An Easier Way To Get Page 1 Rankings By Using A Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

an-easier-way-to-get-page-1-rankings-by-using-a-long-tail-keyword-strategyIf you’ve ever attempted to optimize your website for page 1 rankings on Google, you’ll know that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indeed a difficult art to master with a landscape that is changing so rapidly that what works today may seem to become obsolete in a month from now. Continue Reading→

5 Things You Must Know About A Web Design Australia Company

Web-Design-Ideas If you run an online business in Australia, it is important that you understand that your website is just like a real life store front on the internet. And, like other brick and mortar store fronts, you want your website design to attract your target audience. Continue Reading→

Top 5 Best Free Hosting Sites With NO Ads

Hosting is an important step when you need to start a website to promote your product or business. However if you're tight on budget, i mean like 'no budget at all' :) your ultimate choice would be choosing a no cost free website hosting. There are hundreds of free hosting choices when you search online, how would you choose the best suitable one? Although its a cost-less hosting, there are still couple of factor you need to consider when choosing…Continue Reading→

Where to find cheap and trusted SSL certificate providers

cheap-ssl-certificates Most people know how important having a Secure Sockets Layer certificate is, however with most providers charging an arm and a leg, beginning webmasters with e-commerce sites may not even be able to afford a SSL certificate! Fortunately, there is hope. Despite common providers such as HostGator and GoDaddy charging $70 USD or more for a year’s worth of SSL certificate proof, you can check out some great places below and learn where to find some cheap (and trustworthy) SSL certificate providers! Continue Reading→

Branding Yourself With An Awesome Video Resume

video resume With the advancement of technology and high speed internet nowadays, job seekers are switching from the traditional paper resume letter into the paperless Video Resume or Video CV. Companies and employers are now accepting video resumes, even interviews can also be done through video conferencing or webcams. Anythings are possible now! Continue Reading→

Stock Photos and Vectors at GraphicLeftOvers

graphicleftovers-glstockimages High resolution photos are often used by business owner on their websites, blogs, advertisements, media presentations, etc. Hiring a professional photographer to take those photos can be very expensive and time consuming. That’s why many business owners now prefer to get their ready-made high quality photos from stock photos websites or agencies. Continue Reading→