Reasons Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

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Since WordPress is an eminent blogging platform loaded with plenty of free and paid themes and plugins that make things much easier for beginner bloggers, there are a lot of reasons why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes & plugins when starting a new website or blog using WordPress. Yes, these are nulled themes that can wreck your whole blogging career because it is the paid stuff (WordPress themes and plugins) available on various advertising websites to download for free…Continue Reading→

Bad Things Happen to Good Companies: Failures that have Shaken Up the Tech World

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The number of companies that are undergoing full digital transformation is growing. And they have good reasons to do so. - there’s a plethora of evidence suggesting that this process comes with a host of benefits. A recent Sungard survey has confirmed, that 4 out of 10 businesses admit that digitization had significantly improved their customer satisfaction, overall revenue, and working agility. If we were to point out the driving forces that could explain the increase in digitization across companies,…Continue Reading→

How to Make a Chatbot That Rocks: Features That Matter

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There’s no arguing the need for using a chatbot today. Various reports and studies provide numbers that will turn any unbelievers. For example, Juniper Research states that by 2020 chatbots will be able to save businesses $8 billion in costs. However for chatbots to be that effective for your business they have to possess specific features. Today those include responding to voice commands, using advanced NLP (natural language processing), and being highly specific. Why Chatbots Rock Today and How They…Continue Reading→

Revising and Editing: Five Things Each Student Should Know

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Proofreading can fix your paper. Even the awards-winning writers require editing help before publishing their novels. The same way is with the students. The only difference is that most students do their editing by themselves. Those who neglect this important step risk to lose their grades, which are especially important at college and university. Your paper deserves personal attention too. That's why we've decided to talk a little bit more about editing – a topic, which is rarely discussed online.…Continue Reading→

Ultimate Online Business Tool Stack For 2018

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Staying competitive online as a business today is hard work. It’s not enough to set up your website and expect the traffic to come pouring in without effort. Today, it’s all about being ahead of the competition online. Your online business counts on your ability to try new things and use the latest tech tools. Here are the ultimate online business tools for 2018 to boost your strategy online! Lower Your Bounce Rate with Email Verifiers A lot of marketers…Continue Reading→

Top 10 Tips for Writing Highly Engaging Content

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Have you seen all the content spread all over the internet? It can be hard at times, to find so much unique content, and set yourself apart from the competition. Readers want articles that are not only unique, but also present an interesting read. This should also be your priority, so as to ensure that people keep reading your content. Even the best SEO consultants in Sydney, like Seo North Sydney put emphasis on engaging content to make their strategies…Continue Reading→

Reasons Behind Choosing Magento 2 for eCommerce Stores in 2018

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Magento is an open source platform for all type of businesses, either small or large in scale. It is known for its suitability and utility for every type of business that is involved in manufacturing products. These business organizations or companies can open their online or e-commerce stores by using Magento. In other words, they can take help from Magento to take their businesses to a whole new level by using its exceptional features. Why Choose Magento for E-Commerce or…Continue Reading→

How Data Can Transform Your Business

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We live in a world that is increasingly being driven by data. Data is being used for everything, from recommendations of films and products that we may like based on our previous choices, to helping to map the spread of diseases. Data is certainly a powerful tool and one that is playing an ever more prominent role in our day to day lives. For businesses, the potential opportunities that data has to offer cannot be overstated. By using data analytics,…Continue Reading→

The Ongoing Power of Direct Mail in 2018

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Direct mail marketing is viewed by some in various marketing sectors as being a slightly dated, old-fashioned option, but just because it’s not cutting edge, doesn’t mean it won’t yield huge results. That’s not even factoring in what can happen if you utilize direct marketing and elements of digital marketing to create a multi-channel approach. At the very least, direct mail can help prop up digital marketing efforts, and for these reasons, it’s still a potent and logical marketing route…Continue Reading→

5 White-Hat SEO Strategies That Will Drive Growth

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The Google algorithm has hundreds of signals that ensure the pages are ranked are relevant to the keyword search terms. By knowing which factors play an important role, you will be able to optimize accordingly. This can be the ultimate difference between success and failure. In this post, we will concentrate on areas that give better results and a good return on investment. Go the Mobile First Route There are more people who use the internet from their mobile phones…Continue Reading→