SEO Tips for Local Business SERPS Domination

Achieving a high position in the search engine rankings is a bit like finding the elixir of eternal life; or so a lot of small businesses think. In reality successful search engine optimization can certainly be tricky, but it isn’t beyond the realms of a small ‘mom and pop’ rentals business catering for the local community. Royalty free photo Localization is important. Thanks to changes made by Google, anyone searching for a ‘local’ business will only see three as opposed…Continue Reading→

Mesodark – Free Responsive Black Theme for BuddyPress and WordPress Website

After the latest version update of Mesocolumn theme, i've decided to release a child theme for Mesocolumn with dark and black color scheme, theme name is Mesodark. The theme had the same functionality and customization options as it parent theme, except for one, the top navigation color option is disable in this child theme. Reason? since the main navigation is now fully colorize menu, don't want to emphasis too much color on top navigation, so user can focus on the…Continue Reading→

Mesocolumn v1.6.5 Released – Now with Customizer Supported

Ever since requires theme authors to use the customizer to build theme options. The mesocolumn theme's updates and development had been on hold for a while, well, last updates were around last year, February 2015. There's lot of tweaking to do so that the theme will pass the theme submission guideline, especially the conversion of theme options into WordPress built-in customizer API settings. Although i am still provide consistent support in theme forums, i've been eager to…Continue Reading→

What Are Your Career Prospects if You Study IT at College?

Information Technology (IT) continues to play an important role in any business, which is why employers the world over are continually on the lookout for well qualified individuals who can add quality to their organization. If you want to have a successful career in IT then you need to ensure you have the relevant qualifications and that you keep up to date with the latest technical information. Training provider Upskilled works with industry to ensure it offers courses which bestow…Continue Reading→

3 White Hat On-Page SEO Tips to Improve Your Rankings This Year

The SEO industry is constantly changing. These constant fluctuations are due in large part to the fact that Google has a firm grip on how and when changes occur. This means you need to reevaluate your SEO efforts every few months. And with 2016 recently underway, now is as good a time as any to get started. Let’s review some of this year’s top on-page SEO tips to see what needs to be done to remain competitive. 1. Invest in…Continue Reading→

5 Critical SEO blunders of e-Commerce Websites – Look Before You Leap!

For all online merchants, it is common to have the notion that it is only listing hundreds of products on their e-commerce sites that they can gain search engine traffic. But this is actually far from reality. Although listing your products and services is definitely necessary for e-commerce SEO, yet the optimizing your website for proper results is much difficult than optimizing your other conventional company websites. Due to having a number of product pages juggling on and off the…Continue Reading→

5 Thrift Store Shopping Ideas

If you are a seasonal shopaholic, then the concept of thrift stores and flea markets is not lost on you. They are simply a boon to shoppers. Extremely budget friendly and full of surprises including vintage love and futuristic trends, thrift stores have got it all. Sometimes, a simple clean up and it is as good as new. It is a form of recycling that reduces environmental waste and sweatshop labor. This concept has caught up so wildly that even…Continue Reading→

3 Overlooked Strategies to Increase Revenue with a Job Board

Job board market is rapidly emerging. Every day more and more people prefer to search jobs online. Besides, people are always interested in what’s happening in recruitment within their industry. If a person is looking for a job, he/she on the first place is going to check job boards that are relevant to his/ her industry. Passive job seekers also keep track on potential opportunities and can be tempted by advantages other employers offer. Those who are happy with their…Continue Reading→

7 Ways to Encourage Subscribers to Forward Your Emails

Email Marketing Subscribers Will Love Email marketing is a tricky venture, particularly since the goal is to cut through the masses of emails the average person receives in his or her inbox each day and have your message stand out. Once you’ve mastered the formula that gets people initially reading, the next step in a successful email marketing strategy is encouraging them to pass it on to others. When you’re creating emails that are forwarded and shared, you’re propelling your…Continue Reading→

How to Choose the right VPS hosting Provider?

There are many challenges you would face when starting a new website. You would be on a shoestring budget when you start a website and hence you will have very limited options at your disposal to choose from. You would most probably go for shared hosting. But, as your business grows, you will need to shift from shared hosting to a cheap virtual private server hosting to enjoy better security, more and high end resources and many other features. Why…Continue Reading→