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Website Development

Is It Important to Have a Responsive Website Design?

A significant number of web ventures in Atlanta are aware that modern devices and gadgets have taken over from their traditional counterparts when it comes to browsing the web. The smart shopper only needs to have a smartphone to find your products and services from the comfort of their home,…Continue Reading→
Website Development

Why Slow Page Load Times Are Killing Your e-Business

Anyone can start an e-commerce store or online business. It’s never been easier. Content Management Systems like WordPress and e-commerce solutions like Shopify have drag and drop interfaces, plugins and integrated payment applications. You don’t need any technical experience to build a fully functioning website that is attractive and SEO…
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5 Useful Microsoft Office Add-Ins You Can Take Advantage Of

After more than two decades of constant development, Microsoft has turned its Office collection of software into the world’s most popular productivity suite. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have become the go-to applications for word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation design, respectively. But sometimes, it’s easy to find yourself struggling with…
Website Development

Simple Steps for Turning Your WordPress Website into a Brand

Any experienced marketing professional understands how important branding is. There are numerous steps that are necessary to take in order to properly turn your company into a brand. Failing to brand your company will lead to an ineffective marketing campaign. There are many options available to help build your brand.…
Website Development

Beyond the Basics: Blending and Balancing All the Elements of a Successful Website

Some of the internet’s billion-or-so websites stand out and command attention, whereas others are boring or too overpowering in their design. A great website which stands out from the rest has great design and content and is easy to navigate. Here are some tips on the crucial elements to online…
Website Development

10 Free Design Resource Websites

In the days of old, website owners would pay designers a great deal of money to put together something that was visually appealing and functional. Today, there are many different ways to make a website without spending additional money for resources. Instead of buying fonts or disks full of graphics,…
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Top 3 High-Quality Platforms for Hosting and Organizing Your Webinars

Content marketing is growing rapidly, and it is becoming the dominant and effective method of contact with a new audience. Therefore, marketers are starting to think a little bit further than just writing blogs, e-books, and posts on social networks. Video marketing has been the most efficient tool for a…
Website Development

Page Authority and Domain Authority – What Do the Two Terms Refer To?

Domain authority refers to a score – on a 100-point measure – created by Moz to assist forecasting a site’s rankings on popular search engines. Domain authority comes in handy when trying to compare performance of one site to another. Besides, it helps to monitor the strength of a site…