Email Marketing of Tobacco Companies

email marketing of tobacco companies

Email marketing of tobacco companies. Is direct marketing a solution for industries that face advertising restrictions? Advertising Ban on Tobacco Companies Out of the many restricted products, tobacco holds a top place for confining its entry in regular advertising campaigns. Due to the rising health concerns caused by the intake of tobacco in the form of cigarettes, the World Health Organisation (WHO) imposed a ban on tobacco companies for engaging in traditional forms of marketing. This increased regulation of tobacco…Continue Reading→

Here’s What You Need To Know About P-Value Calculation

what you need to know about p value calculation

P-Value is of high significance in determining the statistical value of something that is majorly used in the hypothesis test. But there are still many people who calculate this arithmetic value wrongly, that is due to the complexity it holds. But after detailed learning progress, this concept can prove to be very beneficial for an individual trying to derive out values from straw data. You can use reliable online tools to calculate p-value (statistical significance) and take your data analysis…Continue Reading→

Curious Guide on Brand Promotion on Instagram

curious guide on brand promotion on instagram

The number of Instagram users is growing non-stop. It would be ill-considered not to use such a “live” platform for the sake of your business. The certain strategies, techniques are created, a real industry of SMM-services has appeared thanks to Instagram. It is time to look at the possibilities of Instagram through the eyes of social media experts since Instagram is no longer one of the billions of applications, but a social network that is turning into a powerful marketing…Continue Reading→

How to Buy Instagram Followers Safely

how to buy instagram followers safely

It is important to buy active Instagram followers instead of fake accounts as fake followers do a lot of damage to your account. On the contrary, real and active Instagram followers, help in your efforts for the pe growth. There a lot of Instagram service providers who are claiming to sell original Instagram followers but you need to beware of any scam. Before you buy Instagram followers, keep in mind the following pointers. 1. Buy only Targeted Followers The first thing…Continue Reading→

How Important is the Design of a POS System?

how important is pos system design

The connection between POS user interface design and ergonomics is undeniable. POS design principles are applied to deliver POS user interfaces that work in real-life. This apparently obvious conclusion conceals the difficulty reconciling aesthetics and usability. Usable vs. Pleasant The battle between the two when designing a POS interface is a tough one. Many POS systems are terrible to look at, but people who got used to them appreciate certain things that work as shortcuts. It is crucial for designers…Continue Reading→

Customer Loyalty is Achieved Through Customization

customer loyalty is achieved through customization

It is now clear that customizing goods and services is likely to significantly increase customer loyalty. By implementing traditional methods of customer relations whose effectiveness is enhanced by the use of advanced technological tools it is possible to optimize customer loyalty. This is the winning solution chosen by John Paul, leader of conciergerie 2.0. An effective strategy that takes advantage of disruptive technologies Increasing customer loyalty is above all being able to retain the best of them. It is widely…Continue Reading→

The Top 4 Benefits of Implementing the Employee Onboarding Software in Your Business Institution

4 benefits of employee onboarding software in business

Over a few years, the term employee management software has become synonymous with the business management culture. With the level of competition spiking up every year, companies can no longer depend on the mediocre manual management system to keep up with the pace of the stiff competition and the rise of demands as well. The employees need to be able to cut down on every aspect of the workplace that forces them to waste their resources on anything other than…Continue Reading→

Must-Have Gadgets for Teachers

ipad air 3 apple gadget for education

We have discussed gadgets for many types of users in the past. While gadgets are mostly created to be universally useful, some gadgets are more useful to specific users than the others. We even have articles on essential gadgets for web and graphic designers. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on gadgets that can be (and are) incredibly useful for teachers. Delivering the best learning experience to students is a crucial task to do right for…Continue Reading→

The Workplace of the Future – Be Prepared for These Changes

ai interaction on future workplace

The world is changing, and the current workplace seems to be under the influence of these developments, as well. Robotics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality - these seem to be the new rules of the game. In the next years, expect to see robot servers, AI therapists, and have unlimited assistance from collaborative robots. As industries evolve and change, companies try to find new ways to remain competitive, profitable, and relevant to market changes. In this context, changes will be…Continue Reading→

Tracking Tips – A Prompt Guide to Rostering Software

tracking tips guide to rostering software

If you are juggling numerous employees with changing schedules, sick days and late attendance, it is time to invest in online rostering software. One of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of running a business is trying to manage a growing team of employees. Fortunately, technology has delivered a modern and intuitive solution to your scheduling problems, in the form of online rostering software. Read on for our quick and simple guide to harnessing the benefits of rostering software.…Continue Reading→