4 Things to Avoid When Transferring Your Website to a New Web Hosting Company

When you transfer a website to a new hosting company, for any reason, it can seem a little scary. There are things that could go wrong, like extensive site downtime that you want to avoid. You want to minimize any challenges for both yourself and users of your website. It is entirely possible to make a smooth transition from one hosting company to another with very minimal downtime and without any other potential problems. The key is careful planning, and…Continue Reading→

How to Use Artistry to Attract More Customers

Most businesses think logically about how to appeal to their customers, by promoting the advantages of their products and services and finding a perfect price point. While this is good, it also causes business owners to underestimate the power that artistry can have in attracting more customers to a brand. There’s some degree of art involved at all stages, from imagining your brand and logo to designing your site, but there’s also a way to use art as a medium…Continue Reading→

eCommercialize Your Business: Take it Online with Magento Webstore

Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform, but that does not mean it is only for the "big guys" to play with. From small businesses to large international operations, Magento can and is used every day to power many of the popular online stores you see today. In this short overview we will take a look at a few of the key points that draw people to use Magento on their online store, no matter the size or the content. Flexibility…Continue Reading→

Elements of Redesigning a Website

The time has come for your website’s inevitable overhaul. Perhaps you’ve examined your content to see what works and what doesn’t, outlined the information architecture for the new site, maybe even picked a new CMS platform. But how can you make sure you’re getting the most from the time, expense, and hard work of a website relaunch? Here are some of the most critical elements of making your next redesign a great one. Readability and Ease of Use Strategic Layout.…Continue Reading→

Designing A Medical Site: It’s More Than Just Looks

An appealing, intuitive website is an important aspect of any business, but when you run a medical practice, you can’t rely on good copy and great graphic design to carry your site. No, the first thing your site should emphasize is HIPAA compliance – following the rules that exist to ensure the privacy of patients’ medical information. Too often, however, these two concerns are separated, with one set of professionals handling the HIPAA issues and another group the web design.…Continue Reading→

How to Build an Appealing Website?

How does it look?  How does it taste? Appealing is a sensory reward activated by our five senses; sight, touch, taste, hear, and smell. A mixture of these senses produces enjoyment, romance, business, and an appealing website. Can you taste a website? Can it touch you? You sure can. It’s like creating a cake – layer by layer. Let’s begin with sight. Stimulating Consumers’ Senses You have to build with your finished product in mind. First impressions are the deciding…Continue Reading→

Link Building for Better Ranking on Google

Having problems with getting high ranks on Google? Despite so much focus on keywords as well as other search engine optimization factors, still, you get very little traffic to your website. Well, it’s time to invest on backlinks. After an analysis of one million Google search results, they came up to a conclusion that backlinks remain an imperative ranking factor for any website that wants to appear at top of the results for Google searches. A few industry experts have…Continue Reading→

How Modern Businesses Can Benefit From The Right Tech

Setting up and running a small business is a tough ask as any entrepreneur will tell you. Times have changed from when you needed an array of printers and photocopiers, stacks of paper, gallons of ink and clunky desktop computers. And it's all thanks to the constant development of technology that helps businesses. That's not to say that printers don't have a role to play but there are easier and cheaper ways to get what you need. Understanding your business…Continue Reading→

The Future of Web Surfing: SEO Trends From Expert Insiders

Keeping track in a constantly changing world of SEO is difficult. One moment you might be a master at one SEO strategy, the next moment that same technique will be obsolete. Experts and SEO practitioners are all predicting and practicing the new forms to best take advantage of new SEO methods. New Mediums of Search Terms such as technical SEO have been being thrown around lately. As the rise of AI has conjoined with search it’s important to know what…Continue Reading→

Look Before You Launch: A Website Checklist for New Business Owners

Launching a website is exciting, but it also involves a lot of work. There are lots of little things that can go wrong, so here's a checklist for everything you need to do before launching your website. Create and Check the Content First of all, you are going to need to fill your site with content. That means service pages, product pages, an about page, a home page, and all the other pages that you will need. You may also…Continue Reading→