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Must Have Apps And Websites For Students In 2019

Although obtaining education has always been considered a tedious, stressful, and challenging process, today, many people admit that modern students have it easy. It is hard to argue with this statement because the 21st century has really changed the game! It has given students enough tools for smart and effortless…Continue Reading→

Shoot More Edit Less with Updated Luminar 3

Professional photographers can often get caught up in the editing process. This can result in the actual quality of their photography declining. Whilst editing is undoubtedly important, the quality of your compositions cannot take second place. Luckily, Skylum has created a superb editing tool in Luminar 3 that can greatly…

They Won’t Do Evil, It Is Their Culture

Google has been revered as one of the best technology companies to work for. They're often the first choice of alumni of post-graduate programs in the sciences.  The combination of being able to offer opportunities in cutting-edge science combined with a strong ethical corporate culture has made them a preferred…