Why You Can Take Customer-Centric Retention Strategies to the Bank

why you can take customer centric retention strategies to the bank

Somewhere, there may be that one fortunate online merchant who doesn’t have to work tirelessly at retaining customers, who finds all of their customers willing and eager to keep coming back and back again of their own accord to fill the company’s coffers. However, that would sure be a rarity. In real life, an exceptional rate of customer retention - the bedrock of both current ROI and long-term…Continue Reading→

Page Authority and Domain Authority – What Do the Two Terms Refer To?

page authority and domain authority what do the two terms refer to

Domain authority refers to a score – on a 100-point measure – created by Moz to assist forecasting a site’s rankings on popular search engines. Domain authority comes in handy when trying to compare performance of one site to another. Besides, it helps to monitor the strength of a site over a given timeframe. The DA metric is determined by putting together other link metrics including root domains,…Continue Reading→

5 Best Practices to Boost Your Online Presence

best practices to boost your online presence

Every business owner today knows that an online presence is a must-have in order to keep up with the competition. However, it’s not always easy to determine just what that online presence should look like – which techniques will significantly boost your bottom line and which are just a waste of time. Simply throwing money at your online marketing portfolio won’t necessarily yield positive results; you’ll need to…Continue Reading→

An Introduction to Two Types of Web Hosting to Get Your Website Startup Online

an introduction to two types of web hosting to get your website startup online

Are you new to web hosting and not sure what it is or how to find a good web hosting solution? There are lots of people who struggle with getting started with a website because they simply don’t know where to start off. Not only do you need to think about the type of website that you want, the content that you want to put on it, the…Continue Reading→

SEO Misconceptions Startup Owners Have

seo misconceptions startup owners have

When it comes to SEO most people from around the world do not know much and this should be no surprise but what is surprising is how many misconceptions appear when looking at what startup owners think. It is normal to want to do all that you can in order to promote your new company but when your marketing strategy is based on misconceptions, you can be sure…Continue Reading→

What Mobile-First Indexing Means for Your SEO Strategy

what mobile first indexing means for your seo strategy

Despite increased attention, favoritism towards mobile pages, and “Mobilegeddon” updates, until recently, Google was indexing desktop pages first, before their mobile counterparts. Now, Google is officially indexing mobile pages first. It’s the latest in a long line of changes that favor mobile pages over desktop pages, and Google has even gone on record to state that desktop pages aren’t necessary anymore. But what does this change mean for…Continue Reading→

9 Ways to Increase Sales and Make Your Customers Happy

9 ways to increase sales and make your customers happy

Did you know that 68% of online shoppers abandon their baskets despite they have found what they were looking for? You've paid for an ad to attract them , but still they haven't clicked the very last button to complete their purchase. Why is that, and what keeps them from buying? Numerous factors affect the customer's trust and drive them away. If you want to make your sales…Continue Reading→

Why Chasing Rankings for SEO Is Not Always a Guaranteed Road to Success

why chasing rankings for seo is not always a guaranteed road to success

Although SEO has changed a lot over the past 5 / 10 years, the need to get your site ranking in the search engines has not, but still too many businesses focus on going hell for leather to get top of the game, but never really understanding just what impact these rankings are going to achieve, if of course, any. From the outset, this might sound a strange…Continue Reading→

A Unique Platform for Gamers to Explore Their Gaming Skills

a unique platform for gamers to explore their gaming skills

It is obvious that you must have played or heard about computer games. Everyone loves to play computer games, especially if the content of the game is unique.  Every day millions of new games are launched in different corners of the world, but thanks to technology, Internet arranged every game under its roof. Much Games is one of the popular gaming platforms over the internet, which has a…Continue Reading→

How 3D Icons Can Enhance Your WP Theme

how 3d icons can enhance your wp theme

Breaking Away from the Templated Monotony When you look at a WordPress template, there are certain attributes which are commonly found. Generally, a WP site will be set up with a table/cell format and there will be 3D navigational buttons. You may get a scrolling or a pan over effect over an image, but pretty much that is it. Now, when you consider that your site must compete…Continue Reading→