Secure Internet Browsing with Mac? Here’s Why You Still Need a VPN

internet security mac vpn

Apple computers are well known for being secure devices. Built-in security is why many people think that if you are browsing using a Mac or any Apple device, you have an extra layer of safety against the possibility of internet threats. But have you ever thought about how many of your daily activities occur on the internet? You probably share personal information on social media, send business emails, do online banking, and communicate with your friends and family on your…Continue Reading→

How To Grow Your Instagram’s Organic Following

how to grow instagram followers organically

These days, it seems like everyone’s on Instagram. What started as a fun way to share photos with your friends has suddenly become one of the world’s largest social media platforms, second only to Facebook. Because of that, many businesses are now on Instagram, getting likes from customers and buying Instagram followers to get more shares and engagement. Whether you’re thinking of becoming an influencer, or you’re running a business and want to market your brand on Instagram, it’s important…Continue Reading→

What You Need To Know About Marketing Your First Startup

how to market your first startup

We hear all the time about how often startups fail. Maybe it’s because the product wasn’t developed enough, or they ran out of cash. But one reason a lot of startups don’t make the cut is that they didn’t market themselves properly, and thus, didn’t get the customers they needed. As a core component of your company’s success, being able to market yourself is imperative, which is why we’re running through a few helpful tips on how to get your…Continue Reading→

5 VPN Apps that Also Offer Malware Filters

vpn apps with malware filters

When you're surfing the web, you get an extra layer of protection using both VPN and malware filters that keep all your online activities safe from prying eyes. What's even better is using an app that incorporates both features, saving you the time and hassle of using separate applications for both functions. When you take advantage of these features, you'll enjoy a much safer browsing experience all around and have better assurance that your data is not as likely to…Continue Reading→

Killer Tips to Help Your Online Portfolio Shine

online portfolio tips guides

Your portfolio could be the difference in landing that job you’ve always dreamed of, or building your business to ensure it’s a massive success. With that being said, many portfolio website owners choose to overlook the basics and later regret it when they’ve missed out on big time opportunities. If you do have a portfolio and you’re looking for tips on how to improve it for the best chances of converting clients, take a look at some of the below…Continue Reading→

Top Digital Marketing Methods That Provide a Strong ROI

digital marketing tips strong roi

Return on investment (ROI) is one of the key factors marketers must analyze when developing their campaigns. If you're not earning more than you pay for the marketing, it's time to take a different approach. ROI is notoriously difficult to calculate, because you don't always know where a shopper's initial interest sparked from. However, these marketing methods consistently perform well across nearly all industries. Email Marketing Email marketing reportedly has to potential to achieve an outstanding ROI of 4,300 percent…Continue Reading→

5 Pros and Cons of Automating Your Instagram Marketing

pros and cons of instagram automation marketing

When it comes to successfully marketing your business on Instagram, everyone seems to have an opinion. You’ve probably heard multiple things about using automation to get more Instagram followers fast. Some marketers feel very strongly that it’s the antithesis of a productive Instagram campaign. Others say it’s a lifesaver when you’re strapped for time. Who’s right? There’s never a black and white answer when it comes to adopting new Instagram marketing strategies. It’s best to look at the pros and…Continue Reading→

Things You Should Know Before Hiring an SEO Agency

seo agency hiring tips guides

There is definitely no shortage of SEO agencies that you can contact when you want some work done on your website. Unfortunately, most of these agencies are not great and will just take your money without delivering great results. Some can even hurt your website. It does not matter if you run a successful business like Fix It Right Plumbing or you just start promoting a service. At the end of the day, you want to get results. This is…Continue Reading→

4 Subtle yet Significant Trends Impacting Your Ecommerce Site’s Performance

ecommerce trends impact on site

To say that modern ecommerce is competitive would be a massive understatement. The latest wave of merchants taking advantage of platforms like Shopify and Magento, starting full-blown businesses from scratch thanks to today’s powerful “out-of-the-box” storefronts. The problem, though? These platforms in and of themselves aren’t enough to guarantee a successful storefront. In fact, there are a number of trends out there that speak to what merchants should focus on not only when it comes to optimizing their sites for…Continue Reading→

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for your Business Website

why wordpress best platform for business website

WordPress is a popular platform that is estimated to power nearly 30 percent of the websites in existence. While some may think that it is primarily used for blogging, WordPress has considerably evolved from its roots as a blogging platform. More businesses are choosing to use WordPress for their websites, and there a lot of benefits of doing so. If you want to know why WordPress is the best for running business websites, this guide gives you the know-how. Great…Continue Reading→