Three Benefits of Using an Open Source E-Commerce Platform

three benefits of using an open source e commerce platform

Brick and mortar stores are become obsolete by the day; nowadays a good percentage of the population does their shopping online. As a wise businessman or woman, you should be thinking of migrating to online platforms if you haven’t done it already. An open source ecommerce platform is a platform that has no limitations when it comes to access of both users and developers. Whether you are starting…Continue Reading→

The Importance of Using a Data Protection App to Protect Your Identity

the importance of using a data protection app to protect your identity

A Data Protection App Can Secure Your Private Information Protect Yourself against Identity Theft Protecting your home is easy because you know what to buy and install. However, what about protecting against identity theft? On average a person has five social media accounts and spends almost two hours every day on these accounts. Not only should you be thinking on how to protect your home, but you should…Continue Reading→

The Basic Guide to WordPress Web Hosting

the basic guide to wordpress web hosting

WordPress web hosting plans are designed for webmasters who specifically want to host WordPress blogs. WordPress hosting provides an optimized environment that can speed up the loading of the pages in your blog. You don’t have to worry whether you have already updated your blog to the latest version because it will automatically update it on your behalf. It offers automatic backup that can be customized to automatically…Continue Reading→

The Basic Tenets of a Go-To-Market Strategy

the basic tenets of a go to market strategy

A Go-To-Market strategy is an essential component for any business that is looking to launch a new product or service. Whether you have been in business for years, or you are just getting started, developing a GTM strategy is one of the best ways to ensure that all of your bases are covered, and set yourself up for success. Below are the basics of a Go-To-Market Strategy –…Continue Reading→

How to Streamline Your Management Process: Setting Objectives

how to streamline your management process setting objectives

Implementing and streamlining management processes is an essential part of business as it allows for the smooth-flowing of daily tasks as well as specific projects. Setting objectives plays a key role in ensuring deadlines are met and goals are achieved, but with so much to think about on a daily basis, what’s the easiest and most-effective way of setting objectives? Make the Most of Software Add-Ons While heading…Continue Reading→

How to Create a New Blog – Why to Go for Free Blogging Platforms?

how to create a new blog why to go for free blogging platforms

Free blogging platforms are first choice of people who are looking forward their career in blogging. When you search on the internet about “how to create a blog” then get content which tell you the procedure and ways to create a blog but knowing about platform is also an important part of blog creation. Also, free blogging platforms are even consider by the professionals and because of the…Continue Reading→

3 Reasons Why Your Website Hosting Should Be Resold

three reasons why your website hosting should be resold

The Internet is full of ways to make money. Some will sell off their skills as freelancers while others commit themselves to eCommerce. One method that can be quite lucrative is that of reseller hosting. A reseller account is one that allows the webmaster to sell portions of web space and bandwidth to a number of clients. This can be done in several ways from offering low-cost solutions…Continue Reading→

25 Best WordPress Themes to Startup Your Blogging Journey in 2017

25 best wordpress themes to startup your blogging journey in 2017

If you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you can extrapolate the same for themes, and you definitely shouldn’t judge a theme from its price tag. There are hundreds, if not thousands of premium themes available in the market that promise to do a lot, while a lot of themes deliver on the made promises, many yet do not even qualify for even being a basic WordPress…Continue Reading→

How to Take a Screenshot on Your PC or Laptop

how to take screenshot on pc

Taking a screenshot is more important than you may believe! First of all, it is an excellent way to get all needed information about a project or details as soon as possible. In essence, a screenshot is a picture of your computer screen. Maybe you have a lot of applications that require this type of picture, so it is a good idea to know a few ways how…Continue Reading→

Select SEO Services Based on Dedicated Long Term Commitment

select seo services based on dedicated long term commitment

Search Engine Optimization refers to a wide set of digital strategies used by professionals to try and promote websites over search engines. There are two broad ways defining digital promotions, related to search engines. This means that your website can be displayed over a relevant keyword query in Google mainly by two different manners. One is by its possible organic display on the first page of natural results,…Continue Reading→