3 Types of Content That You Should Stop Publishing

3 types of content that you should stop publishing

In theory, content marketing sounds easy: create, promote, and nurture. In reality, however, things aren’t that simple. On the one hand, there still are a lot of small business owners who don’t recognize the power of great content and don’t invest in good writing. On the other hand, not all content writers have a clear understanding of the business or industry they are creating content for. Mix the…Continue Reading→

7 Marketing Ideas for Canadian Small Businesses on a Budget

7 marketing ideas for canadian small businesses on a budget

Are you a small business owner concerned about the visibility of your company? That’s understandable. According to statistics, there are 1.14 million small businesses across Canada fighting for the attention of consumers. You may feel as if marketing is a lost cause for you since you can’t afford the hefty price of advertising online marketing strategies. But, here’s the thing: there are a plethora of ways in which…Continue Reading→

Modern Manufacturing: How a Digital Transformation Can Give You a Big Edge over Your Competition

modern manufacturing how a digital transformation can give you a big edge over your competition

As information technology revolutionizes every industry from entertainment to finance, healthcare and retail, there is one vast area that has been surprisingly resistant -- manufacturing. A recent survey by Oxford Economics has found that 3 out of 4 executives in charge of manufacturing industries see information technology as not particularly relevant. Manufacturing has typically been slow to adopt new technology and has thrived so far, in spite of…Continue Reading→

5 Design Tips to Make Your App a Success

5 design tips to make your app a success

Did you know that the reason why many apps fail is due to poor design? It is a common mistake of many app developers to pour so much time and effort in developing a unique app they think will be a huge success that they overlook the importance of creating a quality app design that will appeal to their target market. With that in mind, the following are…Continue Reading→

Optimize Your Business with HP LoadRunner Integration & Training

optimize your business with hp loadrunner integration training

The modern business environment necessitates the integration of high performance IT solutions to optimize operations. Whatever industry you are operating in there is need to incorporate applications that will not only enhance efficiency in your operations but also reduce the cost of running business. IT applications are now widely used in most business facilities to boost performance and overcome emerging challenges in different industries. Performance Testing for Optimal…Continue Reading→

What You Should Consider When Starting a Business

things consider starting business

If you’re starting a business and have no experience of doing so, you may not realise what’s involved. There is a lot that you need to consider before you open your doors to the public. So, if you’re clueless and looking for some basic information, here is where you can start: Your target market Who exactly does your product/service appeal to? If you don’t know who these people…Continue Reading→

4 Great Free Web Development IDEs That Could Improve Productivity

4 great free web development ides that could improve productivity

Technically speaking as a web developer you could cobble together the CSS, HTML or JavaScript that you require with nothing more than a basic text editor. However with the help of Integrated Development Environments (IDE) you could gain a range of tools that will let you write, test, and develop your code that much faster. Although many of the top IDEs out there tend to require a purchase…Continue Reading→

How to Make Sure Your Business Name is Unique

make sure business name unique

Naming your business is one of the most important parts of branding. It’s going to be one of the key things that make your company memorable and easy to recognise. It needs to be impactful, simple and tell your customer everything they need to know. So, before picking a name, follow some of these rules to ensure that your business’s name is unique and effective: Don’t pick just…Continue Reading→

5 Reasons Every Business Should Consider Using a Virtual Data Room

5 reasons every business should consider using a virtual data room

A virtual data room or VDR uses a series of extranets to house corporate data while making it accessible to authorized third parties. Virtual data rooms may be used to hold all of your critical files or only share in-work documents with third parties during legal negotiations. Let’s look at the five reasons every business should consider using a virtual data room. Advanced Data Security Virtual data room…Continue Reading→

5 Factors You Should Consider for Hosting

factors to consider web hosting

Internet has become an efficient medium to conduct business directly or indirectly. With increasing influence of Internet these days, choosing a good web hosting provider has become extremely important. Selecting a bad web hosting service will have a negative effect on your search rankings ultimately wasting your monetary and physical resources. There are a lot of professional hosting services like inmotion hosting which can take your online business…Continue Reading→