Tips For Learning Tech Skills Online

As the world moves to an increasingly more digitized and interconnected footing, tech skills are becoming ever more in demand. If you’re involved in or looking to enter an area such as web development or coding, then the necessity for tech-based skills seems pretty obvious. Even outside the field of IT, however, digital and other related tech skills are becoming more of a prerequisite. A recent study by Burning Glass Technologies found that jobs requiring a higher level than high…Continue Reading→

Video Marketing: Taking Your Business To The Big League

Everyone’s doing it, aren’t they? Video. It’s everywhere. Used to be you had to have a huge marketing budget to afford professional video. But, these days, all it takes is a digicam or even a smartphone and you’re off to the races. But, when you do need a professional, they’re a lot less expensive than you’d think. Here’s how to take your business to the big league using nothing but amateur equipment. discover more details at Tinker Taylor. Why Video?…Continue Reading→

How to Improve Your Online Presence in Three Simple Steps

A good online presence is no longer something which is simply optional for businesses these days. In today’s digitally revolutionized world, a good online presence is absolutely essential for businesses of all sizes and industries who want to succeed. With more people than ever using the internet to quickly and easily discover the businesses, products and services they are looking for, it makes sense to be easily accessible to your target customers online in order to gain edge over the…Continue Reading→

4 Simple Growth Tips for Enhanced Local SEO

Conventional SEO focuses primarily on one thing – higher rankings for specific keywords. However, local SEO is a bit more challenging because you're competing over keywords that are popular among searchers who are likely to be local prospects. In some cases, it is easier to gain higher rankings for local keywords than it is to reach the first page of Google for a global term. On the other hand, sometimes the local competition is already fierce, so you'll need every…Continue Reading→

Your Business Website: Simple Tweaks for Enhanced Lead Generation

If you are looking to find new customers there is little doubt that online is the place, so you need to make sure that your window to the world, your website, is optimized for enhanced lead generation. You will probably be able to develop a good relationship with some marketing agencies who can help you to grow your business with some worthwhile strategies, but you will also need to ensure that your business website has been set up to encourage…Continue Reading→

Optimizing Your Content and Links Using Google’s Algorithms

Surveys of the general public reveal that most people think that Google choose which sites to place first in the search results based on their ‘keywords’ or ‘trustworthiness’, however most people, including many responsible for looking after a website have little understanding of the intricacies involved.  Perhaps this is unsurprising, as SEO changes more regularly than fashion and if you’re following the trends from a few years ago, your information is almost certainly out of date. In March 2016 Google's…Continue Reading→

Your Guide to Gaining Business Credit

Business credit can help a business in countless ways, no matter what their size. Perhaps you’re the owner of a small business and want to raise capital to fund equipment. Or, you could be the Managing Director of a well-established firm in your field, but you need the funds to take it to the next level with an investment into marketing materials. Whatever the reason, business credit could be your solution, but what exactly is it? What is Business Credit?…Continue Reading→

Internet Based Marketing and The Promotion of Products

These days we hear a lot about internet marketing, but not everyone has a very clear idea of what it is. Most people are familiar with one or two techniques but don’t know how to build up a coherent campaign, which too often means that all their efforts are wasted. How does a structured internet campaign work? What do you need to take into account and what tools are available to help you make it a success? It’s actually easier…Continue Reading→

7 Key E-Commerce Trends for 2016

The world of ecommerce is constantly changing, just like the world of fashion or culture but with technology being the center point of change. eCommerce store owners need to be on the lookout for new changes and decide how to embrace the new trends or work around them. The same principles of keeping up with fashion to stay relevant also applies to ecommerce & technological changes. 2016 is the year of new trends in ecommerce, below are a few key…Continue Reading→

A Profitable Plan: Smart Strategies for Starting a Global Business

Multi-national companies like the printing and consumables giant HP for example, started life in a garage, and many household names had very humble beginnings before going global. Establishing a company takes planning and requires a long-term strategy, so while doing business abroad doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, having an ambitious plan in place will help your business to take the next step towards becoming an established global trading entity. Think global from the beginning It is never a bad thing to…Continue Reading→