Marketing to the Mobile Masses: Navigating the Landscape of Local SEO

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For local businesses, being able to market themselves effectively online is key to their success. In recent years, local SEO has completely revolutionized the way businesses reach out to local customers. In the past, SEO was all about generating the maximum amount of traffic to your website. Today, local SEO is about generating quality--which means local--traffic, because that is the traffic that is most likely to translate into new customers. Below we will look at what local SEO is and…Continue Reading→

Branding Gone Wrong: Image Building Blunders That Cause More Bad Than Good

branding gone wrong

The best quality branding takes time and a lot of thought. It’s a little like watering a delicate flower – do too much and it dies, do too little and it never takes off – so you have to get the balance just right. Here are some mistakes to avoid so you can maintain your branding equilibrium and keep your image strong. Skipping the research: This is a common mistake and it always results in disaster. Before you embark on…Continue Reading→

Controlling Website Downtime: Understanding the Complex Causes and Cures

controlling website downtime understanding the complex causes and cures

For most small business owners, maintaining an internet presence is essential to their bottom lines. In fact, many businesses nowadays are run exclusively online. That means that if their website goes down, their profits are going to suffer. Internet users expect websites to load almost immediately and even a minor delay can lead to a loss of revenue. If the website goes down entirely, then the company is going to experience a major hit to its finances. No matter how…Continue Reading→

Top Android Phone Antivirus Apps: 5 to Consider

top android phone antivirus apps 5 to consider

Maybe you’re among the millions of Android users who aren’t running some kind of antivirus / anti-malware app on their smartphones or tablets. If so, you are putting yourself at risk of losing personal information and more to infections caused by corrupted apps, Trojan horses, and more. Read on before installing the nearest antivirus app, though, because not all are created equal. 1. AVG AntiVirus Security If you recognize AVG, it’s probably because this antivirus software has been around the…Continue Reading→

Website SOS: What to Do When Your SEO Rankings Plummet

website sos what to do when your seo rankings plummet

SEO is all about seeing your search engine rankings rise over time as you put in all that hard work. So it can be a real downer if suddenly you start to see your rankings fall—which can sometimes happen overnight. The urge may be to panic, but you need to find out what's going on, and fast. Depending on what the situation is, you may be able to take action to reverse the trend and stop your rankings from falling…Continue Reading→

Internet Insights: Designing Ways to Make Your Website a Lead Generating Machine

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It’s a great thing to have a website for your company. It is the outward face of your business and shows visitors what you’re all about. But it’s really not worth much unless it’s drawing traffic and generating new leads which you can convert to customers. Here are some great ways to make your website more effective in terms of picking up new leads and customers. Use Search Engine Optimization Implementing SEO on your website will make a tremendous difference…Continue Reading→

SEO Factors You Need to Consider When You Design a Web Site

seo factors you need to consider when you design a web site

SEO and web design in the modern online world need to go hand in hand. SEO optimization without good design will hurt the site. The exact opposite is also something you need to take into account. Search engine optimization is all about improving the possibility to rank your site high in results lists and web design is now connected with this because it is necessary so it has to be adapted. Here are some things you should think about, according…Continue Reading→

How to Best Design Your Website to Convert Traffic into Customers

how to best design your website to convert traffic into customers

All website owners strive for a well-designed site that looks great and performs well. A clean layout and a beautiful, sleek theme promotes excellent user experience. Here are some tips on how to best design your business website to successfully convert your visitors: 1. Simple Design Beats Noise Every Time The 90s saw over-the-top, garish web designs that screamed loudly for audience attention. Flash was everywhere and so were animations. Now, a simpler, minimalistic design serves as a better model…Continue Reading→

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is a Must For Your Business

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Articles on social media marketing are a dime-a-dozen these days, but you have to search a little harder to find anything about email marketing. Why is that? Should we not worry about email marketing because it’s not relevant? Absolutely not. Email marketing is the secret ingredient that most companies are missing, and it’s time we fixed that. Join us as we look at 5 compelling reasons why email marketing is an absolute must for your business in 2017 and beyond.…Continue Reading→

6 Website Apps To Track Analytics

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Are you a website developer or entrepreneur who is looking to get a little savvier with cell phone technology? While you’re on the move it’s nice to be able to see how your website is doing whether it’s in the middle of the day, late at night, or whenever you’re unable to have easy access to a computer. There’s been recent advancements in website apps to help you track your analytics on the go, post from your phone, and more.…Continue Reading→