ManageWP, the people who brought you the WordPress management service had launched a WordPress News Community Project, name ManageWP.org.

ManageWP.org is built with cutting edge tech and including author ranking algorithm that is similar to PageRank – we really hope to change the way WordPress news from high quality publishers are distributed.

The goal of ManageWP.org is to enable people to freely share and vote on content about all things related to WordPress and the WordPress community. There is no shortage of incredible articles, plugins, themes, tutorials, and videos — along with an endless array of companies that also contribute — that has relation to the WordPress community. ManageWP.org hopes to give this content an avenue to be surfaced and easily shared with others.

What i think about ManageWP.org?

Personally i really love the design and the feel of the site when i first visited it. The articles are properly align and easy to read. Adapting the infinite scroll JavaScript method, its easy to read all posts without navigating to another pages. Vote Up System also applied so WordPress users can decide which article is recommended to read. The site will also include posts about themes, plugins, tutorials and business articles related to WordPress.

Finally kudos to the people behind ManageWP.org.

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