Dezzain Free WordPress Theme – Timeline Digest

Another month goes by and i finally got a chance to round up the prolong theme i wanted to release few weeks ago. The last free theme release from dezzain studio are nobusx2 in way back end of 2007 and here i present a new theme that finally seen the light from dark corner of the site 🙂

Here Are The Theme Features/Functional

Plugins Tested With Theme

Using Post Styling In Post

You can style any additional information for your post, example below:

you have to write in code view and make the necessary post write such as below:

Using Theme Option

Basically the theme option is easy and user friendly, nothing much for you to worry 🙂

Using Custom Field For Featured Post/Category Page

This one a bit tricky if you are not familiar with custom field usage. First the theme option include a setting for a custom field value, by default the custom value is featured images. You can set this a different value beside the default in theme option if you already running a blog with your own image control key value for post.

Step one

when writing your post, you’ll notice a Custom Field below the Optional excerpt and trackback [+] tabs. Open or click the Custom Field tab and it will display:

Step 2
Everytime you wanted to publish a post with images, you can grab the full url of the images and paste it into the Value box

sample value accepted:

Resize the images is not necessary since the category page featured custom value will be hidden if overflow and sidebar featured images will auto resize