WordPress 2.5 RC1 Testing Stage

Wordpress 2.5 Release Candidate 1 (WP2.5 RC1) finally out couple of days ago and i also got a chance to give it a local testrun on how the new system (core) will reflect on my current themes and old themes. So far i passed the first stage on the testing specially the custom theme option that usually imprinted in custom themes still survive from the changes from wordpress 2.3.3 to wordpress 2.5 RC1. I do had my doubt early on…Continue Reading→

Blog Design – Clean And Sharp Em Based With Theme Options

original screenshot from psd layered Expo Fender is a clean and sharp theme with controlable fonts and line height in admin theme option backend. The decision to take away some of the design part of the grey in sidebar since i don't want to over contrast the sidebar and loose the viewer scan on the actual content "blog post". The sidebar are packed with fully optimize tabs that can accomodate 5-6 box tab and also a aside features that you…Continue Reading→

Prediction Of WPDesigner Dot Com Total Net Worth

Yesterday the buzz in WordPress community are about small potato decision on selling his branded WPDesigner Dot Com site. Personally i was shocked but not the one that causing a heart attack :lol: this morning that the sp (small potato nickname) are putting his years branded WPdesigner Dot Com for sell in sitepoint. Sp initial set price are about USD65,000 and currently geting his first bid on USD15,000. Settle in he will get more advance bid later in the auction.…Continue Reading→

Site Showcase – Netdisaster.com

The site just got served by God Almighty well..just kidding. Truth is i found another great site that really..i mean really impressive :eek: Can't believe i haven't heard about the site yet its been online since early 2005. The site i was talking about are Netdisaster.com a cool innovative method to destroy your site with all kinds of disaster. Mine was just served by God Almighty minutes ago :lol: and it leave some minions in the headline...joke! joke! Who The…Continue Reading→

Dezzain Free WordPress Theme – Box Tube

Another month gones by and here i present another free wordpress theme for all wordpress tech geek out there..well so to speak, the theme were more focusing on tech, mobile or gadget theme :mrgreen: What should you know about the theme box-tube are a 2 column theme with widgetize sidebar and widgetize 3 column footer. Box Space should enough to accomodate 250px wide ads such as banner or inputing 4-6 125x125px banner are also a breeze. Making in somewhat better…Continue Reading→

Site Showcase – Battle Design

Websnap taken from Battle-design.net Another wondeful site i came across during last weekend. The site navigation are clear and easy to follow and the design are very well strutured for a design showcase or design gallery alike. About Battle Design The Battle Design is one of the main sites of design and technology reference available in the internet. A project that has in it essence the searching for the “new”, being an incentive of concept of the web 2.0, where…Continue Reading→

Blog Design – Corporate Savvy Dark Light WordPress Theme

original screens from psd layered The word "Savvy" will be best to described the theme...the first concept was to make it all dark but just can't live with myself if i didn't put some light to it.. :mrgreen: The unique theme are fully optimize to semantic valid xhtml and css coding. It is also properly code with proper headline tag...mainly for the need of search engine optimize..ok enough of me bragging :grin: here are the theme featured: Theme Features -…Continue Reading→

Gravatar And Mybloglog Avatar Integration

ok..users tend to drawed to using either gravatar or mybloglog avatar to implement an identity to the commentator..what if you want to used or switch from gravatar and mybloglog without any hassle. Here's a simple integration you can input into your comment loop. Using original source from gravatar integration Tip #6: Add Gravatars Without a Plugin from WPDesigner by Milo Implement Method In Comment Loop <?php if(function_exists("MyAvatars")) : ?><?php MyAvatars(); ?><?php else: ?> <?php $pathtotheme = get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?> <!-- this…Continue Reading→

Blog Design – Solid Light Brown Personal Blog

original screenshot from layered psd The design are highly built to meet a personal feel, a food blog or chocolate cake blog niche some might said :) one of the element i like about this design was the light brown aura around it...not sure why..maybe i myself always attracted to dark side..clean and wide content with optimized post styling make it even easy to style your post and images. The initial change from lime white background to grey brown background…Continue Reading→

Letterheadfonts.com – Rare And Unique Fonts Creator

During my search on some rare and unique fonts last month, i found one of the unique fonts creator that specialist in vintage letterhead fonts. Getting a bit tired in focusing on modern font lately, i found this kind of typeface font are trully amazing and unique. Each font had its own unique flavour and style Here Are Couple Of Sample From Letterheadfonts Sample Font - LHF Antique Shop Sample Font - LHF Jumbo Sample Font - LHF Vienna Beside…Continue Reading→