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Best collection of Super Web 2.0 – Web Graphixx & Web Innovation

A must read books for web designer. Another Spotbit amazing released Exclusive and diverse browse this exceptional collection. Get inspire from this wonderful collection from clean - simple website, flash animation web, business, corporate and elegant website, black website, blog, favourite website, until super web innovative. All about Web 2.0…
Books Magazines

LifeBeat April 2007

LifeBeat, the lifestyle magazine. Focus on diverse trends of social living and loaded with unique articles covering communications, career, fashion, family, relationship, and gourmet to even interior designs; it is your latest companionship. LifeBeat April 2007 is a free magazine released by Spotbit around last April 2007. Download your free…

Free Vector – Sticky Text Vector

Been playing around with Adobe illustrator lately and created this simple piece..nothing special just a simple sticker text vector that may come in handy in anyway. Feel free to used it and edit the text with adobe illustrator with your desired text.