How Google is Impacting the Travel Industry

how google impacting travel industry

Over the past couple of years, marketers have seen Google slowly shift from answering search queries by showing the most relevant website results to self-hosting information and answers with the search engine results page (SERP). 93% of buying decisions start with an online search, so understanding what this shift means for the travel industry is critical in order to maintain the visibility required to get those important prospect and customer clicks. What is happening? Google is edging towards domination of…Continue Reading→

How Can Newborn Affiliate Marketers Compete in 2019, Despite the competition?

how can newborn affiliate marketers compete 2019

If you plan to start your affiliate site in 2019, you probably need to conduct thorough study in your target industry before you get started. You need to know who are your competitors, do they have weak spots and more importantly, how long you can endure working your way to the top of your competitors provided you have limited timeframe and budget on hand. Some newborn affiliate marketers don’t last a month because despite spending a few bucks in content…Continue Reading→

Increase Your Followers on Instagram for Your Business

how to increase business instagram followers

Instagram has become one of the favorite social networks, and this is due to its ease and simplicity to use it which makes it increasingly attractive to the users of the world even for the big brands. This social network is a fundamental tool to grow your business, to promote a new brand or simply if you want to become more popular in the networks as this will bring positive things in your life such as employment contracts, meet people who have…Continue Reading→

Top Features to Look for when Choosing a DMP

top features to look for when choosing a dmp

Data informs and effectively influences almost every decision in the business realm. And it would be a huge flaw to create a product or service change before making some consultation on crucial data-driven queries. Look: A data management platform plays a significant role in the process aimed at real time, customized consumer communications. Usually, a DMP is meant to gather, synthesize, analyze and segment end-user data across different channels and regions. Particular research revealed that many marketers switched to DMP…Continue Reading→

4 Powerful Offline Marketing Strategies for Startups in 2019

powerful offline marketing strategies for startups 2019

People have a tendency to completely write off offline marketing these days, but only because they don’t realize how some of the most effective ways to market a product or service are offline. The best marketing strategies are those that use online and offline marketing in conjunction with each other for greater results. Ramping up your offline marketing efforts could not only put your brand in front of a new set of eyes but attract the attention of those who…Continue Reading→

Are Fitness Apps a Threat to Your Privacy?

are fitness apps threat to privacy

When it was revealed that it was possible to track the runs of military personnel via the Strava app, questions were asked about the security of the many fitness apps used by people. Strava thought they were offering up an interesting feature in releasing the heatmaps of billions of runs, swims and cycles of their users around the world. But researchers were able to use this freely available data to map out the routes undertaken by service personnel who used…Continue Reading→

5 Trends in the Translation Industry

translation industry trends

Translation industry is constantly changing due to the increase in number of translation services that are available. Usually, translators can benefit from these changes, but time is necessary for them to adapt to the new trends. Adapting to the trends is a great way to gain knowledge of nooks and crannies of the translation industry and discover new techniques and strategies for translating. The translation industry went from $23.5 billion to $46.5 billion in just ten years. It could be…Continue Reading→

What Data Does a B2B Need?

what data does a b2b need

Who run the world? Data. It’s no secret that modern businesses need data to compete effectively in the marketplace. Data tells businesses what products consumers want, how consumers buy and where consumers are. Even B2Bs benefit from collecting a bevy of data on their business clients, such as who within the company makes purchases and how individual purchasing cycles progress. However, because most information about data collection and analysis focuses on B2Cs, many B2Bs simply don’t know what types of…Continue Reading→

4 Best Mobile Apps for Those Interested in Learning More About CBD

best mobile apps about cbd

While it is highly possible that you have heard about "CBD," it is just as likely that you are experiencing confusion about what it is and what the buzz is all about. Most people know that CBD (cannabidiol) is somehow related to marijuana and that many celebrities are touting its benefits, there can be misconceptions surrounding how it is cultivated, why it is considered valuable, and what is really going on to bring it to such popularity so quickly. One…Continue Reading→

5 Things to Look for in Small Business Software

small business enterprise software tips guides

A small business functions as one legal entity, but this entity is made up of several small departments, each consisting of team members who on the everyday basis perform tasks critical to core of the company. From planning and manufacturing to marketing and customer support. In order to succeed these departments should work in unison and synchronize like cogs in a well-oiled machine. In the past, managers relied on traditional methods to ensure business productivity, and most processes were coordinated…Continue Reading→