Content is king, this concept is already well known in content marketing strategy. In the eye of the search engine like Google search, unique and well research content will rank higher in Google search results. According to SearchEngineWatch research, first position in search engine results will have 30% to 40% click-through rate (CTR).

But what does this mean? for example, if the keyword for “best web tutorial” were searched globally around 10,000 daily, then you will (maybe) get 30% traffic per-day from Google search, that’s about 3,000 to 4,000 traffic referral from Google. Imagine if you ranked a certain keyword with 1 million volume search globally per-day, you will easily get about 300,000 daily search engine traffic.

Getting First Position in Google is Not Easy

However getting your site content rank higher in Google Search is not an easy task. Even-though you have a unique and well-research content, it might disappeared in Google search result behind thousands of new content indexed and updated daily. One of the most efficient way for your content to get a higher rank in search result is getting a sufficient amount of back-link from other high domain and page authority sites. But let’s face it, people are greedy 🙂 ,they won’t link your content unless you have something to offer, a “link candy” you could say. This is where infographic comes in handy.

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Graphic is Pretty, Text is Ugly

Information process through graphic or visual content is more effective than text words. Hence the use of infographic in content marketing is becoming popular and favoured by web readers. Many content marketers sought to solution of hired a graphic designer to create an appealing yet informative infographic for their content campaign. However not everyone can afford to hire one to promote their fresh and useful content.

Today we are going to talk about our favourite top five free online tools to create infographics that you can use for free and upgrade to paid subscription for more features in future. These tools are much cheaper than hiring a graphic designer to create you an infographic for your content.   

Piktochart is the best free online tools for creating infographic. They provided extensive tutorials on how to get started in their tour. Their program is easy to use, and offers tons of freedom in building and editing your infographic using their simple graphic tools. They have categorized icons, resizable canvas, design-driven charts, and interactive maps to utilize.

Their UI interface is what makes Piktochart rated best. All the necessary tools you need to create a new infographic are user friendly, making a “designer” out of you. They also show how versatile infographics are for different audience such school, work, website, or social media. Piktochart prepared a “how to use” section to create infographics effectively.   

online-infographic-tools-vizualize-me enable you to create infographic for free with free signup first, they offer tons of ready made beautiful templates, various selection of treemaps and picktograms. You could choose to print and download in high quality png or pdf format.   

online-infographic-tools-infogr-am has the best for charts related infographic. For illustrating data, there are more than 30 different types of charts to choose from. Anything from bubble charts and tree maps to simple pie charts. Data entry can be easily done in’s built-in spreadsheet, or you can import your own XLS, XLXS and CSV files. Once your infographic has been edited and beautifully designed, you can save it to your computer as a PNG image for free. The only downside is they only offer saving a file into PDF format with paid subscriptions.   

Visme is great for create interactive presentations infographics. They provide various type of simple templates, and huge library of free shapes & icons to choose from. The templates are set up simple and beautiful. You could easily edit the place-holder text, insert your own text, and publish your infographic within seconds. One of their great features is how easy to change percentages within the charts. All you have to do is click on the graphic you would like to change, enter a new number, and the chart will instantly change to the new chart automatically. Saving you hours of time trying to do it on your own.   

online-infographic-tools-easel-ly is a great tools for creating infographic but lacks some of the guidance and features compare to other tools above. But they have one of the best templates ready for you to create infographic. You get access to a library of things like arrows, shapes and connector lines, and you can customize the text with range of fonts, colours, text styles and sizes. Their online tool also lets you upload your own graphics and position them easily with one touch. However they did not provide a “How To” section for beginners using their tools, you will have to begin the “design” process without any step by step instruction to get started.

How Infographic can Help You?

Infographics are an effective way to drive traffic to your site(s). Studies had shown that:

  • Visual presentation is more engaging that text, the brain process information quicker with graphic and text combine than merely just text.
  • Web readers love to share infographic, an appealing and useful infographic could be shared thousands or millions times in social sharing sites such as where web readers pin their favourite graphics found, the link-back to your site source’s infographic will drive more traffic.
  • Infographic presentation can receive more engaging and comments than plain text presentation.
  • Its easy to share via email or you can attached the infographic to your email subscribers who doesn’t have time to read your content.

Don’t be shy, let other blogger know

Infographic that went viral will drive quality traffic and back-link to your site. You could try send the infographic you created to other bloggers in hopes of gaining their attention. At the very least other bloggers would consider you as another resource for visual content for their readers. This will definitely increase your credibility and they will send people to your site in the good spirit of sharing your info-graphic content.

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