Expecting Baby: 10 Must Have Newborn Baby Clothing and Accessories

must have newborn baby clothing accessories

There are numerous things that you need to do when getting ready for your baby’s arrival. Shopping for newborn baby clothes and accessories is one of those essential things that no parent can omit. From finding the right nursery to assembling the right tools for sleeping, diapering and having meals, it is easy to stay busy when gathering baby essentials. Here is a list of 10 must-have baby clothes and accessories that should be in the wardrobe of every new…Continue Reading→

10 Awesome Tips for Making Your Videos That Drive Huge Traffic

how to make videos that drive huge traffic

There’s no doubt about it. Videos will continue to be the go-to method of communication in the coming years. According to a Cisco study, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video by the end of this year and 75 percent of all mobile traffic will be video by next year. So, how will you compete for viewers as this trend continues? The reality is that any video can drive amazing traffic if it’s done creatively and strategically. You…Continue Reading→

Optimising Your Facebook Messenger Marketing

how to optimise facebook messenger marketing

Facebook Messenger marketing is a valuable channel for brands to build and better their communication with customers. This is because they are able to personalise their communication. With that said, achieving high engagement rates is a bit tricky with Facebook Messenger. However, should you take the below suggestions into consideration, you might have a winning social marketing strategy for optimising your Facebook Messenger marketing. Be Interactive All your conversations with your customer should be personal and engaging in tone. Your…Continue Reading→

How Video Explainers can Help Your Marketing Campaign

how video explainers help marketing campaign

The high competition in various industries is contributing to the tremendous growth and popularity of digital marketing. While text content is important to a marketing campaign, most prospects aren't patient enough to read an entire text before being informed about a product or service. There are times a potential customer is genuinely interested in your product, but they are 'lazy' to read text content about your product. Hence, they start skimming your content to know more about your product or…Continue Reading→

They Won’t Do Evil, It Is Their Culture

google evil culture continue

Google has been revered as one of the best technology companies to work for. They're often the first choice of alumni of post-graduate programs in the sciences.  The combination of being able to offer opportunities in cutting-edge science combined with a strong ethical corporate culture has made them a preferred destination for the best and brightest. This has fed their ability to grow the business in multiple business areas simultaneously. Lately however that shiny reputation has begun to tarnish. The…Continue Reading→

Importance of Content Making Strategy

importance of content making strategy

Content marketing has continued growing in prominence among the most effective online marketing tools. Research shows 90% of businesses now leverage content marketing for generating inbound leads. It is a more affordable approach to marketing than paid search, and as an online business, it is important to create a content making strategy to grow your business. Whether you sell jewelry, write essays online, sell used cars or any other business, you need a content making strategy to drive your business.…Continue Reading→

3 Low-Cost Ways to Market a Small Business Online

small business online marketing ideas

The idea of marketing a business online is very doable, but the entire process can be a bit overwhelming. Not only does it require a complex set of intricate knowledge, but it also needs a wide array of skills. As an entrepreneur, you should know how important it is to market your business online, especially since it helps in visibility, branding and market reach. But how can you reach new customers and gain a strong online presence? Or perhaps the biggest…Continue Reading→

What Should Be on My Business Website?

business website tips guides

You may have a website, but you are unsure if you are missing something. Perhaps you have seen other websites and they look a lot more put together than yours. We are here today to go over what exactly should be on your business website. This will help anyone that is unsure and thinking they need to add a little something extra in order to make it stand out and get more traffic coming to it. Keep reading to learn…Continue Reading→

The Global E-Commerce of the Future

global ecommerce of the future

The world is growing and expanding, and small economies are no longer locally constrained — there are export, import and economical agreements being established across the globe. As such, it is no longer beneficial for businesses to stick to their local market if they wish to receive any sort of recognition and increase in profit. A huge chunk of trade occurs beyond home boundaries, and more buyers tend to look at the overseas for goods they desire. Therefore, e-commerce has grown to be a more global…Continue Reading→

An Open Letter to Charities about SEO

open letter to charities about seo

Dear Charities of all kinds, We love the work you do. You do everything from saving our artistic heritage, to finding stray cats and dogs homes, to helping minorities like Christians struggling in Kurdistan and Muslims in need in Xinjiang province. But because you’re doing all this great and wholesome work, you sometimes forget that however much you dislike it, the internet is a competitive place, and if you want to make proper use of it, you need to learn…Continue Reading→