimize a headline and content difference may seems easy to some but it is usually hard to master and blend with design and typograhy styling. Those Who Define Great Usage Of Headline Typography simpnosis: i love typography is one of most define typography headline website. In their case, the site originally focused on typography element and designs in…Continue Reading→

Radial Elements – Grabbing Your Visitors Attention

Radial elements is one of popular trend in web design in the end of 2007. Some of you may asked: What is Radial Elements? Radial is a attention stripe where its draw a more consistent attention from visitors. It will focusing in a more appealing area where radial is appear. This is a great way to present a more important intro or headline for your site so when a visitor visit your site, the first thing he/she will watch will…Continue Reading→

Spotbit – Free Magazine Downloads And Publish

screenshot taken from are a magazine downloads and published portal and guess what? they're free! I personally downloads some of the design magazine from artzmania and love the artwork and how they present a unique and talented designer in their designer showcase. Designer from around the world are introduce and also presented with their artworks and designs ranging from illustrators work, photo manipulation, photo regeneric art, illustrator manipulation works, branding and many more. One of my favourite magazine…Continue Reading→

COLOURlovers – Where Colours Are Alive

screenshot taken from If You Haven't Heard About Them Yet Then You Should Cause They Rocks! is one of my most visited site in 2007. I mainly stalked the site and looks for any new palette that are unique and fresh. Not only their pallette choice are unbelieveable :) their blog post/articles about the colours around us just fascinating and very..i mean very very interesting. You often asked yourself why the sky is blue? why the grass is…Continue Reading→

Design Licks – Flash Design Showcase

screenshot taken from When talk about flash designs, who didn't love it :) but for a slower broadband user (56k) it may seems took ages to open a flash based site but it is worth your time. Many flash based design are very interesting and fresh. If you are like me "those who looking for new style and fresh looks in web design" then Designlicks sure a must stop for web designer and web developer. Just because not many…Continue Reading→

Poland Mcdonalds Website Design

"Mcdonalds" are one of the big hotcho, big kahuna of fast food services :) Although 60% of services based website are just plain 1990s but this one sure grab my attention when i visited their site. screenshot taken from Poland based Mcdonalds website are based on flash interface design, the interface kind of catchy with shadow customers and some delivered flash food in the table. I was wondering why there only 2 customers in the flash? The flash interior…Continue Reading→

Best collection of Super Web 2.0 – Web Graphixx & Web Innovation

A must read books for web designer. Another Spotbit amazing released Exclusive and diverse browse this exceptional collection. Get inspire from this wonderful collection from clean - simple website, flash animation web, business, corporate and elegant website, black website, blog, favourite website, until super web innovative. All about Web 2.0 Get you free copy hereContinue Reading→

LifeBeat April 2007

LifeBeat, the lifestyle magazine. Focus on diverse trends of social living and loaded with unique articles covering communications, career, fashion, family, relationship, and gourmet to even interior designs; it is your latest companionship. LifeBeat April 2007 is a free magazine released by Spotbit around last April 2007. Download your free copy and enjoy the reading hereContinue Reading→

CSS Gallery Site You May Not Seen Before

CSS gallery are one of common web development nowadays but when come to higher authority in this field, Css Mania, BestWebGallery, CSS Remix and TheBestDesigns are among top visit and scout gallery but they all had the similiarity in latest design or site showcase, it lost a lil bit of freshness during times but hey who complaining? they showcase some of the great design site and frequestly update the gallery. Screenshot taken from CSS Mania Screenshot taken from bestwebgallery Screenshot…Continue Reading→