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Effectively Using SEO to Become an Authority in Your Industry

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No matter your industry or target audience, it’s an undebatable fact you’ve got to perfect your SEO strategy if you hope to get your material in front of your target customer. While companies like Mimvi can help you perfect your SEO prowess, there are a few tips you can put to good use on your own to become an authority in your industry while boosting your search engine ranking. Pick a Niche Your industry is likely to have several areas…Continue Reading→

Improving Your Domain Authority to Rank High on Search Engines

domain authority improvement seo tips guides

If you are a startup trying to digest everything you need to know about ranking your website on Google, all that you have learnt will be boiled to the following: high quality content, number of backlinks, and optimum mobile use experience. The reason why they are important is because they somehow represent the online behaviour of users. They read content, they follow links out of a page, and they are mostly using their phones rather than laptops or PCs. However,…Continue Reading→

Optimizing Images for SEO – A Sneak Peek

optimizing images for seo

If you have a passion for photography and have opted for it as a profession, for commercial reasons, you would definitely want that your photographs should be visible to your target audience. And it goes without saying that you will have to take refuge in search engine optimization (SEO) for the same. However, you can improve your chances of you and your work being “seen” if you can enhance the quality of the images or rather the photographs that you…Continue Reading→

Should I Only Choose Sites with SSL Security

should i only choose sites with ssl security featured image

The core value of Internet lies in a single fact – information sharing. Every second, countless billions of data units, resources and springs of knowledge circulate around the Internet. And while a great number of data used and exchanged in the biggest library in human history focuses on harmless topics and as such can be sent freely, there are however sensitive information that require another line of approach. This is where SSL steps in. Therefore, it’s not a question of…Continue Reading→

SEO Tips: How to Perform Proper Keyword Analysis

seo tips how to perform proper keyword analysis

For all the new multimedia technologies and incredible advancements that take place online, the diverse and evolving world of SEO still relies heavily on keyword analysis. Overlooking this area is something that occurs quite regularly with the need to generate more content in a variety of forms, leaving gaps for website owners to have their search engine optimisation lagging behind their competitors. Keywords should be viewed as a compass that guides your standing and navigates to where you want to…Continue Reading→

5 Timeless SEO Principles That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

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In the internet world, especially in the SEO domain, things change fast. If you are a marketing professional then you might have observed how old strategies are getting outdated and the new techniques are occupying its place. SEO strategies that rocked last few years have been outdated after the emergence of Google, Panda, and Penguin. Though things are constantly changing and new technologies keep evolving, there are certain principles that you can follow to keep the ranking of your website…Continue Reading→

SEO Crawlers: Why Use Such Products for Your Online Ventures?

seo crawlers why use such products for your online ventures

While the search engines have their own crawlers to determine whether your content is good enough to put in the search results, there are other tools that can help you improve your website. These days, it’s all about trying to provide the best UX (User Experience) to your visitors and, if you don’t, Google and co won’t value your website too highly. Therefore, it’s important you take advantage of external SEO crawling products to improve your understanding of why the…Continue Reading→

7 Tips for Choosing Fonts for Web Design

7 tips for choosing fonts for web design

There’s no sure way to quantify all of the different types of fonts available for website designers. Nearly every day, there’s a new typeface showing up in my inbox or my Twitter feed. But no matter how beautiful one of these typefaces is, it doesn’t necessarily make it right for designing a website. To choose the perfect font for a website, you have to consider a number of things such as the design purpose, compatibility, and load times. In this…Continue Reading→

An Essential Business Principle: Keep Your Websites Clean and Cool

an essential business principle keep your websites clean and cool

Businesses should know by now that websites can either make or break revenue goals faster than you can say “mobile optimization”. But this has always been a problem for a lot of companies, especially startups that intend to increase their gains using only a handful of financial capital. At any rate, any enterprise - macro or micro, big player or small fry - should always look at online presence as not just a fad, but also as a necessity. It…Continue Reading→

4 Tips for Multilingual and Multiregional SEO

multilingual multiregional seo tips

Single region SEO is slowly falling by the wayside and more companies are trying to go global with their SEO efforts. SEO is already an enigma for many and global SEO can seem like a nightmare, especially if you’re not well versed in SEO yourself. Here are four tips for multilingual and multi-regional SEO. Avoid Multiple Sites with Redirects Setting up multiple websites, each in a different language is a common method of trying to serve every major language your…Continue Reading→

5 Ways to Set up Your Website for Profitability

website monetization tips guides

Making a personal website profitable is a major challenge. It’s not necessarily that hard to start generating a little bit of spare change here and there with your online efforts. But to turn your site into a legitimate side source of income, or even a full-time job, you’ll need to take a thorough, strategic approach. Unfortunately there is no exact blueprint as to how you can make a profit online. Your site needs to be legitimately useful to visitors in…Continue Reading→

SEO and Blogging: How Has Blogging Changed over Time?

blogging seo

Blogging can be a great way to share your personal thoughts or to build your reputation as a business. There are millions of blogs on the web these days, but that doesn't mean you won't be heard. Setting up a blog is easier than ever. There are a number of tools and guides to help you in this process. Once you get going there are a few practices you can use to help readers or clients find your page. Starting…Continue Reading→

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Email Automation Platform?

are you getting the most out of your email automation platform

Email automation has revolutionized the way marketers target their customer base. When used effectively, an email automation platform delivers relevant content to customers at optimum times – and without the need for human intervention. In fact, marketers suggest automation software is twice as effective at communicating, and generates twice as many leads as generic mass email blasts. This is due to the ability of marketing automation platforms to dynamically personalize messaging on a 1:1 basis. Think about the way email…Continue Reading→

What Does Google-Friendly Content Actually Mean?

what does google friendly content actually mean

There are so many SEO tutorials out there that talk about creating Google-friendly content but the truth is that they rarely properly explain what that is. Content is definitely one of the vital on-page SEO factors that help the site rank. Before any active SEO campaign is started, you want to be sure every single site page features engaging and helpful content. The upcoming SEO and digital marketing trends mainly point towards content marketing so it should be no surprise…Continue Reading→

Are You Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Visitors?

are you optimizing your website for mobile visitors

Search engine optimization (SEO), a specific type of marketing that focuses on enhancing a website’s visibility in organic search results, can provide remarkable results when done effectively. Since it improves a website’s ranking, it increases awareness in major search engines, and this, in turn, then drives more website traffic. Assuming you’ve taken steps to optimize your website for regular searches from desktops and laptops, it may now be time to turn your attention to mobile optimization. While, of course, many…Continue Reading→

Wix Code: A New Product from Wix for Developers

wix code a new product from wix for developers

In recent years, there has been an onslaught of website builders on the Internet. While most digital marketers avoid using instant website builders like Wix, but demand for such tools has been increasing drastically. Additionally, since the number of website builders is on the rise, so it has become extremely difficult to single out bad fishes in this industry. However, Wix stands out from the rest in every aspect. Wix is a fusion of beauty and advanced technology, which results…Continue Reading→

How to Make Your Website Stand Out

how to make your website stand out

An unappealing website will have a hard time becoming popular. While every website has its own layout to go with its design, an attractive aesthetic will always be important. As a customer and blog reader, I consider websites with a horrible appearance a turn off. Encountering a terrible site makes me want to leave and find the information that I require elsewhere. Let’s be honest, I am not the only person who has these feelings towards bad looking sites. In…Continue Reading→

How to Choose a Web Designer That Will Meet Your Needs

how to choose a web designer that will meet your needs

If you have decided that your business needs a website, there are a number of things you have to do. Once upon a time, simply having an online presence was all that was required. Today, however, you have to make sure the website can be found, that it is always relevant, that it is regularly update, that others like to interact with it, and more. This requires a great deal of work, and that work has to be done by…Continue Reading→

9 Proven Ways to Save On Office Software Expenses with Office 365

how to save on office software expenses with office 365

Microsoft has succeeded in providing its users the ultimate services by updating its services and keeping them up to the mark. It is again back with the updated version of Microsoft Office to provide the superior quality service. Yes, we are talking about Microsoft Office 365 and here are some of the amazing features that it has got with its arrival: 1. It is not just a software: It is not just a software but it is a cloud software…Continue Reading→

How a Slow Load Time Can Be a Business’s Downfall

how a slow load time can be a businesss downfall

Are Your Features Keeping You from Being Featured? Optimizing the efficiency of your website is the key to ensuring that your business will succeed. It is no longer effective for a person just to have a site with strong text. Visuals, engagement, and social interaction features are required. Mobile friendly sites are a must, SEO concentration is mandatory, and organic content is a site’s lifeblood. But what happens when a person takes on the mantle of doing all the needed…Continue Reading→

Business Website Reliability: Minimizing Downtime Involves Making Good Supplier Choices

isp business website tips guides

Any amount of downtime can be troublesome for your business when you consider how connected we all are online these days which is why it has to be a priority in finding ways to ensure you enjoy website reliability. Here are some tips and strategies to help you choose the best ISP for your business and improve your odds of keeping any downtime to a minimum. The Right Circuits When you consider your reliance on internet connectivity for standard business…Continue Reading→

Traffic Slowing Down? Stop Researching and Start Experiencing

traffic slowing down stop researching and start experiencing

Everyone wants to generate more traffic for their website, but unless it’s targeted to the right audience your visitors will just bounce. Traffic generating strategies are only useful when the people you target want to consume your content. Creative content marketing is the name of the game, but when everyone’s doing it, you can’t just publish common knowledge. So how do you create irresistible content? Content value is determined by more than the accuracy of your content. Your authority and…Continue Reading→

10 Common SEO Mistakes That Prevent Your Content Pages from Ranking

10 common seo mistakes that prevent your content pages from ranking

Here’s why you need to embrace SEO. First, generating leads through search can grow your sales quickly. Why? Because the conversion rate can be high. According to SaaS Brand, “on average, search traffic converts 10x higher than the social media on desktops.” Search engine optimization is a long-term game. Taking shortcuts no matter how interesting and promising it looks would only hurt your rankings. However, before you can implement the best practices, you need to know the common mistakes and…Continue Reading→

Final Descent: What to Do When Your Google Rankings Take a Hit

what to do when your google rankings take a hit

Most businesses want to appear high up in the search rankings for relevant keywords, and you are probably no exception. So what happens when you suddenly find out that your rankings have taken a hit? This is a situation that happens to many businesses, and it can be a nasty shock. Fortunately, all is not lost. There could be any number of reasons why your rankings are suffering. Here are the steps that you should take when you find out…Continue Reading→

It’s All in the Code: Creating a User Friendly Website

user friendly website

Need a more user friendly website? User-friendliness is critical for increasing conversions. The more user friendly your site is, the more people will want to use it. (Makes sense, right?) It's not enough to have a site that just promotes products or services on it. In the competitive world of online marketing, your site needs to appeal to users. It should give them the best online experience possible. That way, they'll stay for a while and come back for more.…Continue Reading→

5 Tools to Study to Become a Financial Blogger

tools to study to become a financial blogger

So, you want to become a financial blogger? Good for you! This is a great way to share your knowledge and experience with the world. It can also be a great way to generate income, which can help improve your personal finances. As you get up and running, you may be overwhelmed by all the information that is available to you. Don’t let this bog you down. Don’t let this stop you from getting started and working towards your goals.…Continue Reading→

Balancing Act: 7 Essential WordPress Plugins and How to Use Them Without Speed Issues

essential wordpress plugins and how to use them without speed issues

When you first get into WordPress, there is a huge variety of WordPress plugins to choose from. Many of them interfere with your site’s speed, however - and not in a positive way. If you are looking for some high-quality WordPress plugins, here are 7 of our favourites that won’t drag down your load times. W3 Total Cache This is the answer to the topic above - which plugin is essential WHILE reducing speed issues? W3 Total Cache helps your…Continue Reading→

8 Creative Resources to Generate Web Design Ideas

8 creative resources to generate web design ideas

A great website will have a variety of facets. It’s new, yet feels familiar. It’s easy to navigate and easy on the eye. It’s innovative, but stays within the status quo of design. Creating a website that’s not a copy isn’t easy, but if you go to the right sources for inspiration, you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with. Here are some sources you might not have mined. 1. Magazines Subscribe to a few different magazines: the…Continue Reading→

How to Know If You’re Choosing the Right Domain Registrar for Your New Website

domain registration tips guides

Starting to look for a domain registrar? You might have known by now the surprising differences in what each offer – or fail to offer. Shopping around tends to confuse even the most seasoned business owner. There’s a recipe you should consider if you are to find a good domain registrar for your website. Here are them: Competitive pricing. As you know, competition among domain registrars is brutal to the benefit of consumers. Check to see if a domain provider’s…Continue Reading→

Website Optimization for Pharmaceutical Companies through SEO

website optimization for pharmaceutical companies through seo

Statistics prove that as many as 40,000 plus websites register their domain everyday. As such, it is quite likely that you might get lost in the crowd. Regardless of whether you are running an online pharmaceutical company or a lifestyle store, online visibility is something that you cannot undermine. Medicines, and medical equipments, laboratory chemicals, and pharmaceutical related products hardly felt the need to promote themselves virtually till the time there wasn’t tough competition. Need for Audit and website optimization…Continue Reading→