5 benefits of using vpn 2020
A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a program that enables users to browse the internet anonymously. VPN services reroute data traffic so that they go through a secure server without having to land with internet service providers (ISPs) first. Through this process, user IP addresses and their real time locations are hidden not just from various websites on the internet but also from hackers who may try to spy on or steal personal information on users.

The popularity of VPN has grown significantly in recent years and it is estimated that almost a fourth of all internet users have these programs installed. So, what benefits does a VPN offer? In this article we take a look at 5 of the most noteworthy merits.

Benefits of a VPN

VPN services do much more than just ensuring security from cybercriminals while connected to private or public network connections. Depending on which service is used, these applications are capable of opening unrestricted doors to the internet. In the modern age, privacy is a rare commodity with social media and other platforms making our lives almost transparent. In such a time on a place like the internet, a VPN is the best companion at all times.

Here are 5 benefits that a VPN offers to customers:

1. Internet privacy and security

The location from which a user connects to the internet is determined by an IP address assigned when a network is joined. This IP address serves as a live location beacon and unfortunately, it is public. ISPs, websites that a user visits and anyone with some basic knowledge of the internet can figure out what the IP address of another person this. Hackers use these IPs to determine user locations and once they know that, they can track data traffic, intercept, steal and use it as they deem fit.

internet privacy and securityWith a VPN for Chrome or any user-preferred browser, the IP address is masked effectively. This mostly eliminates the risk of hacks or any other cybercrimes like phishing, malware infection and DDoS attacks. VPNs also offer AES encryption protocols which encode data while it is being sent over the digital airwaves. This serves as an added layer of protection from hackers who are persistent and might manage to break through the first layer of defense. Encryption makes sure they can never access any information pertaining to the user.

2. Streaming and Unblocking websites

The internet is marred with numerous geographic restrictions. These are placed by governments, businesses or other authorities that can control the internet. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and Disney+ etc. are subject to these limitations extensively. With a Netflix VPN though, users can easily access and enjoy the same amount of content anywhere in the world without having to worry about any geographic restrictions at all. The same goes for websites and other platforms too.

3. Hide IP address

Each VPN has its own secure servers spread out in different countries around the globe. Users can select which server they want to connect to and then they are assigned an IP address accordingly. This means that not only is their real location hidden from hackers and cybercriminals, they are also able to access the World Wide Web without having to face any restrictions, especially the ones that are specific to various regions like China, the Middle East or America.

torrent anonymously

4. Torrent anonymously

Torrenting has evolved over the years. Today, people make use of services like Popcorn time which is a free BitTorrent software available for multiple platforms. It has an integrated media player which provides a great alternative to various streaming services. However, without a VPN, services like Popcorn Time can face numerous problems like blocked content and even hacking attempts. Once again, with the use of a VPN, users can enjoy their favorite shows, movies and a lot of other content without any problems or worries. It is always recommended to use a vpn for popcorn time for torrenting.

5. Travel

Being in a foreign country can be really overwhelming particularly when you want to access the internet. There have been numerous reported instances where users have had their private information stolen in a country that they were visiting. These activities usually happen at places that offer free internet. Since everyone can get access to these hotspots and travelers use them unsuspecting, hackers tend to take advantage. With a good VPN service that offers comprehensive cybersecurity though, people can protect themselves while they travel.

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VPNs are one of the most effective tools for using with the internet these days. They offer not just amazing cybersecurity but also an unrestricted pathway to internet freedom. However, it is crucial to pick a service that is trustworthy, offers great value for money and has state-of-the-art, high quality features. Since the security of your private data is on the line, it is crucial to pick wisely.

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