Your Business Website: Simple Tweaks for Enhanced Lead Generation

If you are looking to find new customers there is little doubt that online is the place, so you need to make sure that your window to the world, your website, is optimized for enhanced lead generation. You will probably be able to develop a good relationship with some marketing agencies who can help you to grow your business with some worthwhile strategies, but you will also need to ensure that your business website has been set up to encourage…Continue Reading→

Optimizing Your Content and Links Using Google’s Algorithms

Surveys of the general public reveal that most people think that Google choose which sites to place first in the search results based on their ‘keywords’ or ‘trustworthiness’, however most people, including many responsible for looking after a website have little understanding of the intricacies involved.  Perhaps this is unsurprising, as SEO changes more regularly than fashion and if you’re following the trends from a few years ago, your information is almost certainly out of date. In March 2016 Google's…Continue Reading→

Your Guide to Gaining Business Credit

Business credit can help a business in countless ways, no matter what their size. Perhaps you’re the owner of a small business and want to raise capital to fund equipment. Or, you could be the Managing Director of a well-established firm in your field, but you need the funds to take it to the next level with an investment into marketing materials. Whatever the reason, business credit could be your solution, but what exactly is it? What is Business Credit?…Continue Reading→

Internet Based Marketing and The Promotion of Products

These days we hear a lot about internet marketing, but not everyone has a very clear idea of what it is. Most people are familiar with one or two techniques but don’t know how to build up a coherent campaign, which too often means that all their efforts are wasted. How does a structured internet campaign work? What do you need to take into account and what tools are available to help you make it a success? It’s actually easier…Continue Reading→

7 Key E-Commerce Trends for 2016

The world of ecommerce is constantly changing, just like the world of fashion or culture but with technology being the center point of change. eCommerce store owners need to be on the lookout for new changes and decide how to embrace the new trends or work around them. The same principles of keeping up with fashion to stay relevant also applies to ecommerce & technological changes. 2016 is the year of new trends in ecommerce, below are a few key…Continue Reading→

A Profitable Plan: Smart Strategies for Starting a Global Business

Multi-national companies like the printing and consumables giant HP for example, started life in a garage, and many household names had very humble beginnings before going global. Establishing a company takes planning and requires a long-term strategy, so while doing business abroad doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, having an ambitious plan in place will help your business to take the next step towards becoming an established global trading entity. Think global from the beginning It is never a bad thing to…Continue Reading→

11 Website Design Principles to Use in a Medical Website

Every business needs a website in 2016, even those that offer essential services like those in the medical field. Competition is on the rise for healthcare-related businesses, especially now that it’s so easy to get a quality medical education online. Professionals are crawling out of the woodwork, and it takes a little more than intelligence and skill to get your practice the recognition it deserves. Whether you like it or not, the time has come for you to focus just…Continue Reading→

How to Successfully Transition to an Online Presence

It doesn’t matter if you own a small business or operate a large one, you can’t ignore the benefits of a shift to an online presence. Whether you are considering an online-only store or are considering using the internet as a complement to your brick and mortar outlet, if you aren’t online, you aren’t going to be successful. While this transition can be daunting for many owners and operators, it all comes down to how you manage and market your…Continue Reading→

Product Review of Wrike – Project Management Software

The overall impression of Wrike is a fresh and professional project management solution. Wrike has been used by companies such as Amazon, Google, and PayPal. FinancesOnline awarded Wrike as the Best Project Management Software for 2016. hits many positive notes right off the bat: The site is organized and easily to navigate. The photos and colors chosen create an appealing, relaxing atmosphere. There is an obvious next step for customers that wish to try the product. The inclusion of…Continue Reading→

Visual Marketing Magic: Timely Tools for Transforming Your Business

Visual marketing is an effective tool to use and when you bring your content and products to life in this way, it has the ability to transform your business. Beautiful flowers and plants that tempt online customers to click the buy now button are a great example of a perfect candidate for visual marketing, which is why florist websites is popular with business owners looking to grab a share of the market. Here is a look at some ways that…Continue Reading→