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How Are Devices Connected in the Internet of Things?

IoT typically entails extending the internet connectivity beyond standard devices like laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Physical devices and everyday objects are embedded with technology that allows them to communicate and interact with one another over the internet Companies can also monitor and control such devices remotely. Read this…Continue Reading→

Smart Home Devices: A Simple Guide

There are a number of different smart home devices on the market today. Those who are just starting their foray into smart homes may feel a little overwhelmed by the selection and sheer number of different products, but it’s really not that complicated once you take some time to dig…

How Trends in Technology Are Reshaping the Fashion Industry

When we imagine the future, we think instantly of flying cars and living on Mars, among other things. But, imagine what the fashion industry will evolve into as technology advancements keep reshaping the world! The commonality between the fashion and technology industries is that they are both a breeding ground…

EdTech Crucial Learning Curve for Students Going into Digital Era

Despite historically being a traditional industry to its core, education (along with the rest of the modern world) has since been subject to a digital takeover, with EdTech (education technology) at its heart, driving it forward. This iteration is no doubt at least partially thanks to the shifting pivot towards…

How to Remove Adware Computer Infection?

Advertising-supported software, also known as adware, is a type of software that was created specifically to provide online ads in the software interface. It penetrates your PC most of the time during the installation process. There are usually two types of revenue that can be generated here. One of them…

How to Optimize Websites using Mobile

As Smartphone and tablet invasion increases – as do the number and extent of activities taking place on these mobile devices – having a mobile marketing plan in place for your business isn’t just a good idea.  It’s functionally a “must do” in this ever-evolving world of computing-on-the-go! Mobile SEO…

Must-Have Gadgets for Teachers

We have discussed gadgets for many types of users in the past. While gadgets are mostly created to be universally useful, some gadgets are more useful to specific users than the others. We even have articles on essential gadgets for web and graphic designers. In this article, however, we are…

What Can You Do with Arduino?

People always think that all single-board computers are the same. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are made for the same purpose, aren’t they? Well, not really. Raspberry Pi is a fully-featured single-board computer designed to run an operating system. It can be configured to run certain Linux distros or even Windows…