Steps on Transferring Domain Names to a New Web Host

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There will be a time when you will have no choice but to transfer a domain name. The needs and goals of a website can change, and our current hosting may not be appropriate anymore, especially if we want to achieve our new website goals. Determine If the Domain Name Is Yours The first step you need to take is finding out whether your domain is yours or not. Ideally, you should have bought your own domain so situations like…Continue Reading→

How Improving a WordPress Site’s Security Is Similar to Improving the Security of Your Home

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Most people do not know much about how to make a website more secure but they do know more than basics about how their home is secured. What many do not realize is the two are highly similar. The way in which you are securing your WordPress installation is really similar to what you do in order to feel safe at home. Let’s take a look at these similarities and tell you some things about what you can do to…Continue Reading→

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Online Business in 2018

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Building an online business in today’s competitive marketplace is a challenge that meets every online entrepreneur. While the barriers to entry are relatively low, the real work in the online world doesn’t stop once the website is launched. There are many hidden risks that exist online, and you need to be prepared to handle all of them. Here are five mistakes to avoid with your online business in 2018. #1 A Lack of Planning One of the significant mistakes new…Continue Reading→

Top 5 Metrics to Keep an Eye on for a Successful PPC Campaign

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Despite the recent changes in the digital marketing landscape, pay-per-click advertising – PPC – is still one of the most effective instruments to use. A well-placed PPC ad has the potential to bring in lots of traffic. The impact of a carefully-crafted PPC campaign can be even greater than that. PPC campaigns are measurable; this is one of the strong suits of this marketing tool. By keeping track of critical metrics, you can boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaign…Continue Reading→

Rent vs. Buy: The Small Business Dilemma

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You started a small business, and now it's growing. It's time to move from the garage or that little corner in your basement. Now you must expand. There's just one problem: You can't decide if you should rent or buy office space, rent or buy equipment, or expand your staff. Renting and buying both have advantages and disadvantages. Thankfully, there are some general guidelines to help you make a decision. Let's explore three considerations that'll help you determine if you…Continue Reading→

6 Reasons To Turn Your Shop Into An Online Store

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Online shopping is easy – its large popularity within the past few years, is a huge reason why the retail industry has been suffering for a while. (To some people that’s a good thing.) The convenience of shopping online doesn’t benefit only shoppers, though. Many retail businesses now offer online shopping as well (Walmart). A big reason is because eCommerce stores are profitable. (If you do it right.) Let’s look at other major reasons you need might need to become…Continue Reading→

5 Cool Apps Every Wedding Planner Should Use

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Did you hear about the couple who got married in VR? It’s truly a new age of tech. There’s a reason why the Internet of Things grew exponentially in 2017. There’s more to “going digital” for your prenuptials than using e-vites, #hash-tagging on Twitter or Facebook. Apps make lives easier – that’s a fact. However, planning weddings (whether or not you use a planner) can feel like a nightmare. They require total commitment, dedication, and a near-sacrifice of any social…Continue Reading→

The Proper Path to Better Business Problem Solving

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As long as you run a business, you will have problems. Whether you’re the Google of your industry, or you just launched a business out of your parent’s garage, problems are guaranteed to follow you everywhere you go. The key to being successful in business is not avoiding problems – it’s understanding how to solve them and improve along the way. The 4 Steps to Better Business Problem Solving There are entire books, blogs, white papers, webinars, and conferences devoted…Continue Reading→

How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Shopping Cart Platform for Your Online Store

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These days, if you want to have your own website to sell products or services online, it is essential to have secure shopping cart software installed on your site such as the ones found at Shopping cart basics are essential because they have features such holding items while your customers shop, adding sales tax and shipping charges and calculating the total cost. When a customer checks out, they will be given the total along with everything they are purchasing.…Continue Reading→

Can Content Optimisation Really Improve My Site’s SEO Performance?

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Overlooking the importance of content optimisation in an SEO campaign can cost your business thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost revenue. The major impact of an SEO performance for years has been as a result of acquiring links from relevant and authoritative sites. However, as Google’s algorithm has become smarter and continues to learn, it is shifting the influence to the semantic web and content relevancy. Chasing links still provides value, but the power of those links are…Continue Reading→