4 Subtle yet Significant Trends Impacting Your Ecommerce Site’s Performance

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To say that modern ecommerce is competitive would be a massive understatement. The latest wave of merchants taking advantage of platforms like Shopify and Magento, starting full-blown businesses from scratch thanks to today’s powerful “out-of-the-box” storefronts. The problem, though? These platforms in and of themselves aren’t enough to guarantee a successful storefront. In fact, there are a number of trends out there that speak to what merchants should focus on not only when it comes to optimizing their sites for…Continue Reading→

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for your Business Website

why wordpress best platform for business website

WordPress is a popular platform that is estimated to power nearly 30 percent of the websites in existence. While some may think that it is primarily used for blogging, WordPress has considerably evolved from its roots as a blogging platform. More businesses are choosing to use WordPress for their websites, and there a lot of benefits of doing so. If you want to know why WordPress is the best for running business websites, this guide gives you the know-how. Great…Continue Reading→

Is a One-Page Website Right for Your Business?

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Businesses have about 15 seconds to capture and hold a website visitor’s attention. In a world that prioritizes instant gratification – where visitors want everything right now – it can be a challenge to keep users on your site long enough to convert them into a customer. There’s a simple solution to this problem: a one-page website. While a single-page site works well for many businesses, it’s not the right option for every business. The Differences Between a Single-Page and…Continue Reading→

The Best Apps for Inspiring Writers

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Becoming a writer involves a lot of practice and skill. If you love to write and want to make your passion into something more, there are plenty of ways to get your work seen. Whether you like to write fact or fiction, about love or adventure, there are many apps out there to create, inspire, and show your work to others. Here are a few apps for any inspiring writer. Wattpad This app is great for many reasons. First, it…Continue Reading→

How To Market Your Business to Gen Zers

how to market your business to gen zers

When it comes to running a successful business, it’s important to understand your customers through and through. And one of the most difficult demographics to understand, because they’re so different than the ones who have come before them, are Gen Zers. On the one hand, they’re resistant to traditional marketing, annoyed by pop-up ads and marketing strategies that are too condescending. On the other hand, they’re constantly craving media attention, which means that they want to be marketed to. The…Continue Reading→

5 Ways to Build Social Media Engagement and Get More out of Your Marketing Efforts

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A good social media strategy is an essential component of any modern digital marketing campaign. With around 2.5 billion users around the world, social media websites can provide the perfect platform for businesses to connect with their target market and drive a huge amount of traffic to their website. But to really take advantage of all social media has to offer, internet marketers have to successfully compete with thousands of competitors for the attention of your customers - and that…Continue Reading→

5 Technical SEO Fixes that Might Be Affecting SEO Performance

technical seo fixes improve seo performance

If you want to get a leg up on your competition, one of the most important things you can do is to concentrate on search engine optimization (SEO), which can increase both the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic through search engine results. Internet Live Stats recently reported that there are over 65,000 Google searches performed every second, and whether you’re a realtor selling townhouses in Atlanta, a freelance consultant or a retail business owner, you know that the…Continue Reading→

Tips for Local SEO for Law Firms

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When people are looking for a lawyer, they’re typically looking for someone close by. If you have a small law firm, there’s a good chance that most of your clients are going to be in the same general vicinity. Since most searches for lawyers take place online, you need to rank high in order for potential clients to know that you exist. This means that you need to be optimized for local searches in order to be found. Here are…Continue Reading→

All Google Ranking Factors – the Complete List to Get on the First Page

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Google's mysterious search engine algorithm is what makes SEO so hard. Google uses over 200+ ranking factors and updates its search engine algorithms 600 times a year. In 2018, Google's ranking algorithm is no more a half-secret as it used to be earlier but still, 1/4th part of Google's search engine algorithm is a secret. Google keeps the list of all search engine ranking factors a secret. Still, we know over 120+ ranking factors that Google considers while ranking websites.…Continue Reading→

Get Better Tech Solutions – a Step-by-step Guide for Novices

novice guide for better tech solutions

For most companies, their IT department is both the nerve center and backbone of their operation. It facilitates the smooth flow of information through the entire company. In the company hierarchy, the IT department takes a vital position and while their task may not be directly linked with the operations of a company, due to its interconnected nature it cannot be considered independent from all the other departments. IT employees aren’t always subordinates to other remaining employees, but they tend…Continue Reading→